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  • For the first time in 152 years, the Memorial Day commemoration next the the Golden Gate Bridge, at the Presidio of San Francisco, almost did not happen. Usually, 2000 people show up to pay their respects to people who died while serving in the military. Like all events this year, the pandemic threatened its continuation.
    But today, a group of determined veterans from the @heartandarmor team got permission and collaboration from the VA and Presidio to orchestrate an unpublicized, emotional and socially-distanced ceremony in the Golden Gate National Cemetery, amidst 30,000 headstones.
    They laid a wreath for Adrianna Vorderburggen, KIA in 2015 in Bagram. A poem, a moment of silence, and a promise to be there on May 31, 2021. The streak of 152 consecutive annual ceremonies remains alive, as do the memories of all who have served this country.
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  • Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder! I’d like to share a story about Stevie with you. Some years back, my friends took me to dinner to celebrate my birthday. On the way in, I saw Stevie sitting at what would end up being a few tables away from me. At the end of dinner, when the cake came out and my table started singing Happy Birthday, I looked over and saw Stevie Wonder singing along. That moment blew me away not just in the kindness he showed from across the room, but as a lesson on the kind of joy that’s possible to share with others when you join in their song. Ever since that day, I have always done what Stevie did for me, and sing along for anyone’s birthday at a restaurant. Stevie, today I sing along with your loved ones on your very special day. ♥️
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  • Channeling Slash “November Rain” video guitar solo vibes... the new video for Inside Friend with @leonbridgesofficial is out now. Link in bio.
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  • Sometimes when life gets weird, you have to get weird back. Featuring the dynamite ventriloquist act of John and pint-sized partner Cecil De Campos. 45 minutes, black and white.
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  • Storm Trouper ⚪️ 🖱🖱
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  • Happy Birthday to the incomparable @barbrastreisand who, much like this photo, remains timeless. ♥️🎂
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  • Via @deadandcompany 😞♥️
    Due to the global coronavirus outbreak, and in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we sadly have no choice but to cancel the upcoming Dead & Company Summer 2020 Tour.

    The well-being and safety of the Deadhead community, venue workers and our touring family is of the utmost importance to us.  We also want to provide you, the fans who’ve been hit hard financially during this difficult time with your money back.  All tickets will be fully refunded at point of purchase.

    We are thankful for your love, your understanding and we look forward to the day when we can all be reunited.  In the meantime, keep the faith and believe in the power of music.
    We will return.  We will get by.  We will survive.
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  • With @bjnovak
    From last night’s @currentmood
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  • Our good friends at @hotcactus_la have teamed up with @shoyoroll on a magnificent “Garden Gi.” A lovely take on the stay-at-home uniform. 🌵♥️
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  • Well, I made the duck blue because I'd never seen a blue duck before and I wanted to see one. #SCHLIDEEEE
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  • You can be my inside friend, tonight at midnight. New single backing up the great @leonbridgesofficial 🏠 #insidefriend
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  • You can just sliiiiiiiiiide across my kitchen floor. Let @leonbridgesofficial and me show you how on Friday. #insidefriend
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  • As performed on @currentmood, a song I wrote to remind you that every bit of who you were before this crisis began still resides inside you.
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  • Bill Withers was one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. His thinking was so clean, so spotless. He saw the world with such clarity, and could communicate his point of view in the most eloquent, vivid way. Everything I ever heard him say was sage and useful. Bill Withers was good to the world, and he was good for the world. He wrote music as primal and spiritually necessary as psalms. His songs will live forever, and they will continue to make us better, more realized people. Even though he stepped away from the stage years ago, he continued to move and inspire people through his brilliant interactions with them. He will be so missed, and you can be sure that when we can gather again, we will sing out and celebrate him. He will be missed and cherished forever. ❤️
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  • Truer words have never been spoken than those of the blues-singing dog that visits your dreams in Animal Crossing.
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  • I had the honor of playing with Wallace Roney in the winter of 2014, during a week-long recording session of improvised music. Wallace was a beautiful soul and a divine musician. He was Miles Davis’ only true protégé, and though he could channel (brilliantly) the spirit of his mentor, he played from his own heart, always breaking quickly through the cloud of the unknown and into deeply inspired territory. Wallace passed away due to complications from COVID-19. My wish is that every soul lost to this disease be remembered as individually as the lives they lived. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to make music with him. Rest in eternal peace, Wallace Roney.
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  • If it’s stuck in my head, it might as well be stuck in yours. Here’s “Drone Shot of My Yacht,” as featured on last night’s @currentmood.
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  • 🎂Happy Birthday to Eric Clapton, who is my hero.
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  • A Simple Misunderstanning.
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  • Dave Chappelle joined me on last night’s @currentmood and offered compelling insight as to why people stock up on toilet paper during times of crisis.
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  • I had the honor of watching McCoy Tyner perform a few years ago in New York City. As I listened to him play from the side of the stage, a thought occurred to me more fully formed than most do. It was a thesis, really: “the case for immortality.” I wished a performer of his talent could somehow reason with the forces of nature to let him live forever, on the basis of his otherworldly abilities. I’m saddened to learn of his passing. Do yourself a favor and listen to his impeccable work both as his own bandleader and with John Coltrane Quartet. RIP
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  • Above is a recent photo of me taken in a forest. I’m sorry I’m a little rusty on the captions. I hope you’re well. (📷: @chrisjeyes)
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  • DEAD & COMPANY SUMMER TOUR 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ ——————————————————————————Verified fan presale registration now open via link in bio
    presale 2/11 10:00am local time
    public on-sale 2/14 10:00am local time
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  • Team Born and Raised @seanehurley @sterloid
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  • Limited to 500 pieces, the @prsguitars Silver Sky in Nebula features a unique paint process using prismatic flakes that reflect light differently when viewing angle is shifted, giving a dramatic color change effect.
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  • Introducing the @prsguitars Silver Sky model in Midnight Rose and Polar Blue, available as both rosewood and maple neck guitars.
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  • New for 2020, the @prsguitars Silver Sky with maple fretboard features an ultra-comfortable neck carve, while subtle Space Gray inlays provide excellent on-stage visibility.
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  • Might I be uncharacteristically brief and just say thank you for a brilliant, creative, love filled year. Have a wonderful and healthy 2020. See you around campus. ♥️
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  • Two nights at @theforum with @deadandcompany. A real good time, indeed... (📸 @daniel)
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