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  • 🏆 Congratulations Mrs. Hamblen from Chicago! #FeaturedTeacherFriday and @yoobi have teamed up to provide school supplies to students during these uneasy times so they are able to continue to learn from their home. Mrs. Hamblen will be receiving enough school supplies to help her school and community in Chicago.
    Mrs. Hamblen is a 4th grade DREAM teacher, in which she supports kids who have had 4+ adverse childhood experiences including the death of a parent, divorce, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, family violence or incarceration of a family member. The purpose of DREAM academy is to provide early intervention and support for students to overcome these emotional challenges. Mrs. Hamblen has expressed her sincere gratitude for the chance to receive support from #FeaturedTeacherFriday and @yoobi , explaining that ALL students deserve a fair shot at education and these school supplies would bring them one step closer to allowing her to continue fulfilling her passion and commitment towards her students.
    CONGRAUTLATIONS, Mrs. Hamblen. Keep spreading your joy and positivity. Thank you for all the amazing work you do 💜
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  • To support COVID-19 relief efforts, enter now with the link in my bio or go to omaze.com/kristen #omaze @omaze @upworthy
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  • SOUND ON!!!
    If your interesting ine music of the wildly talented @urfavesister who did a live accoustic concert frlm my living room a few weeks ago, her music is avail NOW!
    And, because shes a dream person, 5$ from each sale will benefit @nokidhungry. I ❤ u hannah. Clink the link in my bio to order!

    Going Through Some Things Deluxe Vinyl is now available!!! ☯️☯️☯️ This record is going to feature four acoustic tracks on side B including 🌏WEIGHT OF THE WORLD🌏 as heard on the livestream concert on @kristenanniebell Instagram.
    The coronavirus is closing schools nationwide, and millions of vulnerable children are losing the school meals they depend on. $5 from every purchase of this album will benefit @nokidhungry’s work to help feed kids during school closures and all year long.

