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  • i’m so stoked to be filming with all these badasses this winter. thank god i was raised in iowa. so i can handle the cold. #prairiestrong can’t wait to show u what we make. the legends the myths, when @on_the_roam unites with... “The Frozen Few” @thefrozenfewofficial Aloha J.

    Produced by
    @t.r.o.g._official & @yeoleghost
    DIRECTOR, DP @odeumfilms.tv
    1st AD- @therobertthomasproject
    EDITOR - @chrissyrabe
    VFX-GRADE - @pistolstudios
    MIX-  @decibelny
    RACE GEAR- @sushi_thefreewheeler @freewheelers_and_company
    #trog  #Thefrozenfew  #thecrazyeights
    #oilerscarandmotorcycleclub #deathriders @harleydavidson @hdmuseum
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  • so thankful close call in topanga. super scoopers save the day. mahalo nui loa LA city and county fire fighters @losangelesfiredepartment. we love you. aloha j
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  • Watch this Now!
    Maybe the greatest cinematography and editing done by @da_bray check out bass sessions with @jakegerba and the great Jason Momoa #beepboop #beardenvy #covergirl #harleytwins #TwoPinkPaisleysLookGood #fleaFans
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  • i had an absolute ball on the kelly clarkson show with @realalfrewoodward mahalo for having me @kellyclarkson what an amazing experience talking about the preservation of earth’s oceans i’ve been working very hard to bring the world a new option mananalu water is infinitely recyclable and sustainably sourced single use plastics need to stop now aloha aquaman 🤙🏾 @4ocean #mananaluwater #breakawayfromplastic
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  • working for and with my best friends very thankful. mahalo @jfierson @captainriff @paakai97 JEN STEVE my whole stunt team JV @kim_fardy @ryantarran @jermskillz @tadao310 @mendoza_jw @netflix @isabelamerced @adriaarjona @manu_rulfo RAMA. ALOHA J
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  • day 1 sweet girl. this has been along road. and today is the day my best friend my hermano. my best. we did it hermano making art our way with a dream team. so proud of u RIFF @captainriff my day on the with @50el_nick @yeoleghost van @stockezy @_ohhhsnap. mahalo @jfierson @netflix @paakai97 and da pride n roam #442. aloha j
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  • STEELERS NATION @steelers is blowing my mind i’m in love with pittsburgh what a town mahalo to all the amazing people who make it feel like home. aloha j
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  • ON THE ROAM x @harleydavidson the journey comes to an end in the salt flats of utah it’s been a dream come true to direct this series with my friends and family i’m blessed to have the opportunity to share my world with you i love the road it shaped me into who i am today never stop roaming aloha j BIG MAHALOS to @harleydavidson @love_cycles @i.am.aurelius @captainriff @da_bray @jasonericlaciste @betterinthewind @jenlowney @ktruethat @calilla @maineikinimaka @wretched_hive @pangeaspeed @xventuretrailers @monamabel @dormanmd @s_p_o_n_g_e shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa music by one of my favorite bands in the world THE DEAD WEATHER “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” by #TheDeadWeather from the album #DodgeAndBurn





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  • swipe to see Adventure 3 of 4. love seeing all the couples out there riding wether it’s together or side by side it’s a beautiful way to share the world on a @harleydavidson for me nothing cracks my heart wide open like getting on the road with my wife i love the feeling of my queen holding me tight from the back this one is for the lovers FREE TO ROAM. BIG MAHALOS to @harleydavidson @captainriff @love_cycles @i.am.aurelius @da_bray @jasonericlaciste @betterinthewind @jenlowney @ktruethat @calilla @maineikinimaka @xventuretrailers @monamabel @dormanmd @s_p_o_n_g_e shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa music by @colterwall song is SLEEPING ON THE BLACKTOP from the album IMAGINARY APPALACHIA amazing album. all of them really aloha j
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  • SEE episode 4 out now on @appletvplus @seeofficial who’s dumb idea was it to get off the boat in january in canada? MINE. dumbass. i hope you like it. the only reason me and @kim_fardy are alive is because of @billabong @sticksanddirt mahalos for the wetsuits homies aloha j
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  • #releasethesyndercut 😜😜aloha j
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  • ON THE ROAM x @harleydavidson brought my cousin mainei out to the prairies to experience raw beauty that breathed life into me at the same age i learned to climb in south dakota one of my favourite places in the world mother nature blessed us with her power our hardest day of shooting but i love the dirt and sharing my experience with you rain or shine get out there and ride on a HARLEY-DAVIDSON. big mahalos to @harleydavidson @love_cycles @i.am.aurelius @captainriff @da_bray @jasonericlaciste @betterinthewind @jenlowney @ktruethat @calilla @maineikinimaka @xventuretrailers @monamabel @dormanmd @s_p_o_n_g_e shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa music @mikehayesband one of the greatest guitarists and one of my oldest friends. track is I AM ARIES off his album BEST ALWAYS on iTunes please listen watch and follow this bad motherfucker
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  • Adventure 1 of 4 ON THE ROAM x @harleydavidson what a dream come true being able to take my friends and babies on an amazing adventure around America I love this country and I love seeing and feeling America on a HARLEY-DAVIDSON there is nothing better back road, off road, lone highway, FREE TO ROAM. BIG MAHALOS to my favourite @colterwall amazing music check him out. @harleydavidson @love_cycles @i.am.aurelius @captainriff @da_bray @jasonericlaciste @charliebrumblyproductionscom @betterinthewind @jenlowney @ktruethat @calilla @maineikinimaka @xventuretrailers @monamabel @dormanmd @s_p_o_n_g_e shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa. Aloha j song. Devil wears a suit and tie. @colterwall
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  • As @on_the_roam ventured across America @xventuretrailers made sure we had a home no matter where we where while shooting for @harleydavidson . I wanted my my cousin @mainekinimaka to experience this journey with us and take photos and see America like I once did when I was her age. The vastness of the land the beauty of the environment and the cultures. This is a story about her experience and amazing moments she shared with us as we set out to create our art. We are beyond greatful to the @harleydavidson & @xventuretrailers family for building us this trailer and providing us which our home away from home! Shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa @on_the_roam @maineikinimaka @i.am.aurelius @da_bray Aloha J -
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  • Behind the scenes shenanigans love this crew and cast excited for season 2. Scared. But excited. @seeofficial @appletv Aloha j
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  • Mahalo @katbenzova_rockphoto for capturing these wonderful moments your amazing mama. Mind still blown Aloha da MOMOAZ
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  • @harleydavidson x @on_the_roam behind the scenes our stories coming soon aloha j

