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  • I was introduced to @TracyAndersonMethod by @GwynethPaltrow 9 years ago and have been working out with her ever since. I asked her to create videos of my workout so you can follow them while you are at home. Today is arms! Abs and legs will follow later this week. Discover them on IGTV. Thank u so much Tracy!!!! x Love you in #Veebok! xx Kisses
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  • Yesterday I had the humbling opportunity to speak to an NHS team in Scotland. Please have a look and listen to what they are saying. They are so inspiring and we all need to do our part in staying home and helping these incredible workers and their colleagues on the frontline x VB
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  • Yesterday I had the humbling opportunity to speak to 2 NHS teams in different parts of the UK. I have posted parts of the conversation on IGTV. Please have a look and listen to what they are saying. They are so inspiring and we all need to do our part in staying home and helping these incredible workers and their colleagues on the frontline x VB
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  • As with all businesses at this time, at @VictoriaBeckhamBeauty we have been navigating our way around these difficult new circumstances. We thought for a long time about pausing our latest launch but we heard our beauty community when they asked us when the new silk eye brick we previewed at my February show was launching. And so we decided to push forward and are happy to say it's here today! Head to Stories to discover @valeriaferreiramakeup applying it before a #TeamVB party a few months ago. A new satin shine finish with gilded tones to bring a fresh soft gold highlight and glow to your make up look. And we hope a little joy. 20% of all sales will help feed families during this difficult time through Feeding America and the Trussell Trust. x VB
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  • I didn’t know if I should post this or not.. A cover that was shot in what now feels like a different reality and time. I had so much fun shooting for @VogueMexico in New York a few months ago with the most incredible team. I hope that our creative industries can keep playing their part in allowing all of us some momentary escapism and inspiration as we live through these unprecedented times. I hold the memory of this shoot day with great happiness and so I decided to share it - and Vogue Mexico have made sure you can download the April issue for free x I hope you enjoy it. x Thank you to @Patti_Wilson @OrlandoPita @FulviaFarolfi @anlestudio @claudiavaldeza @nowopenvic. x VB
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  • As we enter week two of lockdown let’s all remember to take the time to look after ourselves xxxx VB
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  • Happy to be able to come together tonight with the whole country to thank the brave healthcare workers and brilliant NHS working tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19. Xx VB #ClapForOurCarers @davidbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven
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  • Even our pets feel unsettled x Let’s take the time to show them love too x We love u Fig xxx What are u doing to make ur pets feel loved? 🤔
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  • #TeamVB is WFH. And for those of us with kids we are also all working around a classroom schedule 🥴 Keep smiling! For as long as this is our new normal we will make it positive x (All technology accepted!!!!!) xxxx VB
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  • Today we celebrate a Mother’s Day like no other in the experience of our generation. So many of us won’t be able to see our mums today. Most of us will be sending them virtual love and gratitude, while thinking especially of the families with those on the frontlines taking care of others. We will all continue to be kind and resilient. Sending love to everyone today from us all x VB @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven
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  • Words can’t describe how thankful we all are for all the bravery and hard work of the healthcare workers during this uncertain time. Let’s all join together next week on March 26 to show our gratitude and solidarity with those on the frontline. #ClapForOurCarers xxxx VB
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  • Kisses @davidbeckham #weareallstayinghome X
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  • x VB
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  • So proud of @davidbeckham and team DB!!!! @intermiamicf Xxxx Kisses
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  • The family and I are here in Miami for the launch of @davidbeckham’s team. At times like this, the most important thing is to be with loved ones and to support each other. Let’s listen to the experts and stay safe x kisses from us all x
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  • Always listening to all of you and your feedback and am working on a new Bitten Lip Tint!!! Discover and share your comments on @victoriabeckhambeauty xxx Kisses
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  • Happy birthday to the most amazing mum and best friend x We all love you more than you could could ever know xxx I hope you have the most perfect day xx kisses @jackie.adams_ @louisesadams xxxx
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  • After a long weekend... #Veebok Available on Reebok.com and my website x VB
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  • Dancing till 6am! Kisses and happy 21st birthday @brooklynbeckham X I love u so much @davidbeckham 🎈x
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  • Happy International Women's Day from #TeamVB!!!! I’m so grateful today and every day for all the incredible women I get to work with, just some of them pictured here. Xxxx kisses VB #IWD2020
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  • It’s book day!! Kisses from Hermione #harrypotter #harperseven X
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  • VVB Spring/Summer 2020 is here, and it’s cheery, confident, and strong! Discover it at the link in bio and 36 Dover Street. x VB
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  • My babies x I love u @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham 🎂 🎁 🍰 X I @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #harperseven x
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  • Happy Birthday Brooklyn x We are so proud and love you so so much xxxx kisses @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham 🎂 🎁 🍰
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  • 21 years ago today the most beautiful soul came into the world and changed our lives forever. Sensitive, sweet, kind and funny, you are our everything ✨ I love you so much @davidbeckham xxx Happy Birthday @brooklynbeckham 🎁 🎂 🎈
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  • Love @JodieMComer in this #VBSS20 suit!! Paired with the ruffle neck blouse in vanilla white with flower brooch in the April issue of @BritishVogue. x Kisses
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  • Kisses to my lovely friends x @misslivalittle @evalongoria @kenpaves X @intermiamicf 🇺🇸
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  • I’m so excited!!! So many kisses @davidbeckham @intermiamicf and Team DB!! x VB
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  • So so so proud of you, and look at that smile!!! @davidbeckham Xx @intermiamicf X kisses from LA!! X 🇺🇸
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  • A new kind of sexy - no restrictions, not much skin on show but a sense of the body and the woman inside. Discover my #VBSS20 collection at the link in bio x VB
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  • Slick suiting - retro inspired with a modern edge. Discover #VBSS20 online now and at 36 Dover Street in London. x VB
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