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  • a 21-year old pro-Black organizer, activist, and teacher hailing from Mirebalais, Haiti and Spring Valley, NY. I'm here to talk to y'all about the importance of Haitian history and politics to this political moment, why we should all be grounding ourselves in Black Feminism, and how you can support my work and the work of organizers on the ground. Thank you Natalie for participating in #PassThePlatform. Visit stories for additional resources.
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  • In awe of how many young activists are rising up and demanding a more just world. Today I am joining #passtheplatform to center the voices of young Black leaders. Meet @themelissadenizard — a young Black activist and teacher. She will be sharing her work with you all today. Join me in listening.
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  • Earlier this week, two black trans women — Riah and Rem’mie — were murdered. Please join me in demanding justice and swipe for 5 orgs to support trans lives today. #translivesmatter #queerlivesmatter Posts from @equalityequation @keithlouisxii @alma.harel
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  • For my birthday this year, I will be matching donations to Susan Burton's @anewwayoflifela, up to $100k (for the next 24 hours). Link in bio to donate. I am in deepest gratitude for Susan's work, which helps heal our broken world.

    Ever since I first read Susan Burton’s book Becoming Ms. Burton, I’ve been committed to supporting her organization A New Way of Life — which provides formerly incarcerated women with a safe place to sleep and a chance to rebuild their lives. The vast majority of these women have children and are victims of sexual or physical assault. Often, when they are released, they have no resources and the cycle of entrapment within the criminal justice system continues. While there are so many great organizations fighting for racial justice, @anewwayoflifela is Susan’s solution to ending mass incarceration and healing communities. Please join me today in supporting @anewwayoflifela if you’re able ❤️
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  • When I first heard #defundthepolice, I have to admit my first reaction was fear. My whole life, police have made me feel safe. But that’s exactly the center of my white privilege: the police make me as a white woman feel safe, while my black friends, family and neighbors feel the opposite: police make them feel terror. And for good reason. Police are the 6th leading cause of death for black men in this country. These are not isolated incidents. They are patterns and part of the system of over-policing of black Americans. Reforms have not worked. Minneapolis, where George Floyd was murdered, is one of the most progressive police forces in the country, having undergone extensive anti-bias training. I am grateful to the leaders in the @mvmnt4blklives who have made us question the status quo. And who have made us imagine, what a world could be like in which we invested in nourishing people; (in their education, healthcare, environment, shelter)— rather than putting all of our money into punishment. I’ve gotten to the age in my life, where if my gut feels uncomfortable, I take the situation as wrong. But this concept initially made me uncomfortable because I was wrong. Because the system that makes me feel comfortable is wrong. #defendblacklives#defundthepolice

    Swipe right for additional resources via @theslacktivists
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  • “We say we deserve another knowing, the knowing that comes when you assume your life will be long, will be vibrant, will be healthy. We deserve to imagine a world without prisons and punishment, a world where they are not needed, a world rooted in mutuality. We deserve to at least aim for that.” - @osopepatrisse

    Read this book, please. When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by @osopepatrisse @ashabandele713
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  • Breonna Taylor was a frontline responder, an EMT, in Louisville Kentucky. Today would have been her 27th birthday, but she was killed in her own home by police while she was sleeping. Not only were the police in the wrong house, but the man they were looking for was already in custody. No one has yet been charged or even fired. Please swipe left for a list of actions you can take today to honor her and fight for justice. #sayhername #breonnataylor

    Actions steps by @battymamzelle
    Artwork by @arielsinhaha
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  • “The tanks were rolled out faster than policy change ever has been.” - @mspackyetti, @campaignzero co-founder

    Follow @mspackyetti for more wisdom.
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  • “Our vision is for a world rooted in the care and love and humanity for every human being. A world that relies on an economy of care versus one with an economy of punishment. An abolitionist believes in freedom.” - @osopepatrisse

