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  • please stay in stay safe my friends and ohana Lost a lot this week. lots of loves. many prayers go out tonight we tried to make the best of it and spend quality time together playing and sharing. Don’t have the words for how I feel right now but just wanted to say Mahalo to Bill withers and John Prine you inspired me so much @colterwall i needed this so i’m sharing it with those i love enjoy. aloha j
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  • LOLA’s MANANALU CHALLENGE quarantine training. i want to be my kids when i grow up. 😍😍😍😜😜😜aloha j
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  • #Thankful 🙌 All my aloha, J @vancityreynolds
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  • Watch the whole video! We need a date for planning purposes. We all need to get back to work- This does not need to be the date that Bahram is suggesting. He is simply using that as an example. We need our Government to commit to turning all Financial obligations off during this time and to commit to supporting the American People and all of the Businesses. Stay safe all my Aloha J
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  • something positive and fun to watch. NOW @reelrock brings the soul of climbing with awesome new films every year. there is 14 now u got two weeks worth of adventures. i grew up watching @joshlowell @brettlowell climbing videos. proud of u guys. enjoy. please stay home stay safe. #ReelRock14 now available for download at ReelRockTour.com. link in my bio. aloha j.
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  • ‪Quarantined Italians Singing Sabbath‬ 🤘🏽 stay positive 🤘🏽@blacksabbath
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  • proud of this union it’s been on long day coming for me and super proud of @whereyabennett and @carhartt @guinness for putting this little piece together obviously it all happened before the current situation but even though the parades and parties are rightfully on hold - what will never sit still is the spirit of spirit of St. Patrick’s day. So raise a glass to the plumbers who throw the Chicago Parade and raise another one to anyone out there hard at work keeping our worlds safe and sound. From your friends at Guinness and Carhartt and the MOMOA ohana @whereyabennett @tab_tabitha_ @rathausfilms
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day Aloha J
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  • Stay safe and celebrate with your loved ones Mahalo,
    St. Patrick’s Day feels different this year. But @GuinnessUS has been around for 260 years and knows that we’re pretty tough when we stick together. However you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, stay safe and be good to one another. Guinness is committing $500,000 through the Guinness Gives Back Fund to help communities where we live, work and celebrate. #Guinness #StPatricksDay. ALOHA J
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  • HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY. to all the goddesses in my life. #thepirates congratulations @toshireagon i’m so thankful to be at your show last night 😍😍😍😍love u @therealkateshela @iamcreesummer @raquelallegra @zoeisabellakravitz @marisatomei @tiffanypersons tashawn @jessica__monty @ariannephillips aloha j
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  • breakfast with my lil brother @love_cycles @harleydavidson @lordsofgastown @wescoboots @carhartt happy saturday everyone aloha j
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  • @santiparro is one of the greatest humans i’ve ever met mad love to you and your ohana bro and Congratulations on your latest release Shadow Dancer. Give him a follow and listen to all of his music on @spotify Every time I come home my wife is playing one of his records. Go listen and buy all his vinyl!!! 😜 @jametatone pulled through again on production and @miiikecullen killed it on the animation in the vid. Plus I gave @santiparro that pink shirt he’s wearing. pink on pink look good!!!
    aloha j. LINK IN BIO
    #santiparro #shadowdancer #blacksabbathbrothers
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  • just got home from an epic day and received this from my absolute favorite bass player LES CLAYPOOL his personal bass. i’m so thankful and fucking stoked 1 because we are friends and i love your ohana and 2 i grew up to primus and RHCP. i love the bass and i’m so honoured to be able to play yours. pachyderm bass designed by les @claypoolcellars @primusville you can’t even dream this day. all my aloha. cheeeeeehuuuuuuuuu. j
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  • ICON. legend MEL you made my childhood amazing MAD MAX MARTIN RIGGS WILLIAM WALLACE in my opinion even a greater director. thank you sir for APOCALYPTO and yes anything you need from me IM FUCKING IN MEL. good to see u as always peter you always light me up love u bro #intheworks #weartheflannelpete #gotthememo #punchmeimdreaming #lethalweaponchildhood #imafan. mahalo cale and mary aloha j
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  • There are only 72 Southern Resident killer whales. They are starving to death, dying as the four lower snake river dams cut off salmon runs, killing off their food source.
    People are marching from Portland to Ice Harbor Dams, a 236-mile march to put global pressure on @usacehq @bonnevillepower and @govinslee who are illegally violating the Endangered Species Act by ignoring the best action to save the orca and salmon, driving them from extinction.

    We need everyone to join or we’re going to lose the orcas. Go walk with them, for however long you can, we need thousands of people marching. If you can’t come march with them, go to the protest held on March 22nd in Paris and London, or organize one in your city. We need the entire world asking for change.

    We can still change this situation, but we need to take action NOW! Visit marchforthedams.com to learn more, or join the Facebook event We Are The Orca: March 4 The Dams.

