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MAGNETIC MOON TOUR 🌙 North American dates
  • 🌙💖 #magneticmoon on 8/2 at 12am EST ... & premiering the song live at the #openheartseve concert in Seoul 🌙
    show your 🌙🌙🌙🌙💖 below... 🥳
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  • nothing but ✨ + 💖 + 🌙 into this new show.... and I have planned a special premiere for #openheartseve Seoul / Bangkok and the #magneticmoon North American tour 🎶
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  • testing 🎨💖🎀🌙 .. mv ?
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  • life rn 📝💡🎶.... sleepless nights building a show and new music for #openheartseve Korea and Thailand + #magneticmoon US tour. you deserve an unforgettable night 🌙💖
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  • WIG 🦋✨
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  • MAGNETIC MOON TOUR🌙💖 tag someone you want to enjoy this night with .
    all tickets are live today ✨

    10/25 San Francisco,CA 
    10/27 Vancouver, Canada
    10/28 Portland, OR
    10/29  Seattle, WA
    11/1 Minneapolis, MN
    11/2 Chicago, IL
    11/4 Toronto, Canada
    11/6 Philadelphia, PA
    11/8 Boston, MA
    11/9 Washington, DC
    11/10 Brooklyn, NY
    11/12 Raleigh, NC
    11/13 Atlanta, GA
    11/15 Houston, TX
    11/16 Dallas, TX
    11/18 Denver, CO
    11/20 Phoenix, AZ
    11/21 Los Angeles, CA
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  • creating something magnetic for tour 🌙💗 i have a special surprise at the Open Hearts Eve concert in SEOUL 🎶 📌 Magnetic Moon North American tour presales tix are live today ✨
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  • hello summer, lite work 🍸🌸
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  • New music and a North American tour is coming. 18 cities! you have created such a positive and safe place online, I want to bring that love and energy to life in a tour. The Magnetic Moon Tour 🌙 will be my first official North American tour with new music and a new full show to celebrate open hearts and open minds, our open hearts eve. See you soon and love you. 💖

    The Magnetic Moon Tour Presale promo🎟🎟: A Special pre-sale campaign for early tickets and prizes starts TODAY till 6/25 Tuesday at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.
    Pre-sale starts 6/26 Wednesday at 10am local
    Link: http://tnspk.co/FzVHdi8
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  • 8/3일 티켓팅이 이렇게 빨리 끝날줄은 몰랐어.. 우리 그럼 하루 더 할까? 🎫🖤 wow. OPEN HEARTS EVE in SEOUL tickets gone in minutessssssss. so extremely grateful 너무 고마워 🙌 should we add another day ? 🥰
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  • going LIVE on IG @ 11PM PST+ to celebrate the release of Runaway with you. Leave a ☁️ in the comments if youre joining 이따만나✨
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  • JUST CALL MY NAME. ILL BE THERE WAITING 💕 "Runaway" the korean remix version with diva pianist @misschloeflower & the legendary @babyface.
    This whole project was a surreal musical MOMENT for me & i hope you enjoy my loves ✨

    Thank you for making this unforgettable moment happen @kevnishfm @itstherascals @hellopolyn 🙏 & once again to the most magical beautiful talented sweet Chloe Flower on this production with the one & only Babyface. & Special thanks to my queen, my sister @sooyoungchoi for all the heart & thought you put in for these beautiful korean lyrics 사랑해요최수영작사가님! & to my incredible @transparentfeed family thank you for letting me fly (literally). ☁️
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  • 안녕하세요💗 드디어 저의 서울 단독 공연 소식을 전할수 있게되어 지금 너무 기쁘고 떨립니다 ✨ ‘Open Hearts Eve’ 서울 콘서트는 다가오는 8월 3일 Yes24 라이브홀에서 열리고 티켓은 6월 14일 저녁8시 Yes24에서 오픈되어요. 콘서트에서 여러분들을 만나게 될 날을 손꼽아 기다리고 있으니 우리 모두 곧 만나요 💫 더 자세한 내용은 www.facebook.com/transparentfeed 에서 🔍💙