    #Repost @da_bray
    ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴏᴀᴍ - @harleydavidson | sʜᴏᴛ ᴏɴ @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine
    I feel beyond blessed to be involved in this project & surrounded by amazing individuals. 21 days 3000 + miles across America was a mind blowing experience and somthing I will never forget. This last year for me had tons of life changing events in my personal life, One major one was when @prideofgypsies ask me to come along for the ride and shoot with @on_the_roam and @harleydavidson I feel like he has given me a once in a life time opportunity to create art and learn film making from a different perspective I will forever be greatful for everything @prideofgypsies has done for me and has Continuingly done for me. Shooting with @i.am.aurelius and learning from him and his style has been an experience in itself. During this shoot I have made so many friends for life. I love you all ! @prideofgypsies @jasonericlaciste @captainriff @maineikinimaka @love_cycles @love_cycles @betterinthewind @dormanmd @calilla #Shotonred @leicacamerausa #reddigitalcinema #harleydavidson #ontheroam
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  • @harleydavidson x @on_the_roam behind the scenes with my tribe can’t wait to share our adventure with you aloha j

    #Repost @i.am.aurelius
    ON THE ROAM x @harleydavidson COMING SOON! shot on @reddigitalcinema x @leitzcine | As a kid who grew up on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this job was an honor and a mind blowing experience! America is something so beautiful and special! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see such beautiful landscapes and untouched beauty in nature. We drove 3500 miles for 21 days and every single second was something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Even better I got to share this moment with my best friends @on_the_roam @prideofgypsies @jasonericlaciste @captainriff @da_bray @love_cycles @maineikinimaka @calilla @xventuretrailers - everyone did such an amazing job and worked there hearts out! This world is such a beautiful place and being on this trip aloud me to capture things not manny people see in a life time and for that I have @prideofgypsies @harleydavidson to thank! I can’t wait to share these commercials with the world! Let’s clean up our world and take care of it so this untouched beautiful can remain beautiful!!! ALOHA
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  • coming soon @harleydavidson x @on_the_roam can’t wait for you to meet my team aloha j
    #Repost @maineikinimaka
    This summer I got a call from @prideofgypsies and he told me that the pride was going to work on a once in a lifetime project, riding and shooting @harleydavidson’s for two weeks across the American west. He asked if I wanted to come along for the ride to take some photos and it sounded like a dream. They put a @leicacamerausa @leica_camera M10P in my hand and told me to capture everything that caught my eye. Being an island baby, this journey put me the furthest away from the ocean I had ever been, and I never imagined myself going to any of the places we were setting out to see. We worked our way from California all the way to South Dakota and back. We spent hours and hours on the road and in the dirt, and camped every single night together like the crazy traveling ‘ohana we are. This experience opened my eyes to the beauty of America and it’s inspired me to keep seeking the open road. Seeing america from a Harley has got to be the only way to do it. Thank you so much @harleydavidson @prideofgypsies @jasonericlaciste @i.am.aurelius @da_bray @calilla @love_cycles here are a few moments from the first two days of our trip camping in monument valley, I’ll be sharing more of my favorites soon!! #leicam10p
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  • I love my job. Mahalo @appletvplus @seeofficial love my crew and cast so many people gave their heart and soul to this project. And to my team who brought Baba to life. You know who u are my deepest respect to you and your craft. Love u see u on season two congratulations aloha j. 🤘🏾🤘🏾hog splitter watermelon chop and hair pick pull from man bun kill. Check that off the list 🤘🏾😜
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  • ON THE ROAM behind the scenes with @harleydavidson so proud of my tribe @love_cycles @i.am.aurelius @captainriff @charliebrumblyproductionscom @da_bray @jasonericlaciste @betterinthewind @jenlowney @ktruethat @calilla @maineikinimaka @xventuretrailers @monamabel @dormanmd @s_p_o_n_g_e @yamahamotorusa for your side by sides shot on @reddigitalcinema with @leitzcine @leicacamerausa. Aloha j
