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  • 🌕 brings it out of me... #magneticmoontour
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  • 🙈 @voguemagazine welcome to my #magneticmoontour home
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  • this tour is pure love & energy in every city... adding a few more dates in asia 🌹
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  • my mirror, my window ✨ @billboard @hondastage 🖤
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  • Next week. . . My journey & my passion in a beautiful mini doc + live series w/ @billboard @hondastage excited for everyone to see this #ad
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  • happy halloween. send me your #RFYL WALK vids 👻🤡😱Have a wild night & be safe 🖤
    🎶RFYL remix with @cedricgervais
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  • emerald city mood

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  • 🌹to be alive

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  • san francisco 🖤 #magneticmoontour day 1. I love you all. VANCOUVER SEE YOU TOMORROW 🌙
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  • a surprise for the first day of my first tour 🥰💃. this fierce official remix of #RFYL by the incredible @cedricgervais is here tonight ... aaaand on Saturday 10/26 at 7pm pst i will be streaming live on IG with Cedric to celebrate the remix & the mm tour 🖤 #magneticmoontour
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  • the RFYL photobook is here. a 48 page collection of non stop WORK this year, a special year for me. Shoots, looks, and ton of selects I couldn’t post are in this book. this was an unforgettable year running for my LIFE, and thank you for every moment. I wanted this to be extremely limited so the pressing is only avail from this Nov 22 to Dec 2nd. 🖤🖤🖤
    *for my first official North American tour: !!! Before these books are available, i will be gifting one signed book to a random person at each city on the #magneticmoontour , & announcing the winner on my stories after each show. a special ‘thank you’ for the love + time you’ve given me at each show. all of the details are on my website www.tiffanyyoung.com #RFYL 💋🔥
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  • i. cant. sleep.
    mm tour rehearsals .🌙 #RFYL #Magneticmoontour
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  • 🌙im bringing a different sound & energy to this tour... .
    dance. let go. a night to celebrate and embrace each other 🖤
    10/25 San Francisco,CA 
    10/27 Vancouver, Canada
    10/28 Portland, OR
    10/29  Seattle, WA
    11/1 Minneapolis, MN
    11/2 Chicago, IL
    11/4 Toronto, Canada
    11/6 Philadelphia, PA
    11/8 Boston, MA
    11/9 Washington, DC
    11/10 Brooklyn, NY
    11/12 Raleigh, NC
    11/13 Atlanta, GA
    11/15 Houston, TX
    11/16 Dallas, TX
    11/18 Denver, CO
    11/20 Phoenix, AZ
    11/21 Los Angeles, CA
    🖤 the RFYL photobook is announcing soon, & will be gifting 1 book per tour city before they go on sale. More info otw... #RFYL
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  • 🖤6 more days ...
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  • the one question I couldnt answer on the mv twitter q&a was ‘what was my favorite outfit from the #RFYL music video?’... 🤔this one made me feel like a wonder woman, a superhero named: ✨ GLITAAH ✨
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  • NOW WALK 💃 #RFYL the way that they move 😍😭thank you
    @tmillytv 🖤🖤🖤
    Please send them 🖤 for their amazing work * I’ll have a special video coming soon
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  • #RFYL RUN for everything worth LIVING for. my new song “Run For Your Life” is hereee w/ my team @transparentfeed ... @kwaye love u for the smooth talker vocal feature. you are the MOOD🖤
    love to this amazing music family @kevnishfm @fernandogaribay @saticamusic @dnnyd @miro.official . STYLE: @jacfleurant . GLAM: @ok_ouioui @lulu_lala_soyoon 🎥 video by @gdw_official
    My fabulous Choreographers / Dancers:
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  • 2 more days until RFYL

    i wanted to make a song about the fight & the hunger to LIVE for what you love & who you are. to shine & be unbothered. I hope when you listen to this song you'll feel good, let loose, and dance to your OWN rhythm or however the way it moves your mind, body, & soul.

    before i release this next song & for future music releases, i wanted to speak on something that comes up whenever myself or others try creating something 'DIFFERENT.' is experimenting styles, vocals, & use of wild effects like color to create your vision & sound still an issue in 2019?

    ive been singing one style (proudly) my whole life. & id like to be an artist thats fearless & unashamed to do/try whatever that makes me feel like a WOMAN.

    i think we should embrace experimental ideas, sounds, & concepts. Let these moments live & breathe. i promise to have songs without any experimental effects if the concept calls for it.

    i have so much recorded, almost a years worth of music finished. i hope you are ready for a diverse music filled 2020.
    to anyone open to listening, THANKYOU FOR LETTING ME HAVE THIS EXPERIMENTAL & UNASHAMED MOMENT. 🥂 here's to being unpredictable, having some fun together, & OWNING IT. 🖤 xx #RFYL
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  • run, for your life. 🎥 mv 10.11.19 (12am EST) @transparentfeed #RFYL
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  • do you want an mv ? 💜. .
    Run For Your Life. 10.11.19 (12am EST)
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  • ...how I went from blonde to black 🔥🖤. Announcing the release date for my song “Run For Your Life” will be October 11th at 12am est, right in time for the Magnetic Moon Tour. This song is the MOOD for a photo book I pieced together of amazing shoots/looks & memories this year , literally running for my life... so it’s titled “RFYL”: This year has been such a fierce & unpredictable ride together, where im running fearlessly w/ every living breath towards what i love... LIVING, and appreciating every moment. you will feel that energy in this song, through this book, and live on stage ❤️. The book will be ready for online reservation on 10/25 the day the Magnetic Moon Tour starts 🥰
    #rfyl 10.11.2019 @transparentfeed @derekhutchstudio + Giantstep
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  • ice cold baby, on an ocean of glitter 🎶- #RFYL ✨✨✨✨✨✨
    About last nite... indonesia , everything was for you. send positivity to each other, and thank you for letting me hear your VOICE.
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  • 🖤 #RFYL
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  • extra & elevated 💙. #rfyl in october....
    📷 @derekhutchstudio & Giantstep | @transparentfeed
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