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  • @mrcameroncruz took my phone and had a photo shoot.❤❤❤
    Happy birthday @jessescottegan !!!
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  • I am endlessly delighted by the ever expanding Frozen universe! Princess Anna started on screen and now she’s a doll, she’s pajamas, I’ve even seen a few humans in her likeness. :) Here she is in the new game - @FrozenAdventuresGame! You play fun match-3 puzzles, customize the Kingdom of Arendelle, play along with Frozen characters and unlock special in-game prizes, places and events. P.S- look at her house! I want to move in❄️❄️❄️ #FrozenAdventuresGame #Frozen2 @FrozenAdventuresGame #sponsored
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  • It’s #FeaturedTeacherFriday 📚❤️!! Brooke emailed me to nominate her friend of 25 years, Emily. She told me that when they set up Emily’s classroom this year, she had little beyond tables and chairs and bought the rest of her supplies herself. SO! Let’s send Emily some love and support! Here’s a little about her: “I’m a first year kindergarten teacher at a small Title I school in Genesee County in Flint, MI. Being a Title I school means that a majority of our students live below the federal poverty line. Some of our families struggle to have their basic needs met. Although most of our students reside in the city of Flint, our school is located in a neighboring town. They ride the bus to school, with the earliest pickup being 5:58am and the latest stop being close to 5:30pm. These amazing kiddos spend a majority of their waking hours at school, or traveling to and from school. This is just one of the many reasons that it is so important to make my classroom feel like a home away from home for my students. We call our classroom our “house” and we are all family. Our rules and routines are centered around being good to each other and supporting each other the way families should.

    Our mission at Woodland Park Academy is to “Create Relationships to Change the World.” For me, fostering these relationships means giving 100 hugs a day, checking in on older students on my lunch, telling students every day that I love them, and listening when they have something to say. It means never losing sight of how even the smallest act of kindness or understanding may change someone’s life.
    Our school is small and our teachers have some of the lowest paid salaries in our area. Being a first year teacher in an almost empty classroom has been challenging. However, everyday we try to fill our classroom with curiosity, excitement, and love! Please know that any donations received will directly impact the lives of my little learners and I am forever grateful for the support!!” If you feel inspired to help, her wishlist will be in my bio! 🧠🙏🏻📚❤️
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  • ONE WEEK!!!!! The wait is almost over: Only 1 week to go until #Frozen2. Get your tickets now
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  • Directing is basically just pointing a lot. 👉 #TheGoodPlace
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  • This is what we call a very happy girl doing a very happy dance. Thanks for sticking with us! Goodnight! #TheGoodPlace -@kristenanniebell
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  • I thought I had peaked with the Best Person Sash, but directing these cockroaches in tonight's episode of #TheGoodPlace is an honor I will never forget.
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  • Tonight's episode was directed by this legit snack and I could not be more proud of her. Make sure you're watching #TheGoodPlace tonight at 9/8c on @NBC!
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  • THANK YOU @Columbia1938 for joining the fight to end childhood hunger in America. When you purchase a signed (by me!) Anna Down Cape from their #Frozen2 collection, all sales will go to @nokidhungry. Available in select stores on 11.15. Learn more at Columbia.com/Disney #EmbraceTheElements
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  • 5d
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  • 10 days until #frozen2 is out in theaters!!!!
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  • Barbara got a biscut box!!!!!!!!!
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  • The world is too big and you have too much to offer, xo @candacereels
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  • There are some amazing papas out there!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤
    AMAZING FATHERS!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
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  • Glammed up again for some #frozen2 press, not a Barbara Biscuit in sight!
    K R I S T E N B E L L
    sweater & pant @vince
    shoes & bag @jimmychoo
    glam @simonesiegl
    Hair color @taniawhittier
    #nicolechavezstyle #kristenbell #frozen2 #sweaterweather #autumnshades #currentlywearing #vince
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  • Thank u @taniawhittier for always giving me such gorgous highlights!!KRISTEN BELL X FROZEN 2 #premiere @disneyfrozen STYLING: @nicolechavezstyle MAKEUP: @simonesiegl #jennychohair #bob #texture #classicbob #kristenbell
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  • We are so excited to hang with our pals @monicaandandy to introduce their latest limited edition print ✨SLOTH SQUAD✨  Win $1000 in M+A merch including pieces from their new sloth collection AND a 1-year subscription of Hello Bello’s adorable diapers (value: $780). Just tag a mom from your squad in the comments below to win! Must be 18+, US only, contest ends 11/12 12pm CST! #monicaandandy #hellobello #giveaway
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  • Found my boo, all were missing now is the cash.
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  • Ass, cash or grass, i know the rules.
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  • Always and forever i love you, @idinamenzel ❄❄❄❤❤❤👑👑👑
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  • BREAKING NEWS: Barbara Biscuit got a new bed.
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  • Have a swipe to see how much fun these bafoons had on @jimmykimmellive.
    We drew our charachters and @jimmykimmel will be auctioning them off for @toys_for_tots_organization !
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  • The first picture is what we show the cameras. The second picture is who we REALLY are.
    Happy #frozen2 premier day, snowflakes ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄
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  • ❄👭🦌☃️❄
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  • Ditto ditto ditto.
    I could not have said it better.

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    Man, do I love you all. So excited for each and every single one of you to go on this journey with us in less than three weeks. If you haven’t already bought your tickets, don’t get left out in the cold (I’m sorry, I had no choice.) follow link (in bio) and be among the first to see this very special movie we’ve been hard at work on for the last three years. And prepare to go into the Unknown (sorry, the puns will not allow me to let it go.) #frozen2 #november22
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  • These @oneheartcoffee boxes are amazing im so sad they are closing! They bring self care to your door every month with a subscription box that benefita women and animals! Right now the last batch is avail with free shipping benefits @apurposefulrescue.
    Maybe if we all order enough they wont have to close!!!
    Free shipping for your December box benefiting @apurposefulrescue on me for 24 hrs only! Use code "FREESHIP" today only until 11:59PM PST for it to apply. As "One Heart Coffee" starts to close I wanted to give you guys a gift! Shipping on me.💃💃💃 (Throw Back From a Previous Box) #oneheartcoffee (www.oneheartcoffee)
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  • @sterlingkbrown we miss u!!!
    #frozen2 #toronto
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    They’re over me and it’s only day one. #frozen2 Press tour
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  • I have a VERY important message from Arendelle: Starting today, tickets are on sale for #frozen2! Get yours now! http://bit.ly/Frozen2Tickets ❄️❄️
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  • November is the month of #Frozen2. Celebrate the first #FrozenFriday by reuniting with the cast that started it all. Check back every Friday of the month for fun moments with the cast and surprises from the film!
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  • When eleanor is in charge...
    Did we save these photos or did these photos save us? #TheGoodPlace
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