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  • Hey guys. I hope you are all staying safe and not climbing the walls just yet. I am on day 11. And have still to access my Spider-Man skills. We have to be serious about social distancing and help each other so that we all can get through this as soon as possible. #undp
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  • Til alle i Danmark. Er super stolt af denher film. Er i biografen nu. Jeg ved at det kan føles næsten ubærligt at konfronteres med den hændelse men det er det værd. @madsenoc har lavet en super film. #krudttøndenfilm. To my countrymen and women . I am immensely proud of this film. I know it might feel unbearable having to relive that moment in our recent history but I think it’s worth it .Ole Christian Madsen have made an incredible film. Go see it in cinemas now. N
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  • Today is World Wildlife Day. One million species are now facing extinction. The needs of wildlife conservation efforts are far greater than the currently available resources.
    That is why I am a supporter of @LionsShareFund
    The #LionsShare Fund is a simple mechanism which can make a profound difference in the financial resources available for saving #wildlife globally.
    Hosted by UNDP, The Lion’s Share enables brands to make a small contribution to save #wildlife each time they feature an image of an animal in their advertisements.
    Here is how you can join me in the fight to protect wildlife and nature:
    Follow @LionsShareFund;
    Tag 3 brands you would like to join the initiative in the comments on the @LionsShareFund page; and
    Share your support for @LionsShareFund through a post on your account.
    Animals need our help! If we act now, we can make a difference. #WorldWildlifeDay
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  • I have been used in ads against my will before but this is insane. To make a fake news story about my death is beyond disgusting. And although it’s great that the various websites that carried the story have taken it down they still ran it because it was paid for. Surely there must be some control into what you put up before you put it up. Anyway. I am fine. Have a great weekend. N
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  • QUIZ : Where am I ?
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  • Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays and Happy New year.
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  • See you in abq, New Mexico on Jan 18th. I’ll be there as a guest and I’ll also be doing a little bit of filming. If you are a GOT fan you can win this blue ray limited edition collection. Thanks for a great year. Happy holidays - N
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  • You know about the Oscars and the Grammys, but @glblctzn’s awards show takes it to the next level by celebrating the greatest activists around the globe. Watch #GCPrize2019 starting with the world premiere on NBC on Dec. 20. ⭕ 🇬🇧Dec. 21 at 7 p.m. GMT on @SkyOne glblctzn.me/GC-Prize-2019 #PowerTheMovement
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  • Was thrilled to meet the nominees for The Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award​ : Luisa Bonin ​of São Paulo, Brazil; ​Nashin Mahtani ​of Jakarta, Indonesia; ​Alain Nteff​ of Yaoundé, Cameroon; ​Priya Prakash ​of Gurugram, India; and ​Haroon Yasin o​f Islamabad, Pakistan. You are all winners showing how we all have potential to make a positive difference in the 🌎 thank you #globalcitizen @dolcegabbana
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  • Huge congratulations to @gwendolineuniverse on her nomination for a critics choice award for her immaculate portrayal of Brienne. You deserve it. And to win it.
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  • Thank you SAG for the best ensemble nomination. One final HOOOORRRAAAAAYYY
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  • If its on Twitter it must be true. And it is. So excited and grateful to be starting ill kippers with Joe Derrick and Jeff Chassen.
