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  • #BetrayalBroadway is officially open!
    Won’t ever forget it. Thank you to all our wonderful audiences so far and looking forward to all those yet to come.
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  • Warming up for the Opening Night of #BetrayalBroadway. Here we go. 📷:@jennyandersonphoto
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  • #BetrayalBroadway 🍳☕️
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  • “If you go through life without connecting to people, how much could you call that a life?” Very grateful to The New York Times for the opportunity to talk at depth about #BetrayalBroadway. 📷: @dedecim
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  • #BetrayalBroadway
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  • #betrayalbroadway
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  • Here’s the new Loki logo... and here’s how excited I am to get started.
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  • New office.
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  • 1 month. #AvengersEndgame
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  • 11m
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  • 11m
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  • Famine has been declared in South Sudan. Millions of children are in danger. @Unicef staff can reach children with life-saving food & care, and help prevent more cases of malnutrition. I’ve been to South Sudan twice in recent years to meet children and their families, and I've seen the impact @Unicef can make. - please visit the link in my bio to find out more.
    March 2017
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  • Look who I found in Beijing.
    March 2017
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  • Fun in Tokyo introducing #kongskullisland. My first time in Japan. Thank you to everyone who came to say hello.
    March 2017
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  • Eighteen months ago this group of people started filming Kong: Skull Island at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, Hawaii. It opens in cinemas today. An amazing crew. Proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with every one of them. #kongskullisland
    March 2017
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  • ¡Gracias Mexico! 🇲🇽 He disfrutado mucho la premiere latinoamericana de #KONGLaPelícula. #kongskullisland
    March 2017
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  • On my way to catch up with this crew. This time last year we flew to Vietnam, went on an incredible adventure, and made a movie about a great ape. Time to tell you all about it. #kongskullisland
    February 2017
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  • A huge thank you to @gucci. Grateful to have your partnership and support.
    Photo by @nathanielgoldberg for @gq
    February 2017
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  • "I, Daniel Blake". Essential viewing. Compassionate, wise, searing, and revolutionary. Such clarity and kindness from Ken Loach and Paul Laverty. We must do all we can to help each other out. Especially now.
    December 2016
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  • I've met so many brave children in South Sudan, who keep smiling in spite of the civil war which continues around them. The great people @Unicef and @unicefssudan are on the ground, helping to protect them from physical and psychological abuse, providing clean water, vaccines and education. We mustn’t forget about them. @Unicef_Uk #southsudan #southsudannow
    December 2016
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  • Team. @kongskullislandmovie #kongskullisland
    [📷: @voteroberts]
    November 2016
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