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  • This man invited me into his brilliant world and changed my life forever. Happy birthday @bobweir
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  • This is a photo with @harrystyles in it, and I almost didn’t post it. Like many of you, I keep a close eye on my IG thirst levels. Lately I’ve been noticing that in my attempt to stay socially hydrated, I’m not even asking for photos anymore, let alone sharing them. And I’m here to tell you that’s even less cool than posting that you’re friends with international superstar @harrystyles. So take photos. Make memories with the people in your life. You just don’t have to go posting them that night making a big thing out it. (Say it with me: 📷 @daniel)
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  • I ♥️ London. Thanks for two nights of great big fun shows. Is it wrong to miss you already? ( 📷 @daniel )
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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: two great big unforgettable nights. (📷 @daniel )
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  • So thrilled to announce I’m on this month’s cover of FLIMP, which is a magazine I made up just now. Also I know it looks like it says “FUMP” but believe me the magazine I just made up is called FLIMP.
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  • Herning, Denmark: Return of The Jet Lag Cowboy. What a great crowd they were. Phone lights came out for the deep cuts. That’s just always gonna be a thrill. 💪🏼 (📷 @daniel )
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  • Copenhagen, Denmark: hard to explain the feeling of returning to Denmark to find out we set a new attendance record for the arena. I spent years playing clubs here, and the acceptance this city has shown me is beyond moving. Oh, and it was a top notch show, too. How could it not have been? (📷 @daniel )
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  • Trondheim, Norway: an absolutely beautiful town, and a beautiful night to go along with it. (📷 @daniel)
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  • Oslo, Norway: this is the first European run where we’ve brought the entire stage set with us, and boy it worth it. Real nice stuff. (📷 @daniel )
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  • Stockholm, Sweden: and we’re back! A perfect start to the European run. (📷 @daniel )
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  • Congratulations to @brandonphelps on being named a @billboard #40under40honoree. Let me tell you about this guy: if you told him that in ten years you would jump off a building, and only mentioned the time and location once, ten years later when you fell, you’d hear WHOOOOSHHH and would sink slowly into a giant airbag. And who would be there to spring you out of jail? You wouldn’t go to jail, because @brandonphelps would have secured all the necessary permits. He’s a king of music management - supremely talented, selfless, bright, and a shoo-in for 50 under 50. (Image courtesy @brandonphelps)
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  • It’s Hard To Have Nothing To Sing

    For Robert Hunter
    It’s hard to have nothing to sing
    When your head is filled with such beautiful things
    Or your heart is bleeding through your shirt
    And the world ain’t making up for the hurt
    And your lungs fill up but the words don’t come
    So you breathe out heavy and your face goes numb
    And you feel so dumb
    Well brother here’s some words for you
    Some road to ride, some fat to chew
    Oh, I put the sun where I thought you’d need it
    But I spilled some clouds where I felt defeated
    So sometimes just to let you know,
    They’ll try their best to dull your glow
    But the spirit here is top shelf stuff
    We’re running low but there’s just enough.
    And here’s some colors you can use
    You’re more to me than just the blues
    You’re every shade of autumn leaves
    And the light that breaks through naked trees
    So steal the blanket off my bed
    And tip your hat down on your head
    The ride keeps going no matter what you do
    Some nights it’s just the moon and you
    You can borrow my dreams for as long as you need
    I’ll get em back when you plant that seed
    And you teach the world our morning songs
    And they join their hands and sing along
    In thanks for all the joy we bring
    Because being alive is a hell of a thing
    And it’s hard to have nothing to sing.
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  • Time traveler. Field reporter. Projectionist. Anthropologist. Watchman. Happy 70th Birthday and God bless Bruce Springsteen. (📷 @dannybones64 )
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  • This was the tour where all the pieces fell into place. The first tour without an album behind it, and a giant leap of faith that these songs could still matter after their time as chart contenders. You came, and you sang, and danced and wiped away tears and took inventory of what you had and what you’d lost, and all that’s left to discover, and I was thinking the same things right along with you, every night. Dead and Company taught me the “we” of you and me. The “we” of a band. This most excellent, loving band. “We used to play for silver, now we play for life.” We’re off to Europe to play some very exciting shows soon, but not before thinking back on what - and who - you’ve shown to me. Thank you.
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  • Sacramento, CA: that’s a wrap on the summer tour. (More on this later.) A beautiful way to cap off an incredible run of shows. 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁 (📷: @daniel)
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  • San Francisco, CA: @bobweir joined us on Queen of California (playing some masterful guitar) and Fire on the Mountain, with an extra special appearance by our friend @sammyhagar. Big huge fun! (📷: @daniel)
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  • Los Angeles night two: “Continuum” front-to-back, in the city most of it was recorded in. We sang and played and remembered those days, and then... an encore of two of my most recent songs to send us away looking forward again. A very special two night run. ♥️ (📷: @daniel)
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  • Los Angeles, CA night one: great friends, peers and loved ones around us, “Covered in Rain,” and an investigation into my complex relationship with “Your Body is a Wonderland.” An extremely special night. Set em back up, let’s play another. (📷: @daniel)
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  • Here we go! Night one: BEGIN
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  • Butt cut, might delete later #tbt
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  • At the end of the tunnel (📷: @daniel)
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  • San Diego, CA: the perfect kickoff to the the west coast run. Been waiting for these shows. (📷: @daniel)
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  • Phoenix, AZ: I’ve been trying to write a caption for 25 minutes and now I’ve overthought it. So let me just say it was very good and I was happy! It sounded real nice and the crowd was exciting. Posting! (📷: @daniel)
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  • Houston, TX: the last in a three-show Texas run. Always a high point of a tour. (📷: @daniel)
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  • for Mac
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  • 2m
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  • I didn’t see it coming that this tour would have so much life and energy in it, so when it was time for a two week break, I found myself wanting to create. My desires for vacation were simple: to live in shorts and a t-shirt and play with my dog in the sun and live a simple happy normal life, all while writing this song I had swirling around in my head. I present to you “Carry Me Away,” which was made with the same love you’ve sent my way on this run. I hope you enjoy this late summer postcard. You know where to find it...
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  • Dallas, TX, that was a special one, but when are they not with you... You made it all float... loved every minute of it. (📷: @daniel)
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  • Midnight
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  • St. Louis, MO. Home of the Blues. Terrific night. (📷: @daniel)
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  • This is a photo I took of some tater tots with a side of a burger. I’m only posting it to break things up on my IG grid; it’s getting real facey lately, and with the release of my new song on Friday, that trend is likely to continue. So I hope when you see this photo you think to yourself how comforting this plate of food looks, and that it could only have been posted by someone who is definitely not a narcissist. (📷:@johnmayer)
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