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  • Thanks @jimmykimmel .as always a good time in your company.
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  • Here’s a minute of our short 7 minute film we shot in the Peruvian Amazon last week. Copy paste this and watch the full video. https://vimeo.com/360902055?ref=em-share Thank you @undp #climateaction #unga
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  • Getting ready for the weekend
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  • I also love fishing and got to fish for our breakfast at the alto chivis community . The fisheries provide a sustainable great source of income that creates opportunities for a lot of families here in the middle of Amazonas. And. The food was delicious 😋remember to look out for our film on the 18th @imdb #globalgoals #climateaction
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  • I love chocolate. People have always lived in Amazonas. It’s only these past 50 years that we’ve lost our way a bit when it comes to the balance between what we take and what we give. I met these Cocoa farmers who have developed a way to grow their land without the need for deforestation, in a sustainable way. And the chocolate they produce is out of this world.. ps in the video I say chocolate beans. They are not beans, rather nuts or seeds @undp #appalar #yaneshaharuddin
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  • So much nuance is lost when a story goes viral. The Amazon on fire story is a great example. Deforestation is a massive problem. But ‘why’ is an important question to ask. And important to try and understand so we can act. Together with @undp I travelled to the Peruvian part of the Amazon to learn. We will share what we found out on Wednesday sept18th.
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  • The Amazonas has an incredible Bio and cultural diversity. You are surprised and astounded everywhere you look. Not least in Pozuzo. 😀. Been traveling around the Peruvian Amazon with @undp . We will debut a short film from this trip on sept 18th.
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  • Staying at an ‘eco lodge’ might to some sound a little frugal. But zip lining over the Amazon forest was nothing short of exhilarating and to spend 2 nights @ulcumano with Eduardo and Ingrid in Peru was amazing. Their dedication to conservation and their dedication to enjoying life was infectious. And a great example of an alternative way of using the Amazon in a sustainable way that creates jobs and betterment of lives. Thank you . @undp
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  • Directed by the great @jonasalexanderarnby and shot by brilliant @nielsthastum . Opens at @sitgesfestival and @zurichfilmfestival and then it’ll travel everywhere. @snowglobefilm
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  • On our way back from incredibly productive 2 weeks in Iceland and Greenland. Thanks to @hesalegend, Tuusi , Rvk studios and Peter Flinth
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  • Wrapped on this film early this year. Ready to show to audiences in Denmark in November and later everywhere . Directed by Jonas Arnby , Suicide tourist is a dark weird surprising film made by a great group of people. Thanks to @snowglobefilm
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  • Bubbafest.com
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  • Hey, hola, buomgiono, hej,. If you see an ad online featuring me trying to sell bitcoins or any investment opportunity. Don’t. ITS FAKE. A SCAM. And Now - go back to enjoying the summer :-) - N
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  • It’s great to see young people like Greta, @AlexandriaV2005, and @Jamie_Margolin dedicating their time to push for more #climateaction, yet we must remember that it is also our responsibility to leave a decent planet for younger generations. They should be worrying about their futures, and not whether they will have a planet to live on. We need strong political will and leadership to make this a priority. We don’t have time. Everyone’s action counts. @undp @hindououmar
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  • End of holiday part 1.... the best time is time spent with my girls. if a bench could talk :-) thank you @lonnie_castle and @binocularsandchair and @skagerak_denmark
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  • Hey @lonnie_castle og @binocularsandchair tak for hjælpen. Den stol er en vinder:-) @andtradition @flos
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  • Demand action from your political leaders. had great talk with @joscheuer . Clip from final episode of my 5episodes journey around wonderful Greenland. Tonight at 20.45 on DR1 or DR.DK. @dr1tv @undp
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  • @iamlenaheadey I finally got our ‘fruity hand of Queen’ into Production. Should be on Amazon anytime now. 😘❤️N
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  • Just saw this photo by steffen m.olsen. North west of Greenland last thursday. Incredible.
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  • I’m proud to lend my voice to protect nature through the @LionsShareFund. Check out this @dwnews video to learn more about how our simple idea can have a huge impact on our planet.
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  • That was amazing. Thanks to @nunatakadventures for showing us this unique place just outside Tasiilaq in Greenland. And that was indeed the largest size helmet they had. If you are in DK then tonight at 20.45 or go to dr.dk - N
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  • The damage plastics are doing to our oceans is unbelievable. Just last month, scientists discovered a plastic bag on the floor of the deepest part of the ocean. And we’re seeing whales, dolphins and seagulls die with a stomach full of plastic.
    The ocean isn’t our garbage dump. We need it to live, to breathe, to survive. So do marine animals. Let’s cut out the plastic, recycle and reuse what we can, and do our part to keep the oceans clean.@undp #worldoceansday
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  • Had such a great trip to uummannaq in the north west of greenland. Tonight on @dr1tv aira the episode we shot there. Hvis du er i DK så se med kl 20.45
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  • Hey @willyouflipmeoff . That was enjoyable. Feel better now. Thank you @logansteppert Check out @willyouflipmeoff . Really cool collection
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  • My daugter @filippa_costerwaldau and my wife @nukakacosterwaldau just voted. Filippa for the first time. If you live in the EU. There’s still time. Make your voice be heard :-)
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  • @lukeauger thank you for a great game. You won yesteryears game but todays championship to end all championships best out of 3 you lost. 10-9 in in the third and decisive game. Fun times. And yes I love games as much today as when I was a boy. #sudburychampion #thesilencing #iamsurethemapleleafswillwinbefore2050
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  • This is @lukeauger . He is cool. From Sudbury. And he is trying to avoid playing fussball with me. Claims he is the undisputed fussball champ of Sudbury. Apprently there are no tables left in all of sudbury. So. Please. If you are in Sudbury and have access to a table. Contact Luke!
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  • THANK YOU !!!!! #gameofthrones #aryastarksequel #bestcastandcrew
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  • Thank you for watching #gameofthrones #seasonfinale
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  • Thanks GIO. @gio_journal
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    Stylist @justinlynnstyling
    Groomer #benthigpen
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  • The best, sweetest most wonderful sister from another mother @iamlenaheadey . That was a fun decade 😘
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