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  • I AM AQUAMAN because of Zack Snyder he is a legend in my eyes. He made a justice league T shirt. ALL THE GODS. to support suicide awareness and prevention. Honored to do my part to support my Ohana. I love u Zack and Debbie Link in bio. Aloha j
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  • BILLION DOLLAR UNDERDOG. from baywatch to making what once was the most disrespected superhero into a billion dollar movie. no one gets to the top without the people that love them. My success is from my fans. All my aloha to everyone that had a hand in making this movie. Mahalo Zack for choosing me and mahalo James for creating this beautiful world. #grateful #lovemyfans #billiondollarunderdog #borntoclimb #outofholes #aquaman2 #cheeeehuuuuuu #hhrajahh. Aloha j
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  • ON THE ROAM again I can’t wait to get @on_the_roam again. #mysquad #thepride #backtowork #ilovemyjob ohana unko Randy @realdealmada @maineikinimaka and lil baby 🐉 @i.am.aurelius more YouTube ON THE ROAM episodes coming soon. If you’ve been waiting. So have I. Tell @i.am.aurelius to hurry up 😂😂aloha j.
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  • First off. Happy birthday to the king love u Elvis. Secondly I love u @harleydavidson mahalo for the amazing tour. It was an honor to make the pilgrimage to the Mecca and third Milwaukee you are amazing. Wisconsin I’m so impressed. The future is exciting another check of my bucket list #findyourfreedom. #cheeseheads #happybirthdayking. #harleyforlife Aloha j
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  • My beautiful IOWA ohana. Love u so much so proud of my cousins. My nieces and nephews are amazing love u babies. Aloha unko aquaman Big mahalos to waveland cafe crew for always taking care of me I finally made it. I signed the wall cheeeehuuuuuuu. Aloha j
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  • Needed to come home to Iowa and give my grams some aloha Love u forever grandma 😍😍😍#Mabel #thematriarch #raisedbywomen #loveuma #hawaiianiowan. HAWAII backwards is IIAWAH. IOWA 😂Aloha j
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  • LINK IN BIO subscribe to our YouTube channel Hawaiian style humor love supporting or talented island so much potential keep it up everyone. @clownin808 @alex_farnham @i.am.aurelius @andrewstorer @newhawaii808 @hungryhungryhawaiian @ahi_assassins @kala_dacaptain @kalaleajuicehale @makuarothman @koarothman @dahuiofficial So many more. Big mahalos to Jeff stone and @fsoahu @hawaiian_asy @zippys And my pops. Aloha j
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  • Mahalo everyone for making #Aquaman the number one movie in the world. I love you guys. I’m so proud of this movie and everyone that worked on it CHEEEEEHUUUUUUUU 🤙🏽😜 Aloha j
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  • WARNING. NOT FOR KIDS Happy birthday @joeflaniganofficial Round 2. Blow on it. Love u jogee. #whatarefriendsfor #bignastyass @realdealmada u nasty. Aloha j
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  • MAHALO to everyone who has been supporting our YouTube channel This is the finale on our tour. #Aquaman is getting so much love from everyone I’m very thankful. Clink the link in bio @i.am.aurelius @on_the_roam I am very proud of you. Aloha j
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  • Happy new year everyone. Time to relax for a week. 😜🤙🏽. Aloha j
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  • Sorry pics never came through. @king_baby_studio @hoboshane @schaeffersgarmenthotel #aquaman #gear. Mad love to all the costume designers who embraced all these artists and my ideas for characters. Aloha j
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  • I’m a huge fan of hand crafted artists a lot of people have been asking who I used for JL and aquaman wardrobe. Aside from our amazing costume designers I bring in my friends as much as possible. @madeworn pretty much has a hand in everything I do from life to work love u Blaine. Any jeans from Road to Paloma to red road JL aquaman. Will always be @schaeffersgarmenthotel ask for robert he is the man. That is where I met the legendary @mrgunnerfoxx for JL and Aquaman I used The amazing Mitchell from @king_baby_studio to make knucklehead rings and bull rings also one of kind turquoise rings. Every boot I ever where is @wescoboots they have done it all for me every show check them out and celebrate 100 yrs @hoboshane helped put the coins on my wallet And lastly @carhartt for always making me feel like home And to my new generation of artists @leroyswoodentattoos @judicael_sacred_skulls @bookofalchemy @richardbaggettstudios @choppersupplyco @justinjamesknives @nichollknives @raven_customs and so many more Aloha j.