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  • Welcome to the OHANA @xventuretrailers I will forever use you to travel this beautiful world with It’s a place my babies will grow up in. Many celebrations with friends and ohana. A lifetime of making art on the road in nature with my pride. Making my dreams come true If your at SEMA in Vegas check out my trailer this Tuesday. All new video on YouTube shot on @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine @leicacamerausa made by @iamaurelius. All my aloha j
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  • Just hanging with legends. So thankful to take a break for a week with my babies go see GNR make art with my pride give presents to your idols give hugs to my ohana @bigkemdizel @tadao310 @officialduffmckagan @slash stoked to give u my rings that are dear to me. From my talented friends. @leroyswoodentattoos @ossua_et_acroamata Tonight was a fairytale I’m spinning with joy Ps I finally met AXL. Badass mofo love to @thefrankferrer @themelissareese love you both. Aloha j
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  • WTF. Dad dream come true. Love u @gunsnroses @slash @officialduffmckagan @official_axlrose @thefrankferrer @themelissareese aloha j
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  • MOMOAZ and McKAGANZ @susanholmesmckagan @officialduffmckagan hanging back stage at GNR the press tour is over time to rock. Sugar spikes with our love @themelissareese can’t wait for the show stay tuned. Aloha j
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  • Watch @seeofficial now on @appletvplus Let me know what u think. I’m so proud of all the talented artist that made this show come to life. It’s an absolute honour to be Baba Voss. Aloha j
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  • ON THE ROAM. We spent over two weeks living on the road in the dirt in the wind and we owe a lot of love and respect to these beautiful trailers @xventuretrailers they carried our bikes our side by side so we could film and be safe. Our camera gear our food everything and at the same time kept us outside mad crazy love to my tribe for making this project come true. So much to share Mahalo nui @xventuretrailers @harleydavidson @reddigitalcinema @leicacamerausa @leitzcine @yamahamotorusa for your epic side by side. Aloha j
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  • @on_the_roam I love my pride This summer I got to finally shoot Harley content @harleydavidson it was such an honor after we did WHERE THE WILD STOMPED IN. Harley was stoked for us to go shoot. I brought my whole ohana. Hawaiians who have never seen the prairies. Californians who have never seen the dakotas. I have never been to the Tetons so it was an dream to be there with my babies. So many amazing memories I’m gonna share a lot of shots. And we will release our journeys next week. All my aloha. And mahalo nui for all the support from my friends and fans this is a dream to be able to shoot for this company. Love u @harleydavidson Big mahalos @love_cycles @i.am.aurelius @captainriff @da_bray @jasonericlaciste @betterinthewind @jenlowney @ktruethat @calilla @maineikinimaka @xventuretrailers @wretched_hive @pangeaspeed @monamabel @dormanmd @s_p_o_n_g_e papa armenta @yamahamotorusa for your side by sides jonas angus Paloma Lola and wolf Always Shot on @reddigitalcinema and the world’s greatest glass @leitzcine @leicacamerausa aloha j
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  • So much rad news. @soill We are ahead of schedule everyone. Really excited to be shipping the first delivery of dirty pink and black 25L dirt bags next week - a month and a half ahead of schedule.  We’ve worked long and hard on these and can’t wait to share them with you.

    Other ship dates -
    45L Dirt Bag ships Dec. 1
    2nd batch of 25L Dirt Bags ship Feb. 15
    Wino Shoes are on schedule.
    Some preorders are still available. -go to ontheroam.soillholds.com. Aloha j
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  • The things we do for our ART. SEE. Is out. Please watch on Apple TV+. The bear needs to know your scent. So here’s my cookie kisses big guy. Love you tag. Aloha Baba Voss
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  • What a week What a day. What a tour. That’s a wrap on our Apple TV+ press tour for SEE back to normal. Whatever that is. Beautiful time with james corden. We have a great show next week too. He is hilarious love ya bud. Happy Halloween everyone smashing pumpkins with knuckles mahalo @upbeatvintage @terryshanks @theadamharper we tried to make it all happen. Mahalo @jeanneyangstyle for always taking care of me and making it look good. @therow with @birkenstock and knuckle dusters. That’s a first Big mahalos Ashley and mama Nutley
    @latelateshow @j_corden #LateLateShow
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