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  • The first and only rap I ever recorded in highschool when i was 16 at homies crib over the @fatjoe terror squad classic “lean back” ...voice was deep af hahahahahaha still had more bars than most rappers today tho!!! 😂🤷‍♂️ edit** this the rap i did at the audition that got me casted and brought me to korea... 🤯🤯
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  • I’ve been doin this @tiktok sh*t for yeeeeaaaarrsss... just without the app 😂 im old but best believe these yung kats are not goin to out shwag me any time soon boiiii #clubquarantine #sojutshirt #seahawkshat #nikesonmyfeetHOE
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  • @anderson._paak i luv u #amiwrong #clubquarantine #jayparkstyle
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  • 영오지들에 앨범발매됫습니다 🔥🔥🔥
    -Sik-K EP [Officially OG] Prod. GooseBumps
    앨범 전곡 및 가사는 하이어뮤직 유튜브를 통해 지금 확인하실 수 있습니다.

    Sik-K EP [Officially OG] Prod. GooseBumps
    Every track with LYRICS available on the official H1GHR MUSIC YouTube channel now!

    01. VJ IS CLASSIC (Prod. GooseBumps)
    02. NO HOOK (Feat. Paloalto & The Quiett) (Prod. GooseBumps)
    03. 몰라 (HEAR ME) (Prod. GooseBumps)
    04. 30분 (30MIN) (Feat. 사이먼 도미닉) (Prod. GooseBumps)
    05. SOAP SEOUL (Prod. GooseBumps)
    06. “SEASON OFF” (Prod. GooseBumps)
    07. DO MAIN 2020 (Feat. Lil Boi, Ugly Duck, ZICO, TakeOne) (Prod. GooseBumps)
    08. (BONUS) WATER (Feat. Woodie Gochild, pH-1, HAON, 박재범) (Prod. GooseBumps)


    #SikK #식케이
    #OfficiallyOG Prod. #GooseBumps
    #H1GHRMUSIC #하이어뮤직
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  • Never once had the thought of becoming a celebrity/singer or moving to korea crossed my mine. First pic is 16 year old me... second pic is 20 year old me living in Korea under the “kpop system” for 3 years lol. Boy am i glad i found a healthy balance. Also never know where life will take u so be ready 🙏 #alwaysbeenrebelliousAsFuck #neverwithoutcause #AlwayswithaPurpose
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  • 2004...17 year old me 😁 #artofmovement
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  • To all the internet tough guys judging me based on my race and looks. Toughness and show of heart is interior not exterior. Also much harder to forgive then to seek revenge. Thank u to everybody who had my back but its over and squashed so everybody lets move on. Back to the grind peace and love #notyouraveragekpopdude #koreanhiphopsfinest
    #roadlesstraveled #grownmanbars

    Only rapper to get slapped and get the w
    momma always said there’ll never be another you
    Every word i say the realest shit i uttered too
    got that flow they wanna hear its melted butter smooth
    Thinkin i got dirty laundry they trying to fold me
    But i shine like a diamond and thats water so im snorkeling
    Had killers hittin my line askin to handle it for me
    I told em it aint that deep keep moving cordially 
    React accordingly sayin we pussy asians?
    Nah id rather son’em with humility and patience
    Id rather show em with ability and cadence
    The world could do without the trolling and the fakin
    Never said something I couldn’t handle myself
    wouldnt steal your food id rather tighten my belt
    sell my soul to sell records? Id rather be on the shelf
    Asian kid from the burbs the realest u ever felt
    Dont dig ur own grave theres too much to live for
    Never take from the poor Robin Hood id rather give more
    Insecure ways they got more bark then a sycamore
    My dogs bite but its quietter than a whisper
    aomg h1ghr music and Seattle
    Not one curse word or punch thrown and won the battle
    God level moves and they swimmin without a paddle
    Im on yacht away from the snakes im never rattled
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  • Best i ever felt 😎👍 #yesimthatTall
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  • 맛남의 광장 오늘 밤 10시방송....👽
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  • Nipsey Hussle - Last timed that I checc’d -
    Choreo by @lby_force @wassup.alter_ego -
    - dancers
    @lby_force @wassup.alter_ego @joony.alter_ego
    @jparkitrighthere -
    - The Marathon Continues 🏁🏁🙏💙
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  • Happy bday @pjxoscaraomg 🐶❤️🐶
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  • -dream team back at it 🔥🔥🔥 Cha Cha back with the upgraded sound 🤯🤯🤯
    발렌타인데이 선물🎁❤. Cha Cha Malone New Single [All Eyes On You]가 국내 전 스트리밍 사이트를 통해 먼저 공개되었습니다. 한국 외 전세계 스트리밍 사이트에서는 잠시 후 2시에 공개될 예정입니다🍫.
    Cha Cha Malone New Single [All Eyes On You] is now available on Korea streaming site. Worldwide major streaming platforms will be availble 2 hours later🍫.

