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  • New episode on YouTube Over 1 year ago my buddy @timmybe from @thesurfboardwarehouse and I started work on my new Atlantis Mano SUP project. We surfed them with my Ohana in Hawaii at my home break Makaha Inspired by legends lots of more cool designs and shapes to come.
    Now I get to launch them to the world
    Featuring Eco-Tech Paulownia timber wrap construction and a new outline... these boards go as good as they look!
    @landon_mcnamara music
    Online Store - type in the surfboard Warehouse and my name. Cheeeehuuuuuu

    #theoceanawaits. Aloha j
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  • All my aloha is going out to the people of New Zealand as they cope with the horrible tragedy in Christchurch. This video made me so proud to see my Polynesian ‘Ōhana standing up and staring hate in the eyes with nothing but fearlessness and pure Aroha.
    I’m on the side of love, and I give my deepest condolences to all who are affected by this great loss. Kia Kaha NZ.
    #alohaisallthatmatters. Aloha j
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  • To all my fans and ohana a year ago my dear friend TOBIAS passed His tribe is making T-shirt’s of tobias’s art so the proceeds can go to make his “black-book” filled with poetry wisdom love and art Go to tobiascrabtree.com and click shop for shirts. It takes 7-10 days and it’s yours it’s all for a great cause to celebrate the human spirit. He is one of my biggest inspirations mahalo for reading this. Have a pint for tobe🍀. Aloha j
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  • Check out LEICA portrait. link in bio I’ve know @mikehayesband for over a decade.  He is one of the most gifted people I know.  What he is able to do on a guitar is nothing short of mind-blowing.  My friends at @leicacamera @kiran.karnani did a portrait piece on him that was directed by brother and fellow gypsy @jasonericlaciste and shot and edited by @i.am.aurelius .  I’m so stoked to share this video with you and to see my friends, my tribe making beautiful art.  I’m so proud Big mahalos to @reddigitalcinema @leicacamerausa @leitzcine @captainriff @dennydenn @paakai97 @stockezy @on_the_roam @boweryhotel Aloha j
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  • Subscribe NOW New YouTube episode. Link in bio so proud of @chaivasarhelyi @jimmychin @alexhonnold Doing what we love CLIMBING mahalo @senderone for making the greatest playground. @iannoemusic @captainriff @i.am.aurelius Aloha j
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  • @worldrugby @worldrugby7s my first 7s tournament. So thankful to meet the @allblacks7s and go on the field. Win or lose. I bleed all black. @allblacks Mahalo @glennennis love u bro Aloha j
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  • The perfect match of talent craftsmanship and our tools. We all teach each other. Capturing these sacred moments. Rebuilding the past. Inspiring the future. Mahalos to Jermiah @love_cycles for teaching me. @captainriff @i.am.aurelius for your eyes Mama armenta for the beautiful meal. @monamabel and Baby armenta’s for making it home @reddigitalcinema for our weapon of choice. @leitzcine for life and @harleydavidson for bringing it all together I love my bikes. In the wind. Where about unknown #freedommachine Aloha j
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  • So the world knows we are safe and happy The plane failed 😜not to self dirtbags and savages shouldn’t ride private planes. but the Harley runs perfect. Building my dream bike with @love_cycles 37 knuckle @harleydavidson Always wanted to build my own. It’s a slow process but my lil brother is patient. Mahalo Jermiah Always wanted to learn and teach with my babies. Aloha j.
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  • TCB⚡️it’s not the @reddigitalcinema or the @leitzcine or even the private plane to get our asses there quick. It’s my lucky aloha shirt let’s you know. it’s fucking business time ALOHA style. Cheeeehuuuuu. So stoked to be shooting with my brothers. Mahalo to everyone supporting or next journey. @on_the_roam Secrets 🤫🤫 mahalo laura and @kiran.karnani for rushing out our lenses. You did it can’t. So thankful. Aloha j
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  • So stoked for my friend @jamin_jannard i saw Wonder Woman on his phone in 3D and it blew my mind. Then he told me he was going to get to release Aquaman in 3D without glasses on @redhydrogen First 1,000 to purchase #redhydrogenone on www.h4v.com. Get AQUAMAN for free. Mahalo jamin for supporting WB and DC aloha j.
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  • LEGEND good times with the cuzzy bro @taikawaititi Can’t wait to make art with you. So much respect. Aloha j
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  • I’ve been wearing @wescoboots or @birkenstock for almost every character I play, they are my go to when it comes to boots there my lifers I wanted to share this because now that AQUAMAN 2 has a release date 🤙🏽😜I will be breaking in these bad boys for the new movie. If u want to get a pair there’s a limited amount that released today. Lil fun fact Wesco has been making boots since 1918, as we celebrate this 100year+milestone, we have recreated a limited edition release of our Jobmaster boot. These Limited Editions known as the “38’s” are available in two options- Lace to Toe and Regular Toe. These Nail Constructed boots are based off the original build from 1938 (when we introduced this model).they are only available to preorder from March 1st-March 17th. You can order them on our website or direct through chris@wescoboots.com cheeehuuuuuu. Aloha j
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  • Excited to start a new project and film. Shooting movies on the @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine and photos on @leicacamerausa #LeicaSummicronM. #M10. living on set I have learned from so many wonderful artists I want to thank Zack Synder @cruelfilms and @wfmft for starting my Leica obsession than @nicholasdominictalvola for always informing me and inspiring and @dennydenn @candytman for setting the bar. @lennykravitz always killing it. @johnson167 best gear. @kiran.karnani for making my dreams come true. Can’t wait to show everyone It’s gonna be a great couple years filled with art #theduneadventures. #pastandpresent #theroots #leicalover. Aloha j
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  • @senderone Sending jimmy and Oscar home. I am so fucking proud of @freesolofilm as the dust settles from this crazy weekend. I am so thankful to see my friend off @jimmychin Both of us Midwest boys. Dreams of travelling and climbing around the world. I got into this industry because of climbing. I’m so proud to be a climber. I love to pass it on to my babies and the youth. It keeps me grounded. It is my roots. So proud of you @chaivasarhelyi @jimmychin @alexhonnold you are delightful 🤣@natgeo and everyone who made this film. All my aloha j.