    #wearetheorca #march4thedams @coextinctionfilm @little.gypsea @pnwprotectors Aloha J
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  • Please share this beautiful video with your followers as it shows how ANYONE can help make our planet better! 20 years ago, Jia Haixia lost his eyesight while his best friend, Jia Wenqi, lost his arms as a child. Together, the two have planted over 10,000 trees around their village and have become inseparable. This is their story. Share this video with your followers and tag people, celebrities and influencers who need to see it as no matter our circumstances in life, we must work together to make this a better planet for everyone! Inspiring video by @greatbigstory #savetheplanet #plantingtrees #teamwork #karmagawa. Aloha J
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  • i love handmade everything i support the lost trades so thankful. my friend @ossua_et_acroamata made me 4 rings hand carved in deer antler 2 skulls 1 lion and skull @slash check him out. mahalo @garyholt_official for turning me on to this amazing artist. all my aloha j
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  • Life is such a trip a close friend of mine called me and told me that @sharonosbourne & @ozzyosbourne wanted me to be in there music video, I freaked out they even knew who I was. I was honored I told them Fuck yes! Check out this BTS we made, Wishing you the best heath Ozzy. Check out the new album link in story Aloha j ,My team @da_bray @michaelground @izzy.camilleri @juliann_wilding steve & Shelly @jensy_stanfield @intothefirejewelry @bookofalchemy @leroyswoodentattoos @judicael_sacred_skulls #ozzyosbourne #ordinaryman
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  • RASCALS. missing the crazies @thefrozenfewofficial @yeoleghost @knucklebuster1939 photo by @sumnerdilworth #iam88 #melmademedoit aloha j
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  • I am so honoured to be apart of anything ozzy does. mahalo for the opportunity @sharonosbourne and @ozzyosbourne love u for life, mahalo for everything you do. Thank you @intothefirejewelry @leroyswoodentattoos @bookofalchemy @judicael_sacred_skulls And to my whole team @michaelground @jensy_stanfield @izzy.camilleri @juliann_wilding @da_bray , Steve & Shelly Aloha J #ozzy #scarylittlegreenmen
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  • @soill we are shipping as fast as we can. First round of Winos delivered.
    Second round of Winos being made now. First round of Dirtbags delivered.
    Second round of Dirtbags delivered.
    If you missed out, REI has stock now! mahalo for the love and support. @rei aloha j
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  • i am so thankful and stoked The So iLL x On The Roam Climbing Collection, by ME is available online @rei http://bit.ly/reiotrsicollection and in 21 REI stores nationwide.

    Paradise Valley, AZ
    Berkeley, CA
    Sacramento, CA
    San Diego, CA
    Santa Monica, CA
    Tustin, CA
    Boulder, CO
    Denver, CO
    Greenwood Village, CO
    Washington, D.C.
    Atlanta, GA
    Oakbrook, IL
    Roseville, MN
    St. Louis, MO
    Pineville, NC
    Portland, OR
    Conshohocken, PA
    Dallas, TX
    Houston, TX
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Seattle, WA

    #soill #takehold #ontheroam #prideofgypsies #climbing #climbingshoes #rei
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  • my babies meeting unko @davebautista so stoked to finally share scenes with this BADASS you are so talented it’s an honor hermano. SEE2. it’s gonna be a hammer season. mahalo @hdmuseum @harleydavidson @jenlowney for sending the stripes. HD ohana aloha j. #babavoss #edovoss #greatcasting #smileicantsee
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  • happy valentine’s day my lovees i’m sorry papas not home it’s -20 in canada today. working outside with my cast and crew of SEE 2. just want to send my aloha to everyone i’m thankful for all of you we are making art. in the fucking COLD but we are doing what we love @thefrozenfewofficial photo @kurpius. aloha papa. see u soon
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  • ME AND SUSHI. you are a true artist a rebel a wild one. love u @sushi_thefreewheeler mahalo for all your art. @freewheelers_and_company photos by @sumnerdilworth @deanchoochlandry @thefrozenfewofficial please follow these bad mofo’s. aloha j. #iam88
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  • @harleydavidson I LOVE YOU @deanchoochlandry your an amazing artist @yeoleghost @antisocial83 mahalo for making me this amazing JD flexi sidecar. can’t wait till it’s done @mamatriedshow will love it mel has the vision. @thefrozenfewofficial aloha j
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  • WE ARE LIONS. proud to call u ohana. you have made me so proud. love u mel. @yeoleghost has the vision @thefrozenfewofficial photo by the great @sumnerdilworth aloha j
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  • i’m not sure how much influence i had on this collaboration but i feel if i was a tshirt this would be me. please buy me please wear me. don’t be gentle i can take it. i’m fucking @carhartt and @guinnessus BANGO. go buy all of it on carhartt.com love u @whereyabennett #tearmeup #getmedirty #OutworkThemAll #OutworkStPatricksday aloha j
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  • we have GOLD @harleydavidson @joshkohn77 you are a bad mofo love u bro. @thefrozenfewofficial can’t wait to share this one it’s my best we gave it all. proud of everyone that helped me @yeoleghost your a legend aloha j. photo by @kurpius
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  • @kurpius mahalo @sushi_thefreewheeler for making me @thefrozenfewofficial uniform. i love everything u make. @freewheelers_and_company #iam88 aloha j
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  • @kurpius you killed it. so stoked on the artists that showed up to help us document this unbelievable gathering mahalo @thefrozenfewofficial @harleydavidson @yeoleghost photographers @sumnerdilworth @stockezy @_ohhhsnap @da_bray @i.am.aurelius @odeumfilms.tv chrissy @deanchoochlandry @bluetodd @jj_tribe michael. @reddigitalcinema @leicacamerausa @leitzcine aloha j
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  • Check it out. New gear in the works Had an amazing time with the @soill team working on the eco friendly camo canvas bags and shoes coming fall 2020 and climbing with the crew in Pittsburgh Aloha J @ascendclimbinggym @walltopia #soill #takehold #ontheroam
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