    Every purchase of the physical record comes with a digital download card for all of the tracks on the album. (First 15 orders will get a Sister hoodie thrown in 🖤)
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  • Shortly after becoming pregnant, Katie Standley, a teacher from Falls Church, Va. was diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm. This meant she would have to deliver early (at 28 weeks) to avoid putting herself and her baby in danger. And, she would need open heart surgery a few short days after giving birth to her son, Lawrence Paul. We’re so happy to report it was a major success and she’s now back with her husband, Jacob, and holding her baby boy! Enjoy all those baby snuggles and also, a year of free diaper bundles from all of us at Hello Bello :) 💛.
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  • Today is National Doctors’ Day!! Now, more than ever, it’s important to show them our appreciation. So every time you repost this message or create your own using #FIGSxDoctorsDay FIGS is giving $1 to the Frontline Responders Fund—and will donate up to $500,000.
    #ThankYouDoctors #AwesomeHumansWearFIGS #AwesomeHumansHaveYourBack
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  • When Michael tells you to stay inside, you stay inside! #TheGoodPlace
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  • If you are a small business owner who needs help, pls know
    www.covid19businesscenter.com is an available resource!
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  • CORE is seeking volunteers to support COVID-19 relief work in the Los Angeles area.
    We are currently looking for volunteers who are willing and ready to work.
    We will be working with the LA Mayor's Office to provide guidance for folk who will be doing self-test kits in drive-thru testing areas. Volunteers will help to support this effort. We are looking for a two-week commitment from volunteers for this program, with 9am to 5pm availability, and weekend opportunities available as well. To streamline the training process, we ask for at least a one-week, but preferably a two-week commitment, and ideally the ability to volunteer a minimum of 4 days per week. The program will run for 30 days, with the possibility to extend as needed.
    All volunteer opportunities will provide a safe working environment that complies with current CDC recommendations and will provide personal protective equipment as deemed necessary for working with the public. Requirements for volunteering include: good overall health, the volunteer has not been exposed to COVID-19 to their knowledge, and is willing, if needed, to be tested for COVID-19. We ask that volunteers have flexible schedules and are patient as we work to coordinate the needs of the program.
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  • Just tryin to keep myself busy- stay busy with me! Lets get all our questions answered!
    Join us Monday at 7p/6c for #KidsTogether as we answer kids' questions and concerns about COVID-19 plus get tips and insights from medical experts
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  • We are excited to announce our first #FeaturedTeacherFriday x @yoobi winner! 🏆
    For the next 4 fridays, we are collaborating with @yoobi to provide supplies to students during these uncertain times, so they can continue to learn from home.
    Our first winner is Ms. Kelly. This is her story…
    Ms. Kelly is from Atlanta, GA 💜She is a special needs pre-school teacher. With her counterparts, Ms. Kathleen & Ms. Melissa, she loves and serves her students as if they were her own kids. On March 13th Ms. Kelly’s school announced their indefinite closure. Upon instinct, Ms. Kelly started preparing March 12th, understanding the importance of her kids remaining stimulated while quarantined. @yoobi and #FeaturedTeacherFriday are happy to provide Ms.Kelly with enough school supplies to help 7,500 kids from her district. We are so grateful to Ms.Kelly and all teachers for lending their hearts and resources everyday.
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  • @adamgrant
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  • #repost @lifeologyapp ・・・
    Hi friends! Meet Covid. It is new to town, and looking for a new nose to live in.
    This visual story was created for kids to better understand the 2019 novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness it causes. Written by Signe Elisabeth Aasberg, PhD, illustrated by Elfy Chiang, presented by Lifeology, reviewed by our children. Find the whole story in our Bio #linkinbio☝️. 👉 https://lifeology.io/for-kids-how-to-keep-covid-away/
    Share with parents and teachers and kids near you! There is a downloadable version and an digital interactive version too!
    #sciart #covid_19 #kidsofinstagram #kidsbooks #virus #health #scienceforkids #science #handwashing #art #comics #coronavirus #washyourhands #art #teachersofinstagram
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  • For those of y'all looking for snacks to eat at home, @thisbar is a company I cofounded that, for every product sold, matches it by giving away a life-saving nutritional packet to a child in need.
    I'm also excited theyre launching new krispy treats for kids which have a FULL serving of fruits & veggies in them, are peanut & allergen free, and of course give back!
    Right now you can use code KB25 to get 25% off and each order will be matched with a box of bars to families in the US who are food insecure. #stayhome @thisbar
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    Tap the link in my bio.
    A doctor from NY breaks everything down about covid-19, in a clear. Concise and calm way.
    Everything you need to know is right here.
    The take aways:
    - how it can be contracted
    - how *exactly* to keep yourself, and others, safe
    - air transmission information
    - advil vs acetaminophen
    - when to go to the hospital, when not to
    - food rules/family rules
    - how to stay calm
    Please watch and share.
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  • Nothing better to do but celebrate #dryhumpday with some moisture masks, couples style. Xo
    #stayhome #staymoisturized
    @morehetime @get_rael
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  • For those of yall looking for snacks to eat at home, @thisbar is a company i cofounded that, for every bar sold, matches it by giving away a life saving nutritional packet to a child in need. Right now @thisbar will also match each order with a box of bars to families who are food insecure. We’ve always believed in sharing. So while we are out there being kind in this crazy time, if youd like to stock up on some bars, use the code SPRING for 25% off site wide. #stayhome
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    A quick note from our family to yours: In these uncertain times when snacks are scarce, we at This Saves Lives want to make sure that you and your family are safe, sound, and stocked with healthy snacks.

    This has been a crazy few weeks for the world. Although the journey ahead is filled with challenges (looking at you, rockstar parents!), if we all lend a helping hand to one another, we are poised to come out as a stronger, more caring world.
    Enjoy 25% Off Sitewide!! Use Code: SPRING
    #thissaveslives #weeattogether #givebacksnack
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  • @celebsonsandwiches is offering to draw doctors, nurses, healthcare professional or frontline workers if you head to his page and nominate someone! Share thier story, and thier fav sandwich if youd like to nominate someone you know!
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  • Seeing more and more kindness in people eveyday.
    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤#Repost @tanksgoodnews (@get_repost)
    @evanrosenman gets it
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  • #Repost @jessicamalatyrivera with @make_repost
    This is not about you. It’s about everyone. Listen to Professor Hugh Montgomery, Intensive Care Specialist
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  • Thank you #CraigASpencerMD and to all who are on exposing themselves daily in order to save our lives. We will listen, and we will #stayhome.
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  • Max Harmon, 4 years old, has captured our hearts. He was born with several birth defects, has had 30 major surgeries and requires a ventilator to breathe, but none of these challenges has ever wiped his contagious smile from his face :) Max requires 24/7 intensive care and his parents Katie and Keith run a little ICU out of their home in Laramie, Wyoming, with his tracheostomy, intestinal feeding tube and more. We’re in awe of the Harmons and Max and we’re sending all our love and a Year of Hello Bello bundles their way. 💛
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  • Well folks, shes done it. Dont get me wrong, she has more trials to do to assure its efficacy- but my 5 yr old just came into my bedroom with a vial full of colored water and told me "i just made the vaccine for coronavirus!"
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  • If youre bored, check out @momsplaining !
    This episode was a labor of love. #momsplaining
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  • Let’s hear it for the dads out there!

