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#HOWTOBELONELY out now!!!⚡️⚡️ @unicef_uk Ambassador 🌍
  • Here is a little fun shoot we did just before lockdown in LA! It was so hot on the rooftop ☀️🌶🌶 I’m so happy to share #RitaOra x JD with you!!! Thank you so much to the @jdofficial crew and everyone involved 🥰 what’s everyone doing today in the sun!? ❤️🎉🎉 #ad
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  • Happy Father’s Day to my amazing gorgeous handsome father @oranick ❤️ I’m sooo glad you’re my dad thank you for all you do!!! You’re the best dad in the world!!! ❤️
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  • The video for #Ritual came out one year ago today!! 🎉💞💞 I’ll never forget how hard my dancing crew worked right in the middle of tour to help put this all together and @aaronsillis for killing me with this choreography!!! Wishing you all love 🖤💫
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  • #Obamaday
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  • Hi guys supporting the LGBTQ+ community is very important to me and now more than ever we need to show support in any way we can. We must be heard... Black Trans Lives Matter! On my highlights I’ve added some organisations that support the LGBTQ+ community. We can make a difference! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #blacktranslivesmatter #blacklivesmatter
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  • Never forgotten and forever in our hearts 💚

    #Grenfell #JusticeforGrenfell #UnitedForGrenfell #GrenfellTower #ForeverInOurHearts #72
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  • Dear Nani, you were the most glamorous chic hard working independent person I ever met, every day she would go for walks all dressed up looking amazing, go and get her coffee with no help from anyone she didn’t want it! She was so caring so strong and sooooo funny! My god did we laugh and when she would tell the truth she had no filter! But she loved and cared with all her heart. I’m going to miss you everyday. Rest in peace next to gjushi and I know you will be protecting us and guiding us. Try not to party to much up there in heaven I’ll get fomo! I love you nan. Xx
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  • Keep moving.
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  • Hi guys. I guess the reason for this post is to show you guys when I was little in the summer of July 1994. I guess I just felt free watching this and wanted to share. Why did I love the camera so much! Even as a kid! I hope this makes you smile, just watching a life of a young carefree kid. This is what everyone deserves, a chance to have a good life and an opportunity to be happy. The simple things of feeling safe going to a park eating an ice cream BEING A CAREFREE KID. Those are the memories we cherish. These are the moments that build us to who we become as adults. Let’s give people an incredible environment to be a kid in and grow in. When my parents decided to move to England from Kosovo it was hard. I remember I had to see and witness certain things just so I could fit in, just so the refugee girl can cooperate with the girls in the skipping rope game in the playground (that’s what I used to call it!), but when I was in that park I was free. Racism, how immigrants and refugees are treated! We can’t be justified by the colour of our skin or where we are from, we are one race. The human race. Anyway I love you guys, that’s just my 2 cents. I hope you smile today. Give kids a place to feel free in. Thank you. Yours forever Rita. ❤️
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  • Every day for the next week I’ll be sharing a different organisation that needs your help and will have them highlighted on my page. I pledge to donate and to boost their visibility and I’m asking you to join me. Drop a 🤝 in the comments if you’re with me and tag a friend who can match you.

    Today I’m spotlighting @campaignzero, an important resource working to end police violence. Swipe up in my stories to learn and donate.

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  • This is free! Do it because you can and have power! We all have power! Black Lives Matter #BlackOutTuesday
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  • My heart is broken and my anger and frustrations are overwhelming me. I will not allow this feeling to subside. I remain committed to being an agent of change. I will use my position to call for justice today and long after this post in whatever means necessary to show up and create meaningful change for the black community. The UK stands with you my beloved friends in the US. The ocean that divides us will not stop us from walking with you. We join you in your demand for justice. #blacklivesmatter
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  • Thank you @voguemagazine!!💞💞 swipe up on my stories to find out how I’m living in #lockdown 🎧🎉❤️📚 love to you all and hope you have a safe and bright weekend 🥰🥰
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  • There comes a time when silence is betrayal - Martin Luther King, Jr. RIP #georgefloyd ❤️
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  • Lonely Together from @bbcradio1’s Big Weekend!!! 🥰🥰 This one was so much fun!! Shout out to my amazingggg band for helping make this so special!! ☀️☀️☀️ who’s been having (distanced) sun fun??
    🎥 @beki_mari
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  • Let’s be lonely together ❤️🎉🎈made a lil outdoor balloon party!! Who’s seen Lonely Together from #BigWeekend on @bbciplayer??
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  • #YourSong turns 3 years old today!!! 🥰🥰 soo many amazing memories!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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  • Just cause it’s a bank holiday here’s #HowToBeLonely at home edition from @bbcradio1 #BigWeekend!! Thank you so much to @beki_mari for bringing this to life!!! What’s your fav scene? Tell me in the comments!! 🥰🥰🥰
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  • Thanks for having me on the #BigWeekend @bbcradio1!! ❤️ How To Be Lonely ⚡⚡ Home special 🥰🥰🥰 sending lots of love, light and joy to you all ❤️ watch now on @youtube and @bbciplayer, link on my stories 💞💞💞🎥 @beki_mari
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  • Thank you @lofficielusa!!! It was so much fun throwing this party shoot and being interviewed by my lockdown parter in crime @josephinedelabaume ❤️❤️ It’s been a strange time and am so grateful to be able to talk about new ideas 📕📕 read now on my stories
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  • My first @TikTok live was soooo fun!! I’m completely overwhelmed we managed to raise so much for @britishredcross!!! ❤️❤️❤️ You’re all amazing thank you so much to everyone who joined and donated!! 🥰 And you got to witness my attempt to learn some TikTok dances... what should I learn next??
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  • Me: hey what you reading? You: ffs
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  • Happy Birthday Poison!!! 🥰✨ Released 5 years ago today, so many memories!! ❤️❤️❤️ I’m remembering how much fun we had making the music video for this, got me feeling all nostalgic!
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  • Congratulations @liampayne on your collection launch 🚀 I loved putting this version of For You together with you ❤️❤️🥰 watch the full performance through Liam’s channel!! Who wants to see us live again??
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  • Anywhere away with YOU ✨✨✨
    Thanks for having me be a part of #BestofCapitalSTB @capitalofficial!! I can’t wait to do this again soon!!! What was your fav moment?! 🥰⚡️
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  • Yoga mums what’s good? Me: wish the sun would come back 🌞
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  • W.A.L.K.S
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  • Oh my 🔥🎉 I miss this soo much!! Watching all the reactions to the immersive experience got me all nostalgic!! Here’s a lil @lollapaloozade throwback to last year of For You and Let You Love Me!! ❤️
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  • I’m so happy to be able to take part in #SHEINtogether tomorrow, May 9th at 1 pm PST!!! ❤️🥰🥰 You can download and watch on the @SHEINofficial app 🎉❤️❤️ the global streaming event is to benefit the #Covid19fund for @who and the @unfoundation. Come join me!! #SHEINpartner
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  • So happy to finally share this with you all!! 🥰🥰 The How To Be Lonely digital immersive experience is live!!! ⚡❤️ Loveee this so much, I’m so glad we managed to find a way to show you all!! This video shows how it was supposed to be but you can live it digitally instead. I hope you all love it as much as I do! Go and explore at howtobelonely.co.uk!! ❤️❤️❤️ @beatsbydre
    🎥 @marcusarjon
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  • Celebrating #CincoDeMayo making some of my infamous Rita’s Margaritas with @prosperotequila!!!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Show me your fav quarantinis!! What are you all making tonight? 🥰
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