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  • Considering the year we’ve already had, heres to better and brighter days ahead. You deserve it!
    Enjoy your summer, my friends and salud’
    #manarita 🍉🥃
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  • Don’t miss tonight at 8PM on @NBC.
    And thank you all for making us #1 on Monday nights.
    Enjoy the show!
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  • An amazing arrangement of flowers, some @teremana and two candles lit in honor of my old man and my father-in-law.
    Both passed away and walkin’ in the clouds.
    I was moved by this.
    Damn onions 🧅🥺
    I’ve reached a point in my life where the smallest of efforts have the biggest impact on me.
    Small efforts mean so much.
    A huge thank you to my Lauren, Jazzy & Tia (and Hobbs my dog;) for doing “the little things” to make my Fathers Day so special.
    Cheers to Rocky & Sib.
    You’re missed.
    See you down the road.
    #littlethings #fathersday
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  • This old video I posted last year in 2019 about a special phone call I had with my dad has a surreal sense of catharsis to it.
    A few weeks after I posted this, my dad found his dream home.
    3 months later he moved in.
    8 months later he passed away.
    Died suddenly and I never got a shot to say goodbye.
    A real kick in the gut but I know I’m not alone, because it’s what we all signed up for in this unpredictable cycle of life.
    This old post just reminded even more to be as grateful and appreciative as I can be with the ones I love.
    Be present and squeeze every bit of juice out of life that we can, because we never know when our journey comes to an end.
    Live full, my friends.
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  • Training tip as you guys are getting back into your gyms around the world and making your fitness a priority once again.
    When training legs, try ending your workout with a focused, high rep compound movement - squats, leg press or in my case today a vertical leg press.
    Remember to keep the weight light and focus on the strict movement.
    My strength & conditioning coach @daverienzi and I have found it to be extremely beneficial towards your gains.
    Welcome back to your gyms, give this finisher a shot and enjoy the burn 😉💪🏾
    Train smart. Train healthy.
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  • Posted up for a Father’s Day breakfast in which my partner in crime here surprised me with pancakes - then tried to eat all of ‘em herself 😂🥞 #daddyscakes #theygone #thatsmygirl #fathersday
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  • To progress thru humanity, normalizing equality and the all important one - gratitude.
    Cheers, my friends 🥃
    And send me your Teremana toasts!
    You’ve posted some amazing (and fun) toasts so far.
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  • If you’ve had COVID-19, the plasma that’s in your blood can literally save lives.
    To find out how to donate, go to TheFightIsInUs.org in my bio.
    Let’s work together to take down COVID-19.
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  • The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.
    I will be joining the epic and first of its kind, #DCFanDome on 08.22.20.
    This one is for YOU - THE FANS.
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  • To all the high school graduates of 2020,
    Truth is, you’re the generation that will have the answers to the questions, we - as adults - are having a challenging time finding the answers to.
    My/our accountability to your generation is helping create the pathway to normalizing equality and showing that being compassionate, tough, empathetic, strong and kind are never mutually exclusive.
    And your generation will ensure that equality for all, through empathy and respect will remain forever.
    Thank you, Pompano Beach High School Senior Class President and Valedictorian, Lorraine Angelakos for this incredibly moving letter that resonated with me deeply. Remember, to put your money where your heart is and always let your heart, mana and instinct be your guiding North Star.
    We must become the leaders we’re looking for.
    And I can’t wait to see the leaders that you and all your fellow high school graduates become.
    Congrats, enjoy your summer, and keep being THE hardest workers in the room✊🏾🎓
    DJ aka Mr. 2%
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  • Two hand philosophy.
    #letswork #ip #itmatters
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  • A lot of fighting energy in the world - fighting for Equality, fighting COVID-19 and on top of that, we’re finally getting back out there into our jobs, working out in our gyms and anchoring into our NEW norm.
    A key 🔑 to success is to make sure you’re taking your/
    I’m getting A LOT of questions about this.
    Boosting our immunity is our secret weapon as we emerge back into our new world.
    Good luck and we must become the leaders we’re looking for.
    We got this.
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  • Our country is crippled and on its knees, begging to be heard and pleading for change.
    Where is our compassionate leader?
    The leader who unifies and inspires our country at our most painful time when we need it the most.
    The leader who steps up and takes full accountability for our country and embraces every color in it.
    The leader who picks our country up off its knees and says you have my word - we got this - and together, change will happen.
    Where are you?
    Because we’re all here.
    Maybe one day that galvanizing leader will emerge.
    Either way, the process to change has already begun.
    #normalizeequality #blacklivesmatter
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  • Black Lives Matter.
    12,937    2,071,705
  • Past few days I’ve been stunned trying make sense of George Floyd’s death.
    The video.
    The plea for breath.
    The callous response.
    The racism.
    The killing.
    This is our ongoing disease.
    I’ve had cops in my family.
    Good men.
    And there’s a cop code, granting you the authority to use force if your life is in danger.
    But when a man is handcuffed, on the ground, no longer a threat, with your brothers in arms standing around watching and he struggles to say, “please I can’t breathe” when your knee is on his neck.. not his back, but his neck - cutting off his air.
    Cop code must become moral code.
    Ethics code.
    HUMANITY code.
    Knowing that if you don’t ease up, then that man is going to die.
    So when you decide to not ease up, your intention is to kill.
    And that’s what this was.
    George Floyd, said “officer I can’t breathe” as he struggled for air.
    He said these words a total of 15 times. Not once. Not twice.
    15 times.
    These officers will be charged, I’m positive of that.
    Held accountable.
    But then where’s the greater accountability?
    The leadership to healing.
    More importantly, the leadership to EQUALITY.
    We ultimately win when we can normalize equality.
    I’m so sorry to the Floyd family. My heart breaks for you.
