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  • How I've been starting my day... Love these daily questions from @mollyrstern that I use to check-in with myself when I wake up in the morning. ✨What other tips do y'all have for creating a new routine? #regram @organizadora
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  • What an eye-opening conversation! I spoke with my close friend, Dr. Robin Berman, the author of Permission To Parent. She is a psychiatrist and parenting expert and shared such good advice to parents for how to keep your kids engaged and alleviate anxiety during this time.⠀

    Robin is someone I turn to in times of uncertainty to ask all my parenting questions. Learning how to parent during this quarantine has been challenging. Managing little kid’s fear, handling teenager’s disappointment, finding positivity in slowing down, and so much more.... Here's our conversation! ⠀

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    Learn more about Dr. Robin Berman: http://permissiontoparent.net/
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  • Who is staying in with The Richardson’s? The meatloaf is VERY good tonight! Enjoy episode five of @littlefireshulu, streaming now on @hulu!🔥
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  • Earlier this morning, I got to share some news for @reesesbookclub on Instagram Live!!!! It's an absolute joy to announce @GlennonDoyle's #Untamed as my April book pick. This memoir is so packed with incredible insight about what it means to be a woman today , what did we learn as young girls about how to behave or believe, and why we need to free ourselves from a lot of these ideas that don’t work anymore. (Hot tip: Being “selfless” is not the highest goal a woman can achieve!!) This book spoke to me so loudly and clearly...I swear I highlighted something in EVERY chapter. Thank you @glennondoyle for sharing your heart and soul with us! I can’t wait to hear all of YOUR thoughts about this book pick over on @ReesesBookClub. Happy reading, everybody! 📚
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  • In my first #ShineOnatHome conversation, I spoke with @EveRodsky, author of #FairPlay, the October ‘19 @reesesbookclub pick. ⠀

    I’ve learned so much from Eve about how to have conversations with your partner about dividing household duties, how to adjust to homeschooling (three kids at home and two working parents is NO JOKE!) and what the “Dirty Dozen” bare minimum needs of every household are. ⠀

    I hope y’all find this helpful!⠀

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    Learn more about @fairplaylife: fairplaylife.com
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  • Trying to make sense of how to work from home, eat right, not stress, run two businesses, and care for three kids has been a full time job the last few weeks.⠀

    Luckily, I called some awesome friends who are experts in lots of areas for advice. We discussed parenting, marriage counseling, pre-natal needs, financial advice, and so much more. ⠀

    I found them so helpful and I wanted to share a few of my chats with you all. I’m calling this series #ShineOnAtHome. I hope that these conversations can help guide you or inspire you or just make you laugh.⠀

    @HelloSunshine and I are also partnering with @wckitchen to raise awareness about their new #ChefsForAmerica program that feed medical workers and underserved communities across the country. ⠀

