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  • John Lewis risked his life for the Civil Rights Movement and the Voting Rights Act. Let’s honor his life and legacy by making the changes we need to make it possible for every eligible voter in America to cast a ballot and have it counted.
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  • Cameroon’s Ebo Forest, and all of the incredible animals that live there, are in trouble. This includes Forest Elephants, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and so many others. Let's help #SaveEboForest. Sign the petition at tinyurl.com/ebopetition @global_wildlife_conservation @sandiegozoo
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  • @unclimatechange: “The failure to consider the growing impacts of climate change will undermine our efforts at conflict prevention, peacemaking and sustaining peace, and risks trapping vulnerable countries in a vicious cycle of climate disaster and conflict”, Jenča said at a briefing to the security council.

    “It is no coincidence that seven of the 10 countries most vulnerable and least prepared to deal with climate change, host a peacekeeping operation or special political mission”, the Assistant Secretary-General for Europe, Central Asia and the Americas added.

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  • Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Indigenous peoples have called for an immediate suspension of resource extraction in the Amazon. In Ecuador, two major oil pipelines are on the brink of rupturing for the second time this year, poisoning rivers and Indigenous communities in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. We can’t let this happen. Indigenous communities want an immediate shutdown of the pipeline and an end to oil company impunity. Let’s stand with them.

    As the pandemic and arson fires sweep across our planet’s greatest tropical forest, we, as a global movement, must stand with Indigenous communities on the frontlines, who are risking everything to save the Amazon and our climate.


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  • Nearly 2 million Californians live in areas heavily affected by environmental pollution. 92% of Californians in these sacrifice zones are people of color. Neighborhood drilling is not only dangerous - it’s a form of environmental racism. Join me in standing with @VoicesCA & the @NRDC_org to #SupportAB345 and keep homes, schools, and hospitals 2,500 feet away from toxic oil and gas wells.
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  • Today is International Golden Lion Tamarin Day. The recovery of these small Brazilian monkeys - from 200 individuals in the wild in the 1960s to 3,700 in recent years - is one of the world’s most celebrated wildlife comeback stories thanks to the international efforts of a large team of committed partners.

    In 2018, the population dropped for the first time since the ‘60s as a wave of yellow fever that began in humans in 2016 unexpectedly started to kill the endangered tamarins, reducing the population by 32%.

    Now conservationists from Save the Golden Lion Tamarin, @associacaomicoleaodourado, and partners like @global_wildlife_conservation are hoping to vaccinate the monkeys, using their knowledge and experience from the past few decades to increase the population yet again and to continue to conserve and restore their iconic home in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

    Photo: @RussMittermeier, Global Wildlife Conservation
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  • Today is #WorldRangerDay. Wildlife rangers will be responsible for protecting 30% of the planet by 2030. That’s a big job, so it’s not surprising that rangers do a lot more than prevent poaching. They guide visitors. They fight fires. They are often the first to identify environmental problems. Most importantly, they help make conservation happen. With so many responsibilities, it’s also not surprising that there is no one type of ranger. Rangers are men, women, Indigenous People, volunteers, NGO workers, government staff and landowners. Let’s honor rangers today and beyond with the International Ranger Federation, and help to make sure they have the resources they need for every aspect of their jobs - because they protect us all: humans, animals and wild places.

    Photo: @robindmoore @global_wildlife_conservation #RangersDeserveMore #URSA
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  • From The @Guardian: Alarm over the discovery of hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels near the Galápagos Islands. The fleet was found just outside a protected zone, raising the prospect of damage to the marine ecosystem.

    About 260 ships are currently in international waters just outside a 188-mile wide exclusive economic zone around the island, but their presence has already raised the prospect of serious damage to the delicate marine ecosystem, said a former environment minister, Yolanda Kakabadse.

    “This fleet’s size and aggressiveness against marine species is a big threat to the balance of species in the Galápagos,” she told the Guardian.

    Kakabadse and an ex-mayor of Quito, Roque Sevilla, were on Monday put in charge of designing a “protection strategy” for the islands, which lie 563 miles west of the South American mainland.

    Chinese fishing vessels come every year to the seas around the Galápagos, which were declared a Unesco world heritage site in 1978, but this year’s fleet is one of the largest seen in recent years.

    Photo: Adrian Vasquez/AP
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  • From the @NRDC_org: “As we move into a deeper public health crisis, we must remember: COVID-19, the climate crisis, and systemic racism intersect and disproportionately impact BIPOC communities. These overlapping social and environmental injustices were here before—and are exacerbated by COVID-19. They must be addressed within the response to this pandemic and thereafter. There is no climate justice without racial justice without economic justice.” ✊

    You can learn more through the link in the NRDC's bio. 🌍
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  • Native people are preparing to take their power to the polls this election. Thank you @MarkRuffalo for sharing this video #Repost @MarkRuffalo: Trump has been attacking Native rights & lands but despite this they won big victories including halting the Dakota Access & Keystone XL Pipelines and the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the treaty rights of the Muscogee Creek Nation! Now Native people are taking their power to the polls. Donate today at secure.actblue.com/donate/support-native-led
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  • Thank you @GretaThunberg for taking the lead on challenging EU and Global leaders to address the climate crisis.

    From the @WorldEconomicForum: Greta Thunberg says taking action gives you hope in tackling climate change.
    “The only thing you can do is take action.” - @gretathunberg
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  • From @apnews: Venezuela’s economic collapse has left most homes without reliable running water.⁠

    Venezuela’s water crisis is nothing new, but it’s started driving residents to extraordinary measures — banding together to rig their own water systems and even hand dig shallow wells at home. Water today is even more important as a way to protect against the pandemic.⁠

    An estimated 86% of Venezuelans reported unreliable water service, including 11% who have none at all, according to an April survey of 4,500 residents by the non-profit Venezuelan Observatory of Public Services.⁠

    Click the link in @apnews to

    #APPhotos Ariana Cubillos @aricub and Matias Delacroix @matiasdelacroix⁠
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  • CO2 levels haven’t been this high in almost 15 million years, and the last 5 years have been the hottest on record. #climatechange #environment #co2 #sustainability #emissions
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  • To prevent the next pandemic we need to change our relationship to nature. Read more by tapping the link in their bio. #nature #environment #COVID19 #coronavirus #disease
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  • From January to April, a forest area the size of Los Angeles was cut down. 🔎 Learn more about the state of the world’s forests by clicking the link in the @WorldEconomicForum's bio. #covid19 #coronavirus #forests #amazon #rainforest
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  • This traditional fishing village in Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam, floats atop emerald waters among lush limestone karst formations. Villagers depend on the sea for survival and make a living from fishing, aquaculture, and tourism. It looks like paradise, but their unique way of life is threatened by wastewater, plastic pollution, unsustainable tourist activities, and climate change. If Lan Ha Bay is to remain a beautiful place to live and visit, tourists must take care to reduce their environmental impact while visiting—if they visit at all. Via @NatGeoTravel | Video by @tobyharriman
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