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  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes this past weekend! 📷: #davidlachapelle
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  • So proud of our film @eatinganimals directed by the brilliant #christopherquinn and based on the incredible book by #JonathanSafranFoer. The movie won best documentary at the Environmental Media awards. If you live in the UK the movie is in theaters this week. Grateful to the brave people fighting against factory farming every day.
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  • We will miss you, Whizzie, more than you could ever know. A king among dogs. (Portrait by @merylrowin)
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  • I ❤️#fleabag and #phoebewallerbridge
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  • I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a loooong time. Who’s with me on seeing @booksmart this weekend? directed by the brilliant @oliviawilde starring the crazy talented @beaniefeldstein @kaitlyndever @praisethelourd
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  • Happy Gemini season! #tbt to this #vanityfair shoot in beautiful #Alabama with #annieliebovitz when I was about to graduate high school.
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  • Dream evening at the vineyards of #chateaudesaran celebrating 150 years of @moetchandon of Brut Imperial with @umathurman @rogerfederer and #kate Moss #moetmoment #ad
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  • BREAKING: The @timesupnow Legal Defense Fund + @aclu_nationwide + #Fightfor15 workers filed 23 new cases vs. @McdonaldsCorp for sexual harassment at their restaurants! Help us tell @McDonalds #TIMESUP before their shareholder meeting on Thursday - add your name to our letter. (Link in bio)
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  • So apparently, Phantom Menace came out exactly 20 years ago. I made this movie when I was 16 years old and had no idea how lucky I was to enter a world of extremely passionate fans. Grateful for all of you who keep caring about these characters. #phantommenace #starwars #padmeamidala
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  • If you’re in Antwerp, do not miss @benjaminmillepied’s #Bachstudies @balletvlaanderen. I got to see it last night and, if I may say so, it was magic! Thank you dancers, @unitedvisualartists, @alessandrosartoriofficial for the beauty and inspiration.
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  • I loved watching @nicomuhly and friends last week and getting to pop up onstage with them to do the #Laurie Anderson #robertwilson #phillipglass collaboration The CIVIL warS
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  • The orchestrated attack on women’s rights is sickening. Donate to @plannedparenthood @aclu_nationwide and @yellowfund to protest this war on women’s bodies and our rights as full citizens.
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  • May the 4th be with you, Peter Mayhew #rippetermayhew #starwarsday. art by @rotterandfriends
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  • This month I hope you join me in reading Susan Burton’s incredible memoir, Becoming Ms. Burton, about her journey to helping women re-integrate into life after imprisonment.Today, I visited incarcerated women with Ms. Burton at Lynwood Jail in LA. It was shattering to face mass incarceration in my own neighborhood- including pregnant and mentally ill inmates in shackles. There are some true angels among us, though, that bring light amid all the injustice, and Susan Burton is a rare human who is doing just that with @anewwayoflifela . Thank you for the spark of hope in the darkness.
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  • Always the littlest and always a mess with my tights. Happy #tututuesday
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  • Loved being at #weday2019 yesterday with @wemovement and listening to so many young activists committed to building a fairer, kinder, greener future.Thank you for the inspiration! Side note: where are my hands?
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  • Last night at the Avengers: Endgame premiere
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  • Every day is Earth Day. 📷 by Annie Leibovitz
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  • Happy Easter to those celebrating!
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  • Happy Pesach! #tbt to the interview I did with Yuval Harari (and as someone who cares a lot about grammar, I’m horrified that I didn’t say “well-intentioned,” please forgive me). link in bio
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  • The real me. #veganbanhmiburrito by #tacostumadre
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  • Had the best time watching @uswnt - the incredible US women’s soccer team-absolutely crush it with the best crew @uzoaduba @jennifer.garner @evalongoria @jessicachastain
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  • So excited to read the new novel #kaddish.com by my friend @nenglander
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  • Thank you @vogueaustralia
    Photography: @emmasummerton
    Styling: @jilliandavison
    Hair: @sophieroberts_hair
    Make-up: @lindajefferyesmakeup
    Interview: @sophieted
    Casting: @rikki_keene #Vogue #Australia #Dior
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  • #TBT #MarsAttacks
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  • I felt so lucky to meet so many incredible people yesterday @childrensla. Thank you to all the children, parents, doctors, nurses and everyone from #literallyhealingchla for welcoming me so warmly. For those of you who’d like to support the incredible work done at #CHLA can donate today @MakeMarchMatter #MakeMarchMatter
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  • Lucy In The Sky
    A film by Noah Hawley.
    Coming soon.
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  • I love @ChildrensLA for all the amazing work they do, and I’m asking all of you to join me by participating in the @MakeMarchMatter campaign. Visit MakeMarchMatter.org to learn how to make a difference!
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  • #tbt to being a vegetarian in the 90s
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  • Go/don’t go #missdiorforlove @diorparfums
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  • Just wanna be free #missdiorforlove @diorparfums
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