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Creative Director #VBSS20 #VBAW20 @victoriabeckhambeauty
  • Biscuit, butterscotch and so many more beautiful shades of beige x #VBSS20
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  • Soft yellow and the Runway sunglasses x #VBSS20 #VBEyewear
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  • Smart, easy separates for a Monday morning. X #VBSS20
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  • The houndstooth slim flare trouser – the ultimate leg lengthener #VBSS20
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  • Happy Father’s Day Xx I love u so much xxx
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  • Someone loves daddy 💕💕💕💕kisses @davidbeckham #Harperseven
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  • Happy Father’s Day @davidbeckham! We all love u so so much xxxx So many kisses from us all x we love u!!!! X @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven x
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  • Happy weekend! Playing dress up in Mummy’s sunglasses 😂🤔♥️
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  • The Layered Mask from #VBEyewear 🕶 x
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  • Happy Friday x #VBEyewear
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  • Beautiful friends @davidfurnish and @eltonjohn... u both look amazing in your VB pride shirts! 😉 Kisses!!! x VB
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  • The Bowie jacket meets the high-waisted trouser in Bordeaux 🍷 #VBSS20
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  • The kids in their Pride tees. Sound on for @georgemofficial! 🔊 kisses vb
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  • I’ve always felt a deep connection to the LGBTQ+ community and am proud to help support their continued message of positive change and inclusivity. My Pride t-shirt this year features the name of @georgemofficial’s iconic 1990 album, released exactly 30 years ago and used with the blessing of his estate. He was a true icon and the album, his music, and this t-shirt are reminders to always be kind and listen to one another - something I wholeheartedly believe in and a message I live by every day.
    25% of all sales of this shirt will go to @aktcharity and its work to combat LGBTQ+ youth homelessness in the UK. kisses xx VB
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  • Silk flowers and the fitted Faye jacket from #VBSS20 x
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  • One of my favourite looks from #VBSS20 x
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  • I can’t believe this was over 3 months ago. I took this photo while getting ready for a meeting - looking forward to getting dressed up again xx vb
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  • Family time with @davidbeckham and... the girls! Kisses Olive, Fig and Sage xx
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  • So proud of u @brooklynbeckham and @nicolaannepeltz. Love and miss u both so much xxx #blacklivesmatter
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  • Happy World Oceans Day! baby Victoria always loved being by the water ✨ x vb
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  • I’ve taken a step back this week to focus on the tragic events that have been highlighted recently. Watching things unfold and learning more about the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ve been truly sickened by how deeply ingrained racism is in our society. It’s clear that it’s each of our responsibilities to speak out and I want to use my platform for education, conversation and change. 
    The fashion industry has a huge role to play, and for me, it starts with representation, both within my business and who we work with externally. I’ve always aimed for inclusivity, but we all need to look inwards and be better. At Victoria Beckham, we’ve set up an internal working group as a first step and will provide additional support to ensure that we are listening to each other, discussing the issues, identifying unconscious bias in ourselves and ensuring our short and long-term actions reflect all our learnings.
    Whilst things won’t change or be solved in a day, we clearly can’t wait another day to start and I am absolutely committed to being better and doing more, both personally and professionally. I hope you all share my sentiment and are doing the same with your friends, family, brands and businesses so that we all play our part in this vital issue. x vb
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  • As a family, we will be observing this moment of silence to honour and respect the life of #GeorgeFloyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. I hope you and your loved ones will join me this evening at 8:45pm UK time. xVB #8minutesand46seconds
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  • It’s impossible not to be deeply moved by the tragic death of George Floyd.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and as a mother of four, what’s struck me the most is how important it is to not sit by and watch from the sidelines without doing anything. So as a family, we spent a lot of time this weekend talking and reading about the issue. At first, it was about how shocked and devastated we all are that this still happens in 2020, but has turned more to how we can be actively anti-racist, how we can stand in solidarity with the black community (not just right now, but always), and how we can make a difference.
    We signed the petition for George Floyd as a starting point, and I’ve found that @colorofchange, @naacp and @theconsciouskid are good resources for listening and educating ourselves. As a mother, I was also so, so moved by the eye-opening lyrics to @keedronbryant’s song.
    In addition to standing in solidarity, it’s our responsibility to speak out now and use our platforms for education, conversation and change. X VB
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  • Happy weekend! #VBSS20 x
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  • The Brigitte sandal for that Friday feeling 💛💜 x #VBSS20
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  • The key shoes of #VBSS20. The Catherine pump, Brigitte Sandal and Marlon loafer x
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  • My warm weather working from home wardrobe! Shorts & slippers. The dream 🙌 x Vb
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  • Ruffles, silk flowers and unexpected pairings. Key codes from #VBSS20 x
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  • Chestnut brown with a pop of bright blue. X #VBSS20
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  • The scarf midi dress. Vertical V’s, pleats and volume x #VBSS20
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  • Happy Bank Holiday! Kisses @davidbeckham #Harperseven x
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