    #Repost @becauseofthem with @make_repost ・・・
    Bring it on! 4-year-old Jayden Pollard and her father, Roland, are spreading #GirlDad goals across social media, one cheerleading routine at a time (swipe).
    The father-daughter duo are growing a fanbase with each post that features Jayden nailing cheer stunts with the help of her dad.
    “We started the second she could stand up on her own, but [she] didn’t take it serious until about 3 months ago, around December of 2019,” @rolandp90x told Because of Them We Can.

    Roland isn't new to cheerleading. He began his career in high school and has over 12-years of experience with multiple competitive teams. His ability to pass on his knowledge of the sport to Jayden is what he enjoys the most.
    “Parents pay good money for stellar coaching and I’m fortunate enough to provide an unlimited amount to my daughter for free.”
    As for Jayden, Dad says she loves it. Her energetic and competitive nature makes it an ideal fit. While it's clear that Jayden is having a good time in the videos, it's heartwarming to witness the level of trust and adoration that she has for her father.

    We love it! Practice makes perfect and it’s clear that Jayden is a masterpiece! Perhaps we'll see her representing for Team USA one day! #becauseofthemwecan
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  • #Repost @rita_earl_blackwell with @make_repost
    CAN YOU FOSTER A DOG OR CAT? I’ve been getting a ton of inquiries. Here’s how to foster with Los Angeles City Shelters:
    1. Visit their website at laanimalservices.com (link in my bio) and a few animals you may want to foster and note their A#. ...
    2. Fill out a foster application on their site. Click on the volunteer tab (upper right corner) and drop down to ‘foster application’. .................................
    3. Email the volunteer liaison at Ani.Volunteers@lacity.org your completed application and the A#’s of the pets you’d like to foster.
    4. Call and schedule an appointment to go to the shelter! 888-452-7381 ............... If that’s too much work, contact rescue groups directly! I’m working with @pawsforlifek9 to get dogs out of the shelter and into foster homes. Delivering them to your home, along with all the supplies you’ll need! Click the link in their bio to fill out a foster app tonight!
    As the days and weeks go by there will be more pets in need of fostering. Please be patient and don’t give up! Remember to take video and photos of your fosters and post them! Always include their hashtag A# to help find them their forever homes!
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  • TEACHERS ARE HEROES. #FeaturedTeacherFriday is joining forces with @yoobi to provide supplies to students who are self-quarantined or social distancing, so they can continue to learn from home! Here’s how it works, we will be picking 4 teachers nationwide to help families from their local school district and city. They’ll receive enough school supplies for 7,500 kids in each city! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 Go to LINK IN MY BIO for more info! (Submissions through march 24th)
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  • #LALove
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  • @daxshepard Got back from travelling on Monday. To be cautious, I asked him to stay at a friend's empty apartment for a bit to make sure he had no symptoms. Today we were missing him so much, we did the only logical thing we knew how to do. Danced outside his window to a @bensplatt and @dearevanhansen serenade.
    #staysane #stayhome #wereinthistogether #wavingthroughawindow
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  • Many people have many differnt reasons for being more susceptible to this virus that we others may be. Some may be obvious, others may not. It's incredibly important that we socially distance, to protect the vulnerable ones among us. Lets show up for one another, by staying home for one another. #wereinthistogether #stayhome #socialdistancing
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  • The TRUTH.
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