    Let the process begin now.
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  • Have your plan, BE DECISIVE, get to the gym and START TRAINING.
    Train smart, train cautious and protect yourself.
    Follow you gut.
    This☝🏾is a big one.
    In the end, my gut always leads and makes the final decision.
    Our first steps back will always be the hardest.
    We can’t be mentally handcuffed by fear and noise - get back out there, be smart, protect yourself and get back to work.
    Good luck.
    #focus #werise
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  • 3 things 🔥
    I need this Fanny Pack Maui shirt in my life.
    @shaunroig is a beatbox bad ass.
    And I’m 86% sure my beatbox game is this on point when I drink @teremana.
    #YoureWelcome 🎤👏🏾🤙🏾🥃
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  • Always motivating putting in the work, this closely with our @projectrock ambassador, @lindseyvonn.
    She epitomizes resolve and pushing thru pain to succeed.
    And is a strong representation of us, as a human race - coming back better, stronger and hungrier.
    Our progress is always made #THROUGHTHEWORK.
    New & motivating training gear for men and women available now.
    In my bio.
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  • The bride ain’t letting her bottle of @teremana go 🥃🤣
    It’s #teremanatuesday and from your weddings - to birthdays - to working out - to hanging with chickens 🐓🤣 - to just having fun - and to ensuring the Mana (positive force) STAR WARS force remains strong - the last vid with the Storm Trooper is classic 💪🏾😂
    Watching the way you all experience and enjoy your Teremana is the best feeling.
    I created this tequila to bring people together and here we are.
    So keep sending us your awesome vids.
    And enjoyin’ your mana!
    Salud, my friends.
    #thetequilaofthepeople 🥃
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  • Never mind.
    She still refuses to believe the urban legend that her daddy is actually, Maui.
    At this rate it’s even pure speculation that her daddy is also The Rock.
    I’ll happily take these L’s and laugh as long as I get my daddy/daughter bond 😆💪🏾❤️
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  • It’s very late, but not callin’ it a night without raising a glass to our fallen brothers and sisters.
    Forget indebted for your service and sacrifice.
    With deep gratitude & respect to your families and your spirits.
    #neverforget 🇺🇸
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  • I’ve had the honor (to me, there’s no other way to describe this moment) of being presented ‘challenge coins’ from distinguished men, distinguished women and organizations around the world.
    The energy & mana is always palpable.
    This one meant a lot.
    Thank you, US Air Force Major General, Jeannie Leavitt.
    Thank you for this blessing and THANK YOU for your outstanding service and leadership.
    With great respect, DJ. 🇺🇸
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  • Goosebumps 🇺🇸💪🏾
    TONIGHT 8/7c on @NBC.
    We bring sports back!
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  • 4” thick Brioche Rock (French) toast.
    Peanut butter.
    Whipped cream infused with citrus and @teremana.
    Pure maple syrup infused with citrus and @teremana.
    This one was an all timer.
    Taking delicious to the next level.
    Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends.
    #havemercy #nomnomnom
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  • The indulgence begins.
    Just pulled these delicious @teremana bad boys out of the freezer to compliment my cheat meal 🍝🥃
    You can see the condensation 💦 🥶
    My friends, enjoy your holiday weekend with your families.
    And enjoy your cheat meals and ‘Mana.
    Salud’ 🥃
    21,475    1,285,457
  • Goose bumps.
    The goal with @nbctitangames was to create an electrifying, competitive & POSITIVE CULTURE for men and women to thrive in.
    The mana you feel from this video is a fraction of what you’ll feel tomorrow night when you join us for our EPIC TWO HOUR PREMIERE of a brand new TITAN GAMES.
    I’m so proud of all our athletes.
    They left it all on the Titan Arena floor.
    ONLY on @NBC.
    🎥 @jonbrandoncruz
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  • I get it and we’ve all been there. Some days we’re razor sharp and focused, while other days we’re a bit wobbly and might even lose our IT.
    Try your best to identify the core issue.
    Get laser focused on the stuff you can control.
    Your effort and the work you put in with your own two hands.
    Rise up. Go.
    Good luck.
    Thanks for the question and enjoy the gear.
    4,003    536,046
  • But you also challenged the man also known as, The People’s Champ.
    I’ll even play one of your hit songs in the background while I take you to school.
    Class in session.
    Challenge accepted.
    Sit down son and I’ll show you how it’s done.
    #TrailBlazingEyebrowRaising 🥃
    ps, enjoy your gift 🎁😉
    29,875    2,545,878
  • The pure excitement that @teremana tequila is causing from all walks of life is REAL.
    @casanova_2x you’re a bad dude in the hip hop game and you’re my boy.
    But when you challenge the People’s Champ there’s a price to pay.
    Challenge accepted.
    Bring on the smoke.
    #BoomBoomBoom 🥃💥
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  • As a tequila brand, we’re so grateful for the success of our @Teremana, so its my pleasure to introduce you to a very hard workin, talented and committed team who takes the utmost pride in distributing our tequila to many happy consumers and partners across the country.
    So much love and mana sent your way and thank you all for these amazing, loving and entertaining birthday wishes.
    I was quite moved.
    You already know I’m raising my glass right back to you to show you my gratitude.
    Salud’ 🥃❤️
    1,985    382,133
  • Whoa we made a list! 😳🙏🏾🥃
    May sound a bit silly, but I’m so grateful to see @Teremana on a list with some of the greatest tequilas in the world and ones that I’ve loved over the years.
    And from 7 bucks to #7, this is pretty humbling 🙏🏾
    I made @teremana to bring people together.
    Highest of quality, delicious taste and accessible to everyone.
    With hard work and time, maybe one day we’ll crack that top spot.
    Til then, keep enjoying your ‘Mana.
    4,794    498,954