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  • @carhartt always taking care of #aquaman @trevmon27 stole the kids. Please send more @whereyabennett Aloha j
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  • Australia!! Hail and ice cold rainbow stew -CW. where Aquaman was made journey down under to thank our beautiful crew and stunts Subscribe to my YouTube channel link in bio. Aloha j
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  • Amazing memories with my OHANA so stoked to connect with @blessedmma @yancymedeiros super proud of these warriors. Have a beautiful holidays. Be safe and go watch #aquaman cheeehuuuuu. Aloha j
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  • My pops. Joe “da fish” Momoa. And my unko Gigi. Super proud to represent MOMOA. Kaeo Keaulana there so many more but these moments are very dear to me. Mahalo Hawaii nei for welcoming me home Aloha j
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  • Amazing moment for me to capture these legends together Braddah mel. My pops joe da fish Momoa the legend Buffalo Keaulana unko Titus Kinimaka and my cuz Brian Keaulana @kellyslater @makuarothman @hawaiian_asy @brandon_martin808 @nolanmartin @kala_dacaptain @yancymedeiros @maineikinimaka @maluhiakinimaka @haakeaulana Aunty momi it’s an honor to even be in these pictures. Decompressing in makaha with OHANA is the greatest gift after being on this aquaman tour. it’s been a life changing experience So stoked for everyone to see the movie. I hope u enjoy Mahalo @timmybe for making my board so I can share with my ohana. They will be coming soon @thesurfboardwarehouse new Atlantis boards. Da Mano. And ohana boards Aloha j.
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  • Go watch My heart. Ohana Polynesia United YouTube channel subscribe now Many people see our islands in the pacific as isolated rocks separated by a vast and lonely ocean. But we Polynesians have always known the ocean doesn’t separate us, it connects us, as it does every land mass in the world. I am proud to be Aquaman and be here amongst so many people who live to honor the land and sea. I Fucking love you. Cheeeehuuuuuuuu. #aquaman That’s a wrap. Go watch em Aloha j
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  • This is what it’s all about nothing like being back home on the Westside Oahu nanakuli boys and girls club got to surprise them with tickets to come and watch their unko Akuman on the big screen tonight #cheehuuuu #aquaman aloha j
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  • One of my hero’s. Unko buff love u. Had to bless my new board at makaha wit da ohana before our big premiere on Oahu. It’s gonna be an epic night Mahalo @timmybe @thesurfboardwarehouse for making my Atlantis SUP Can’t wait to see all my ohana tonight. Cheeeehuuuuu #aquaman. Aloha j
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  • It’s finally here happy holidays I hope u love it. I’m very thankful and proud. #Cheeeeehuuuuuu #aquaman aloha j
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  • One of the greatest moments of my life. ❤️❤️Subscribe To My YouTube channel link in bio. #cheeeeehuuuuuu #aquaman Aloha j
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  • Honored and proud to be back on the Gold Coast incredible artwork by @art_by_ezra @mattybro_art to honor Aquaman and my Polynesian heritage Me and @timmybe making eco friendly paddle boards #atlantispaddleboards #CHEEEEHUUUUU #UniteToMoveForward #pupukahiiholomua Aloha j
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  • Happy 40th mendoza’s @captainriff @mendoza_jw Love you mad crazy aloha j
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  • So thankful for my OHANA I got to come home and screen aquaman for my friends and fam so stoked to see the kids love it. Also I swear on my life. I have seen it twice now and it was better the second time. BOOM. James wan u did it @creepypuppet everyone loved it. Happy holidays. Ps I Fucking geeked out because GNR @officialduffmckagan @susanholmesmckagan @tadao310 @themelissareese @thefrankferrer showed up and @deathwishskateboards @erikellington @bigbizliz And @rob_machado my hero’s. Love u Roo @mackdewolfe Aloha j. Big mahalos WB and mama Nutley for hooking it u
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  • 3 videos on YouTube @i.am.aurelius is killing the game. Proud of you Mahalo for subscribing to our video journals Love sharing the journey. Aloha j
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  • Greatest week ever. Behind the scenes of @nbcsnl link in bio. Subscribe for more shenanigans. YouTube channel aloha j
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  • YouTube HAKA. Link in bio. Aloha j
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  • NETFLIX @captainriff @prideofgypsies @jfierson @peytonology @on_the_roam new project soooooo stoked Also we are dropping NEW YouTube episodes. SNL MANILA and HAKA. Go subscribe aloha j
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