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  • It wasn’t time until it was. NYC, we were all holding Jerry’s guitar tonight. I cherished the responsibility. All I care about is that I might help take you where you’re looking to go. Thank you for your kindness and your trust. An unforgettable night. Photo and making-it-all-possible credit: @jayblakesberg
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  • never miss a Sunday show
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  • 🎵Gillette!! The best a band can get!🎵
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  • New Light is now a platinum record. Thanks to everyone who helped make it and helped make it mean something. ⚡️🙌🏼⚡️
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  • My summer tour is one month away. It’s the absolute best of both worlds to play with @deadandcompany and then stay up after the show working on the presentation for my solo run. I think you’re really going to like it... I’m a lucky guy to get to make this much music in my life. 🙏🏼
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  • “Photo by friend”
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  • Went out with my dad and brothers tonight for Father’s Day. Dad ate a 25 pound lobster and won a hat. He felt bad about the lobster so we drove him to the ocean, where he threw the hat off a dock. “It probably won’t get to that lobster,” he said, “but it’ll get to one of em.” Then he turned to us and said “let’s go, my head is cold.” Happy Father’s Day, dad. (My brothers helped me write this caption.)
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  • Fine, I’ll try to explain it: the air was thick with fog, but it wasn’t ominous. It was soft and sweet and more conductive of all things; of light and color and sound and excitement. And it hung there, and we all hung there for hours. The moment just held. The music poured out and the rain never came. And then, like clouds do, the show came to a close, and we all rolled along to become part of some other pattern in nature. But if you were there for those hours where that perfect shape in the clouds never dissolved and the music just kept floating, you know this caption isn’t crazy. (📷 @keithagriner)
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  • Playin’ In The Band / Singin’ In The Rain
    ☁️🌧☁️🌧☁️ (@keithagriner)
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  • Noblesville IN... dreamy night. All smile smile smiles 😀 ⚡️ (📷: Katie Friesema)
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  • A very golden hour
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  • Two beautiful shows at The Gorge. There’s a gentleness inside of this band now, a kind of synchronized thinking we’ve picked up over these past few years together. This is rewarding stuff. ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
    (📷: Katie Friesema)
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  • Okay campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties cause it's cold out there.
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  • LA... those were two really special shows. There’s a lot of magic in the air lately. See you at The Gorge. 📷 @jayblakesberg ⚡️⚡️🌹💀🌹⚡️⚡️
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  • Our friends at @onlineceramics created an official @deadandcompany tee to commemorate the Summer Tour kickoff. As limited a run as their hand-made stuff always is. Available now at deadandcompany.com.
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  • Friday and Saturday night at Shoreline were two chapters in a story about a band coming back together after months away and locking in tighter than ever. See you at @hollywoodbowl Monday and Tuesday... no telling where we’ll go from here. 📷@jayblakesberg
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  • Happy Birthday @bravoandy !!!!! Cool if I post this?
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  • Traveling light. ⚡️S U M M E R T O U R ⚡️ See you tomorrow at Shoreline. 🔉🌈
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  • The Young Dead Soldiers Do Not Speak
    Archibald McLeish, 1941

    The young dead soldiers do not speak.

    Nevertheless, they are heard in the still houses: who has not heard them?

    They have a silence that speaks for them at night and when the clock counts.

    They say: We were young. We have died. Remember us.
    They say: We have done what we could but until it is finished it is not done.

    They say: We have given our lives but until it is finished no one can know what our lives gave.

    They say: Our deaths are not ours; they are yours; they will mean what you make them.

    They say: Whether our lives and our deaths were for peace and a new hope or for nothing we cannot say: it is you who must say this.
    They say: We leave you our deaths.
    Give them their meaning.

    We were young, they say. We have died. Remember us.
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  • About to play that @dewalttough mix tape
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  • One week until @deadandcompany tour kicks off with four 🌅California🌅 dates. I can’t recommend coming to a show enough. You don’t have to know the music up and down. Just bring an open mind, an adventurous spirit and your dancing shoes, and I promise you’ll never forget it. Bring a friend, or come alone and make some new ones. It’s that special. ⚡️🌹
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  • Excited to announce I’ll be featured in the July issue of BUCOLICA, a popular Italian magazine that I just made up right now.
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  • Want a chance at winning the @prsguitars Silver Sky guitar I played throughout the Australia/Asia tour? Go to @prizeo’s web site (link in bio) and donate to @heartandarmor Foundation for Veterans Health for your chance to win a prize package including my guitar, tickets to a show (travel included) and a meet-and-greet where you’ll get to see just how taller I am than you thought. Let’s do some good!
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  • Tag a friend who just doesn’t get it and tell them what they’re missing out on.
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  • @lilnasx joins me for a stripped down rendition of his #1 song "Old Town Road" for the season finale of @currentmood
    Thanks to @sterloid on drums & @seanehurley on guitar
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  • @currentmood hoodies! Limited run collab with @lisa_frank - link in bio. 🌈
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  • The dynamite @lilnasx 📷 @daniel
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  • Am I doing it right?
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  • Happy Birthday sweet @barbrastreisand. 🌷🌷
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  • I’m on your all year
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  • Dropped into Coachella to play Outta My Head with the great @thegr8khalid Khalid. ⚡️(📷: Kevin Winter)
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