    Track List
    1. All Eyes On You
    2. Right Now (Feat. 박재범)


    #ChaChaMalone #ineedachachabeatboy #AllEyesOnYou #VDAY #Valentinesday
    #H1GHRMUSIC #하이어뮤직
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  • With the 🐐 and his son!!! The gamjatang cook in the back also came out to take a picture with us as well 😂 jp me and @dumbfoundead bout to be in parasite 2 😝✌️ 기생충2 캐스팅해달라고 덤파랑같이 봉준호감독님을 감자탕집으로 추적해서 찾아갔습니다 ...죄송합니다...사진찍어주셔서 감사합니다 😅🙏🙏🙏
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  • Shocked to hear this unexpected terrible news...very sad.... rip Kobe and prayers to his family 🙏💔
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  • Finish this lyric for me~~~
    “So you better get the f*ck outta my section....unless you ______”
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  • Dont even know what linked in is 🤷‍♂️ shout outs to @hiphopkr for makin this
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  • Brunch Look 😎✌️
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  • @yumdda 담뻔엔 이렇게... @seo_ganzee 오버액션 굿👍😂 @korean_zombie_mma_gym 짱🔥🔥🔥
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  • Stank face on the whoooollle time lol
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  • Aom shit in one our epic battles with N.o.n crew....win or lose my crew is always the best crew ...edit*** this battle was against soul felons tho shout outs to them😎#backwhenIwasyoung #nowItryamoveandinjuremyarmforamonthandahalf #ihopemyhatisok
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  • 머리짜를까말까... ??? cut my hair yes or no???
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  • Thank you to all the fans who made this a very special experience for me. Made me feel appreciated and reignited my motivation. 31 cities 32 shows gave it my absolute all and i hope everyone enjoyed it. Learned a lot and we will be back bigger and better. 2021 lmk if u want a new album and world tour with merch this time lol. Thank you for all the bras and panties, fake money, socks, boots, boxers, adult toys, condoms, sonogram pics that say its our baby, and plan b’s that were thrown on stage. Assures me i have the best fans in the world ❤️ you guys are Sexy 4eva and then some #Sexy4evaWorldTour
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  • Me and @aomgofficial donated 60k to the wilder fires Went to New Zealand for the first time Became an Aussie BBQ legend had after parties in Sydney and Melbourne and ended this tour off right 💯🔥 #sexy4evaworldytour
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  • Shout outs to my tour team @pumkin2k @charlesvacay @djwegun @babe_holybang @__honey.j__ @wassup.alter_ego @lby_force @100_eun0 jamie 감독님, 승호 감독님, 보라 감독님, 정훈 감독님 @qqqtheqqq @seungwoo_0908 @i_amssoo 현수, @102_bricks 준디 @harry_clean DQ 31게도시 32회공연, 낯선 나라들의 가족들이랑떨어져있으면 함께해줘서 감사합니다 🙏❤️ and thank you to all the special guests!! @munchinthepool @noahmik @ph1boyyy @g_theprince @hoodykim @avatardarko @jarvdee @tedparkboi @fkuropinion @sogumm @woodie_gochild @younghotyellow94 @hwimmm @groovypark @yumdda @backnforthseoul shout outs @heykohai @cultofya and all the promoters who worked with us and that was apart of the #sexy4eva world tour
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  • 2012 me in Australia vs 2020 me in Australia~ Im in it for the long haul! One more stop in Melbourne and the Sexy4eva tour is officially done!! 이렇게 오래동안 차근차근 올라가고 또 이걸 유지할 수 있게 해주셔서 감사합니다 🙏 #lifeisamarathon🏁
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  • 잘됫으면좋겠고 근데또 롤렉스는사주기싫고...흠...적당히잘되라 ㅋ
    pH-1 - Nerdy Love (feat. 백예린) (Prod. Mokyo) 음원이 발매되었습니다. 지금 바로 국내 전 스트리밍 사이트 및 아이튠즈에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. 뮤직비디오는 하이어뮤직 유튜브를 통해 감상하실 수 있습니다.
    pH-1 - Nerdy Love (feat. 백예린) (Prod. Mokyo) has been released now. Available on all Korea major streaming platform, including iTunes. Plus, The official music video has been released on H1GHR MUSIC official YouTube channel.
    🎞 https://youtu.be/FFkLoUwQ9a4