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  • I felt like a KING last night. Because of you my love. So honoured to attend and present at the Oscars. To meet so many talented artist congratulations to every nominee all these amazing films @helenmirren i love you such a honour to stay by your side Also love to send my deepest aloha to @karllagerfeld RIP @silviaventurinifendi @jeanneyangstyle for taking my pink velvet scrunchie and turning it into a suit. Unko KARL your a legend. Mahalo for my first suit And to all my insta homies who always make me the coolest jewelry. Love my rings @bookofalchemy @intothefirejewelry @judicael_sacred_skulls @richardbaggettstudios @leroyswoodentattoos @king_baby_studio @hoboshane @red_rabbit_ia and so many more. Cheeeeeeefuknhuuuuuuuuuu #hhrajahhh. #pinkonpink. Aloha j
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  • New YouTube episode. Link in bio Our first Oscars. Mahalo to @jeanneyangstyle @silviaventurinifendi @karllagerfeld @fendi @i.am.aurelius u killed it bud. Aloha j.
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  • Its just started. I’m going wild tonight cheeeehuuuuuuuuuuu. #freesolo. I’m coming for u @jimmychin aloha j
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  • So proud of you @emilia_clarke I love u with all my heart Aloha Drogo
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  • What an honour to see those words FREE SOLO. I’m so proud of @alexhonnold @chaivasarhelyi @jimmychin so stoked to announce that. The climbing community is truly proud an amazing film. Congrats ohana. Aloha j
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  • Me and my QUEENS
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  • Mom. I met BABS. 😍😍😜😜😜 love u ma
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  • I love u wifey. #Pinkonpink. #lookgood
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  • OSCARS. Cheeehuuuuuu aloha j. Helen love u
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  • Me and best friend @captainriff Having some downtime. We don’t have enough brother. Life is so packed with things to do. I treasure these rare moments Also I’m probably contractually not supposed to snowboard or do half the shit I do. So I’m super thankful that @kim_fardy came to sundance to double me on this mountain so it looks like I’m really shredding the gnar. When in actuality I was in the bar being a safe responsible savage 😜 mahalo @youtube for your trust and support in us @i.am.aurelius had a blast. and my @earthroamer crew I love u Annie and ty. Mahalo nui loa for coming out to hang with us. Aloha j #hhhhrajahhhh
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  • Re United @martinhendersonofficial one of the greatest experiences of my life was working with this guy on The Red Road. Loved that show. love atlanta. That cast and crew was epic. Aloha j
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  • Currently broken down getting a tow rescued by friends and AAA. I want to say how unbelievably thankful I am to be getting to work on DUNE with the legend director Denis Villeneuve it blows me away that I get to bring Duncan Idaho to life. I am so excited to be working with this all star cast so much talent. Fucking @joshbrolin and javier. WTF I’m so stoked. Anywho. I am also thankful on this beautiful rainy day my dear friend @jamin_jannard blessed @on_the_roam with the monstro 8k @reddigitalcinema so now everything we are shooting its RED and @leicacinema for our channel. What’s to come. 2 movies 1 show 3 commercials. BTS YouTube channel can’t wait to show you all our projects. So much aloha Need a new car it’s time. Maybe not. I like the old shit. Maybe just fix it. Humbled Aloha j
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  • @captainriff sent me goodies. Little preview of my day with @iannoemusic The Cave sessions On the ledge. In the wind by the fire @on_the_roam Cant wait to start piecing it together @i.am.aurelius get ready Mahalo to all my friends for supporting me and jamin from @reddigitalcinema I love this camera. Aloha j
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  • I love shooting with my friends. @on_the_roam Making art for @iannoemusic @youngmaryrecords out in Joshua tree 2 @reddigitalcinema Gemini’s. vintage anamorphic lenses. Cheeehuuuuu Testing for my next movie Starting this fall. Can’t wait to direct again All my aloha @captainriff @poem_tv @martin.kistler @caldercrisis johnny and E. aloha j
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  • New YouTube episode. Link in bio one of the most inspiring people in my life. MARK TWIGHT Is launching his new book REFUGE please check it out it’s amazing. Go to @_nonprophet_ to order or go to @wfmft Love u bro. So proud of you Aloha j
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  • What a beautiful night @httydragon mahalo @universalpictures for making me the proudest unko Movies with babies and friends. Aloha j
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  • New YouTube episode link in bio. Truly honoured to capture this night with so many amazing artists. @colterwall @vincentneilemerson @iannoemusic @youngmaryrecords and so many more. Great work @i.am.aurelius Aloha j
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