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LET THE GAME BEGIN. Enjoy episode 805 of #gameofthrones

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@shilohsqueen0430 My reaction to your bum when I took that long look. Haha. Thank you for the amazing performance Sir Jaimie Lannister
@postit_inspiration I wish I looked as good as u banging my sis ❤️
@azhy491 feels good to know what the world wants to know but can't unless you tell them huh?
@abbasnoruzi78 عالیه این بشر ... اصلا طی یه پروسه عجیبی حق شد ... 👍 @mahdi___yadegari
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@catchinglosangeles @trekkingguy ZAAAAMIE😍
@anggi_saen Youre realy getting older 😅 luv u as ser jaime ur best 😍
@total_unicorn I cried sooo much
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@leslieviscioni @nikolajwilliamcw you are adorable
@boidakoff Happy birthday ❤️
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@mar17io That moment when u don’t know what to say
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@cat_mcgregor_ Omg! I just laughed way too hard at this 😂
@itssuzanneg That was a pretty good summary.