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  • Missing @vivamayraltaussee so much, but waking up this morning with gratitude, ready to crush this week ahead! Guys remember to feel beautiful because you are x it’s not about how much you weigh, or certain features on your body - it’s about being kind to yourself and loving yourself x
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  • New magic jacket, who dis? #21Royal #Disneyland
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  • #21Royal dinner at Disneyland tonight with the best friends and family x #21royalstreet if you want an amazing dinner experience at Disneyland, this is the BEST thing to do, so exquisite, so delicious, so Disney x
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  • Oh wow! ISN’T IT ROMANTIC has been nominated for #ChoiceComedyMovie, I’ve been nominated for #ChoiceComedyMovieActress and @liamhemsworth has been nominated for #ChoiceComedyMovieActor. I couldn’t be more proud of our entire cast and crew led by our director @straussschulson 💕 you can vote for us: https://teenchoice.votenow.tv/
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  • It’s hard on this health journey to keep focused so I’m so grateful to all my friends who are helping and being so positive. @carlyjsteel 💕 even in the face of churros we prevail!
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  • Okay so much has been going on these past two weeks in Austria. I’ve been working with @vivamayraltaussee (and filming the whole experience for an upcoming documentary about health) and have had such an incredible time. Here are a series of pictures from my experience- the first one is Day 1 with VivaMayr’s head doctor Dr Max Schubert and the last one is from one of my final days on the lake outside the retreat - I feel like you can clearly see the difference - I lost 6.6 kg’s or 14.5 pounds by following the VivaMayr lifestyle - drastically improved my digestion system which then in turn helps my immunity. Traveling around the world and working like a maniac can get really hard and so I wanted to take some time to really focus on my health. The full story will be explained in the documentary but for now just wanted to share with you guys some of VivaMayr - the days were jam packed with things like hypoxytraining, nasal reflexology, functional training, medical tests, vitamin drips, lake walks, sports, aerial yoga, massages, algae wraps, facials, osteopath sessions - so so many things and all helping to make me better and improve my life! Thank you so much to everyone at VivaMayr Altaussee for such a great stay - Austria is so gorgeous - and now I’m ready to power on! 💕
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  • I’m starting to cave #icecave #cavebears
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  • We did THE SOUND OF MUSIC 🎶 tour in Salzburg yesterday #edelweiss #captainvontrapp #favouritethings #JulieAndrewsisabossbitch❤️
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  • My version of swan lake x 🦢
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  • 3w
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  • Magic hour hike in Austria x
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  • Austria 🇦🇹 - we’re here working on a secret project but of course had to have some fun over the weekend at the Flower Festival and Hallstatt x the salt mine was super cool inside!
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  • The Lady of the Lake x
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  • HUSTLE hard this weekend! @hustlemovie in cinemas now across the world 🌍
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  • Yesterday was fully loving yacht life - today seem drunk with “land sickness” but I’m trying - tomorrow some other cool shit will happen! Life is short people, go out and crush it!
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  • 🇮🇹
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  • Taken at midnight leaving Portofino. Oh and this @rebelwilsonxangels top is only $39 @dillards. L.In.Bio x
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  • Sunset crew x
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  • Portofino x
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  • Cave swimming, couch tube-ing! Pretty epic day in Italy 🇮🇹
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  • Gotta get in that at sea workout x
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  • Super congrats to the Gooch family for sponsoring amfAR tonight with their company Kodiak Pictures and thank you for being the best Cannes hosts ever!
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  • At the amfAR gala in Cannes tonight in a custom @sachinandbabi dress, @nigoratabayer jewelry, make up by @karindarnell, hair by @stephanebodin and as always styling by @elizabethstewart1 🇫🇷
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  • amFAR Gala Cannes x
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  • Just arrived in Cannes x
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  • Ten years ago I graduated from UNSW (the University of New South Wales) with TWO degrees - BA LLB (Arts & Law) and I couldn’t be prouder to today win the Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional Alumni Achievement! Since graduating, I moved to Hollywood and have been in over 14 movies, had my own US Network television show, sang at the Hollywood Bowl, performed on the West End, created a number of companies, won a landmark Australian court case, have my own clothing line and done many deals all over the world! Education really is the key to unlocking opportunities! So study hard kids!! Back when I started college, I couldn’t even afford all of my law textbooks and would have to read from the library copies. I’m so proud to have come this far!
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  • Epic day flying into @waltdisneyworld for a full-on adventure! My friend @jeffbeacher and I hit up Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom...and then finally @voidvr at Disney Springs. Thanks to everyone at Disney for this incredible day (and for keeping us healthy and hydrated!) - to Club 33 for their excellence and to all those imagineers who crush it on the reg! #waltdisneyworld
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  • See THE HUSTLE this weekend in theatres if you wanna see a fun romp and have a laugh! This is @annehathaway and I with our hilarious director @mrchrisaddison and what happens in this pink room...well has to be seen to be believed!
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  • NUMBER 1 movie in UKRAINE! Sucked in @avengers . You know, I’ve always loved Ukrainians, am voting for them in Eurovision , am going there for holidays this Summer 😘
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  • THE HUSTLE is in cinemas NOW across the globe! Australia, NZ, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Spain, Russia, Austria, Latvia, Ecuador, Thailand, Trinidad, Central America, Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Switzerland and so many more countries!! Thank you to everyone who is turning out to see our fun-fest! @hustlemovie
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  • See us on the @latelateshow tonight...hope you like our little skit! Luckily we all have a background in live theatre!! Love these guys x
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