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  • Mental health is as important as physical health. Thank you @80summercamp for creating light from darkness. - N
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  • Today our second born @safinawaldau is 16. SIXTEEN. So happy and proud of the youngest member of our little family. Fun, sweet, smart, quirky and independent. TILLYKKE MED FØDSELSDAGEN SAFINA 🇬🇱🇩🇰❤️❤️🇩🇰🇬🇱
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  • Ready to sacrifice your beard and join the Mo’vement? @lorealmen is teaming up with @movember for 3rd year in row! They will have contributed 1.5M€ for Biomedical Research into prostate and testicular cancer by 2020. Sign up and donate at movember.com to help stop men from dying too young of largely preventable reasons. Men’s health is #worthit! #MovemberxLoreal
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  • 19 years ago today @filippa_costerwaldau arrived and life as we knew it changed completely. For the better. Tillykke med fødselsdagen smukke. @nukakacosterwaldau and me are as always bursting with pride. ❤️🥰❤️
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  • Thank you to @zurichfilmfestival for having us and huge thanks to a great audience and crowd that came to see us. And our film #suicidetourist . Looking forward to the q&a tomorrow morning. @snowglobefilm @brioni_official
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  • 🌎 the world is in our hands. @unitednations @UNDP & @unenvironment! Photo by @justinwu #ActNow #WorldIsInOurHands
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  • To invite strangers into your home is something we do rarely. I think we made up for it having invited @archdigest home. All because of the great @lonnie_castle and @binocularsandchair who helped me decorate my home. For all the work they did this seems like the least I could do. And it was fun. And forced me to clean up my mess. Check out the video and feature on architecturaldigest.com
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  • TODAY is the @unitednations #ClimateAction Summit. Climate change isn’t about the future – it’s about actions that each of us can take right now. Governments, businesses and people must all do their part.
    Today we have moved from inertia to momentum, cooperation and ambition. The world is moving. Many countries, regions, sectors and cities are moving.
    Now we need governments, businesses and people to get on board, so we can take a giant leap forward.
    Check out this powerful video that shows us what is at stake – and how we can seize the moment! @undp
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  • How to improve on perfection. Thanks to @_douglasjack and @nicolewalmsley #emmys2019
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  • Thanks @jimmykimmel .as always a good time in your company.
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  • Here’s a minute of our short 7 minute film we shot in the Peruvian Amazon last week. Copy paste this and watch the full video. https://vimeo.com/360902055?ref=em-share Thank you @undp #climateaction #unga
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  • Getting ready for the weekend
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  • I also love fishing and got to fish for our breakfast at the alto chivis community . The fisheries provide a sustainable great source of income that creates opportunities for a lot of families here in the middle of Amazonas. And. The food was delicious 😋remember to look out for our film on the 18th @imdb #globalgoals #climateaction
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  • I love chocolate. People have always lived in Amazonas. It’s only these past 50 years that we’ve lost our way a bit when it comes to the balance between what we take and what we give. I met these Cocoa farmers who have developed a way to grow their land without the need for deforestation, in a sustainable way. And the chocolate they produce is out of this world.. ps in the video I say chocolate beans. They are not beans, rather nuts or seeds @undp #appalar #yaneshaharuddin
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  • So much nuance is lost when a story goes viral. The Amazon on fire story is a great example. Deforestation is a massive problem. But ‘why’ is an important question to ask. And important to try and understand so we can act. Together with @undp I travelled to the Peruvian part of the Amazon to learn. We will share what we found out on Wednesday sept18th.
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  • The Amazonas has an incredible Bio and cultural diversity. You are surprised and astounded everywhere you look. Not least in Pozuzo. 😀. Been traveling around the Peruvian Amazon with @undp . We will debut a short film from this trip on sept 18th.
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  • Staying at an ‘eco lodge’ might to some sound a little frugal. But zip lining over the Amazon forest was nothing short of exhilarating and to spend 2 nights @ulcumano with Eduardo and Ingrid in Peru was amazing. Their dedication to conservation and their dedication to enjoying life was infectious. And a great example of an alternative way of using the Amazon in a sustainable way that creates jobs and betterment of lives. Thank you . @undp
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  • Directed by the great @jonasalexanderarnby and shot by brilliant @nielsthastum . Opens at @sitgesfestival and @zurichfilmfestival and then it’ll travel everywhere. @snowglobefilm
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  • On our way back from incredibly productive 2 weeks in Iceland and Greenland. Thanks to @hesalegend, Tuusi , Rvk studios and Peter Flinth
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