    Most of our cities dedicate over 50% of their budgets towards the police force. What if instead of punishment, we prioritized care and programs nourishing communities of color? Visit my stories and follow @mvmnt4blklives @osopepatrisse to sign the petition and learn more.
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  • #blackouttuesday
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  • “You always told me it takes time... how much time do you want for your progress?” — James Baldwin
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  • Throwing it back to my own college graduation as I offer a huge congratulations to the class of 2020. I want to congratulate you all on your achievement and welcome you into post-college life. I can only imagine this is a daunting and uncertain time to be entering adult-land. And that many of you and your families are struggling, as we all are in very different ways during these most unusual of times. Least among these concerns, but upsetting nonetheless I’m sure, is your inability to have a proper graduation ceremony. Classes before you may have had a more conventional graduation and economy to enter, but you have much more profound spiritual opportunities than we did, because purpose could not be more clearly defined right now. I hope you can find the blessing in being confronted at this auspicious moment in your life, with the most necessary questions humans face: what is actually essential? What do we really cherish at the end of our lives? What is a world without hugging? Without being able to see your friends and family? What is being outdoors like if we have to wear masks all the time? I wish for you that the clarity of the answers to these questions guide you in your path. May you seek a path full of purpose, love, creativity and generosity. We need those qualities now more than ever. We are experiencing the conditions that lead to revolution—and you are the generation that is leading the charge. Thank you, in advance, for all the beautiful things you will do.
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  • My heart is so heavy for those who lost their lives these past few weeks — individuals who should be known for their personalities, the way they lived, those who loved them — not grouped together for the brutal and awful way they were murdered. But the killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd are part of a larger and horrific pattern in this country. I know it’s not enough to be horrified though. I need to learn so much and do so much more as a white American trying to fathom what life is like for people of color in this country. Visit my stories for a list of resources to begin the anti-racist work. We have so much work to do if we truly want this to be a land of liberty and justice for all. Illustrations by @shirien.creates
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  • “They were not simply names on a list. They were us.” - @nytimes
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  • Thanks for the 7 million! I will be donating to 7 great nonprofits in all of your honor: @activistmonicaramirez’s
    Farmerworkers’ Pandemic Relief Fund, @chefjoseandres’ @wckitchen #restaurantsforthepeople, @jennifer.garner + @amyadams’ @savewithstories, @charlizeafrica’s @ctaop #togetherforher, Susan Burton’s @anewwayoflifela, @osopepatrisse’s @reformlajails, and @young_women_free
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  • #mood #tbt @vmagazine
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  • I decided to talk to some people I admire and see if I could learn some new things from them. The first person I’m talking to is my friend @mikesolomonov—chef at Zahav in Philly and author of one of my favorite cookbooks Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking. Tonight, he taught me how to make pita! It was so delicious and not as scary as I thought it would be. If you try it, let me know how it goes? #nataliestable
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  • #3moremonths #LAquarantine
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  • ❤️❤️❤️📸@benjaminmillepied
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  • My first blessing in life was to be born to my mom. She is the most loving, caring, generous, cuddly, funny, smart, talented, creative person I could ever imagine getting to spend my childhood with. And now I’m blessed by my kids who turned me into a mom and make me smile and laugh every single day — and who make me appreciate my mom even more for all the invisible things she did for me that I realize now as I try to live up to her mothering. #mothersday
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  • Should I cut bangs? #tbt Italian Vogue 1996
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  • This #cincodemayo I’m joining @activistmonicaramirez to support the #phenomenalworkers who are keeping us fed during the pandemic. While farmworkers are essential, their work conditions make it near impossible for them to social distance and limit the spread of COVID-19. Visit altisimolive.com today at 3 pm ET to show your support for the Farmworkers Pandemic Relief Fund!

    In the meantime, here are strawberry mint popsicles— fun snack for kids and converts into a cocktail mixer for grownups. Join me today in celebrating and honoring these #phenomenalworkers 👏

    1. Chop 2 cups strawberries
    2. Add 3 tbsp brown sugar and juice of one lemon in bowl, stir; add chopped mint
    3. Combine into blender; (I just did it on the chop setting so there would be pieces of strawberry, but if you prefer smoother you can purée)
    4. Pour into popsicle molds and put in freezer
    5. Once frozen, kids can eat as is; adults can put in a glass, pour tequila over and let it serve as both ice and mixer!
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  • Which look was your favorite? #maythe4thbewithyou
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  • I listened to Robin Wall Kimmerer on Krista Tippett’s podcast @onbeing and she spoke so poetically about how moss have survived so long by living humbly, using only what they need, and working together to survive. Seemed like the perfect book for the times we’re in — and always in awe of nature. #maybookpick #whatnatreads

    Also don’t forget to order from your local indie bookstores if you can! Indiebound.org
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  • Just finished The Gastronomical Me and was so transported by M.F.K. Fisher’s love stories, and travel accounts and, of course, her descriptions of food! What did you think? #whatnatreads
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  • Happy #internationaldanceday! #blackswan
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  • Today I’m mothering up for young moms who need our support right now. Proceeds from this t-shirt will go towards helping pregnant and parenting teens in LA’s foster care system. Visit @allianceofmoms to purchase a tee of your own and show your support in time for Mother’s Day. #MOTHERUP #momsformoms
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  • Another day down...🍸@angietribecatbs #tbt
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  • As someone who’s always loved dolphins, I was excited to narrate Dolphin Reef—now on @disneyplus. But ever since I first learned to scuba dive, I’ve also been equally aware that while there is so much beauty, there is also incredible devastation. This film will remind you of how magnificent nature is, and of the impact we have on other creatures. If you watch it, let me know what you think? #earthday 🌎
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  • Happy Earth Day! Today I’m joining @osopepatrisse, @janefonda, @chefjoseandres, @zaziebeetz and more to support young activists in 3 days of climate action with @nrdc_org, @futurecoalition + @sunrisemvmt. In case you missed it, I went live this morning cooking for @nrdc_org’s Earth Day live audience. Visit http://earthdaylive2020.org to tune into the livestream and watch this video for one of my favorite #plantbased recipes: lentil salad with roasted sweet potatoes, kale, and vegan feta.
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