    Support World Central Kitchen here or by clicking the link in my bio: wck.org/shineon
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  • In case of #LittleFiresEverywhere🔥A new episode is out on Wednesday!
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  • I think he's already sick of my cooking... 🍽 Tag your favorite chef. I need recipes !
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  • Love these photos from our cover of #EmmyMagazine for @televisionacad that we shot earlier this year. Y'all can read all about how @kerrywashington and I partnered to bring @littlefireshulu to the screen...It was such a dream project!✨ 📷@johnrussophoto #flashbackfriday
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  • The Richardson's are reporting for duty! So fun working with @vancityjax on @littlefireshulu! 🔥Quick 90’s quiz: What movie did Josh and I star in together in 1999? #tbt
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  • When you forget to mute yourself on the conference call and you realize that was YOUR kid screaming 😂
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  • In hard times like this, I really try to focus on the ways I can help others. So, in a way, the timing couldn’t be more right for this collaboration between @landsend and @draperjames. The #DJxLE swim collection is not only body inclusive (available in sizes up to 3X), part of the proceeds of this project go to one of my favorite organizations @girlsinc. Girls Inc works to ensure all girls have the knowledge, resources and skills to live healthy lives and access meaningful educational opportunities. Check out the collection at @landsend.🩱❤️
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  • Getting ready for this week’s episode of @littlefireshulu like🔥
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  • One of the best birthdays ever!🎈So many thoughtful, beautiful, heartfelt messages from so many of you! Some poems, a home cooked meal, a wonderful performance from my friend, a long nature walk with my family...all gifts from the heart. 🥰Thank you to all of you for making me feel so LOVED! I’m a very lucky lady. 💕💫🎂
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  • At least we have dogs!❤️🐶
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  • Friendship with social distancing. Hi👋🏼@lauradern! We walked a few days ago .. before we were told to #stayhome. Now we are inside to keep everyone safe. But I thought I would Share some of our chat in IG stories.
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  • Traveling back to the 90’s for #LittleFiresEverywhere required lots of research.🔥#Seventeen #tbt Extra bonus: I really learned about “10 Guys to Avoid !“🤣
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  • @LittleFiresHulu is finally here! 🔥HURRAY! I can’t wait to share what Kerry and I have been working on this past year! 💫We made it for you to enjoy and discuss with family and friends, because there are so many twists and turns...so maybe it's time for virtual watch parties? Let me know what you think !
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  • A behind the scenes look ✨
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  • When I first saw this cover, I thought, “Oh my goodness… what a goofball!” But here I am captured, probably snort-laughing, in all my goofy glory! I enjoyed every minute of chatting with the divine #AnnPatchett (one of my favorite authors and independent booksellers) about storytelling, growing up in Nashville, and the importance of dog portraits! There might even be an embarrassing high school story involving beer and a coke machine. Thanks to the whole team who made me laugh all day. Photos by @jackie_nickerson. Hair and makeup by @HairbyAdir and @romyglow.✨
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  • If you don’t follow each other on Instagram, are you even best friends? I’m looking at you, @TheEllenShow…
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  • Heeeeyyyy... ok byyee! 👋🏼#WCW
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  • Cuddle puddle! 🥰 #louthebulldog
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  • Ok Queens, let me hear you ROAR! 🦁👑#FierceQueens coming April 6th, only on @quibi 🐆🦓🐖🦩
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  • Finishing touches ✨#tgif
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  • Bravo to @time and @alma.harel who spearheaded this incredible project bringing 100 women in history to the front of our minds. ✨ Looking through these image, remembering these inspiring lives and learning about new ones... I’m so emotional. What a brilliant way to show how important women are to history. That their stories and ideas matter. Thank you to everyone who made this project possible. 💯 ⭐️
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  • If you're looking for some style inspo this spring, look no further. You have found it. 💁🏼‍♀️ #thisis90sfashion #tbt
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  • This morning, a friend said to me, “I can see you are overwhelmed. Just take a moment“ and I started to cry. I just felt so heavy-hearted. There is so much happening... a devastating storm in my hometown of #Nashville, people suffering from mysterious illness, people arguing over political ideology. So much hate and tension and discord. Honestly, this week has been a lot. And it’s only Wednesday.😳 Days, weeks, months like this make me want to crawl in a hole. But my friend offered me a moment. To just feel sad. So I wanted to offer it to you all. A moment or a day or a week. Take what you need. Remember that pain is inevitable. But friends who hold your hand and kids who laugh at silly jokes and sunsets that light up the sky and chocolate chip cookies are very real too. We are in this together. Let’s take care of each other. And remind each other of all the GOOD. ✨
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  • Are you ready to set sail on a literary adventure? ⛵️ This month I am reading #TheJetsetters by @AmandaEyreWard! I love the sense of adventure in this story - it’s about a disconnected family that reunites on a cruise ship traveling through Europe. 🛳 If you're packing for spring break, be sure to include a copy of this fun read and follow along at @reesesbookclub!
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  • We’ve been practicing this leap for four years. #leapyear @mindykaling
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  • Help me, help you. #momlife
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