    🤓 @ph1boyyy
    👩🏻 @yerin_the_genuine
    🧡 @h1ghrmusic

    #pH1 #피에이치원
    #NewSingle #OUTNOW
    #NerdyLove Feat. #백예린 #YerinBaek
    #H1GHRMUSIC #하이어뮤직
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  • @thefamousburger 😎🍔
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  • 😤
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  • First time in New Zealand!! Australia pull up mate 🔥🦘🦘🦘🦘🦘


    01/08 (WED) AUCKLAND [Logan Campbell Center]
    01/10 (FRI) SYDNEY [Enmore Theatre]
    01/12 (SUN) MELBOURNE [Festival Hall]
    #박재범 #JayPark
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  • I made all this music while doing too many other things and its worked out well but next year Im goin FULL album mode and CEO mode #lazerfocus been a hella’ve a decade gonna make the next one count as well 😎 cheers 💯💯 -
    여태 너무 많은일들을 감당하면서 작업을했지만 내년에는 앨범에만집중할려고 (성격상물론달른것도좀하겠지만) 기대해주세요 앤드 해피뉴이어💯💯
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  • My 2019
    Released 5 projects
    63 songs including features
    1 game changer award presented by the Smithsonian
    Judge on Asia’s Got talent Season 3
    First ever r&b/hip hip label (AOMG) to have their own audition program on tv (Sign Here on MBN)
    First Asian R&b/Hip Hop artist to have a youtube originals documentary series on YT premium( Chosen1 shout outs to the cut)
    Hosted Broken Gps series with Naver now
    First Ever 31 City Jay Park World Tour ( Sexy 4eva World tour)

    Was an exhausting but rewarding year and I thank God for allowing me to accomplish all these things and i thank everybody that supported me! 12th year in the game and I’m still in top form! In Lebron mode! Now lets dance 🙏🙏😂 -

    나의 2019

    앨범 5개 발매
    63 곡 (피쳐링 포함)

    미국 스미스소니언 협회에서 “game changer” 상 수상

    아시아 갓 탤런트 3 심사위원
    힙합 레이블 최초로 방송을 통해서 오디션 (Aomg x MBN 사인히어)

    아시아인 힙합 알앤비 아티스트 최초로 유투브 오리지널 다큐 시리즈 공개 (chosen1)

    Naver NOW Broken Gps 호스트
    31개 도시 월드투어 (Sexy 4eva World tour)

    힘들고 피곤한해였지만 의미있게보내서 뿌듯하다. 이 많은일들을하게해준 하나님에게 감사드리고 날 응원했던 모두분들한테 다감사합니다🙏 재범아 고생했다
    #Aomg #H1ghrMusic #OffRouteFest #theFamousBurger #WonSoju
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