    • #Tiffanyyoungseoulconcert #Openheartseveconcert #tiffanyYoung

    counting down the days to CELEBRATE WITH YOU 💗 #OPENHEARTSEVE concert in SEOUL on AUGUST 3RD @ the YES24LIVE HALL. ticket sales going live on JUNE 14TH, 8PM @ YES24.com 🎟 for more info & updates visit us @ www.facebook.com/transparentfeed 🌐
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  • 꽉잡아 🎈 멀리갈거야 🥰
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  • runaway 5.31 with queen @misschloeflower 🎹🌸
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  • runaway performance vid --- 5.31 🎈
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  • coachella @galore cover girl 👑✨
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  • @galore MUSIC issue COVER 🌸🎶
    @princeandjacob you both are amazing ily 💜💜
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  • on set at the “runaway” mv shoot 🥰. the new Lips On Lips Official merch just arrived, im excited to announce its LIVE now at my new store www.tiffanyyoung.com 💕
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  • 이 앨범을 만들면서, 많은 결정과 인내가 필요했던 순간마다 용기를낼수 있었던건 좋은 음악을 갖고 다시 여러분에게 돌아가야한다 라는 간절한 목표가있었기 때문인 것 같아요. 멀리 떠나있어도 진심이 담긴 음악이면  제 마음을 알아줄거라는것을 의심한적 없어요. 단지 종이한장일 뿐일수도있지만, 이 PLATINUM 💿✨ 이라는 의미가 지난 1년동안 포기하고 싶은 순간마다 여러분을 떠올리면서 다시일어섰던 제가 틀리지않았다는 것을 칭찬하고 안아주는 것 같아요. 내가 다시 돌아와야 하는 이유가 되어줘서, 다시 일어서고 다시 음악할 수 있는 이유가되어 준것 그것 하나만으로도 고마운데, 이렇게 큰 선물을 줘서 너무고마워요. 계속 의심하지않고 좋은 음악 만들어서 보답할게요.

    Last night singing LIPS ON LIPS for you in SEOUL felt like a dream 💋 & it still does bc i found out that YOU made the cd go PLATINUM in a WEEK !!!!!!!!! 🙏 사랑해사랑해사랑해🎵
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  • coming in this world fully naked. i dug deep into my heart for this tour. I learned more about myself, I learned more about you, and I hope you learned more about me with every show. a few more memories from my photo stash of the #lipsonlips showcase tour 📷💋. I saw a tweet where our fan base was showing love and respect to another fan that was being courteous and respectful while filming close up at one of the shows. It makes me so happy to know we have a space that promotes love and kindness to each other. those moments make this non stop work not feel like work at all. very excited for the lips on lips signing & acoustic set in seoul next week 💕
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  • 🎀💖🌸 my @galore cover shoot is wrapped! stay tuned 🌸💖🎀 @diormakeup #lipsonlips #bediorbepink
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  • the return to the city I was born in. I literally broke down on stage in ugly tears, but it felt so beautiful and free. you make me feel like the woman I want to be on stage. I have a ton of #lipsonlips showcase tour memories in my phone , will look for more to post through the week before my quick trip to korea to visit you 😍💝 #lipsonlips
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  • every night with you has been unforgettable & last night home in LA was the most perfect way to end. (especially when yer girl flies half way around the world to support you #GG4EVA💗) tbh it doesnt even feel like an end it feels like we just getting started 🥳 #LIPSONLIPSLA
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  • 🌹right by your side. right by my side 🌹. every city on the
    #lipsonlips showcase tour has brought us closer. I cant believe tonight is the last show, and IN LA!!!!! Are you ready?
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  • THIS IS YOURS 💗 my fans are everything, THANK YOU... and @iheartradio #iheartawards thank you so much 사랑해 지금도 앞으로 영원히 ✨
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  • dress you up in my love ❤️ #iheartawards
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  • come as you are 🐊
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  • Rehearsing 'BORN AGAIN.'
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  • every single second 🔂✨
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