IG Rebel Wilson | We did THE SOUND OF MUSIC 🎶 tour in Salzburg yesterday #edelweiss #captainvontrapp #favouritethings #JulieAndrewsisabossbitch❤️


We did THE SOUND OF MUSIC 🎶 tour in Salzburg yesterday #edelweiss #captainvontrapp #favouritethings #JulieAndrewsisabossbitch❤️

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@lay_d_m Rebel, you are looking great!
@kleinesentchen1 Buy a house in Austria and live here in the summer 🙆🙆
@atelierguilloche It’s pretty great, right?!?!😻❤️
@mozy_000 Babe how do you look so dam beautiful even casual? I literally just thought how do we spell our Aussie short version of casual. Cajsh? You’ll know what I mean.
@sarahcob hope u did some singing around the fountain @rebelwilson 💖💖💖 looking beautiful too
@smmadams Loved that tour. It was very entertaining
@twinterbrownn That looks so fun!
@snapshot_ca SWITZERLAND!!! COME OVER!! ♥️🇨🇭👑
@katrina731 Salzburg is one of my favorite places ❤️
@cardiacmafl Love that town ❤️
@schmidleslie @eleni.samantha I know I saw this yesterday. What are the odds
@tommykyd Looks so exciting. I’m doing the SOM tour in a few weeks 🙌🏽
@blondebitchla 🥂
@achaney31 Are you losing worght or do my eyes deceive me?
@magic_rabbithunter @rebelwilson rebel you should try on a dirndl! 😍
@finetoad 💪
@yusufturan5 Daltons
@juliamarshall92 @marychristmasmorgan we did this!
@xx.yowyn_love.xx Hi I am well aware this isn't part of the picture but I love you and I think you and Chris Hemsworh should make a movie together as secret agents and you should be the better one and he should be the nerdy clumsy but cute one😎🔥😍
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@ideagalmaria Done that. So fun. Make sure you head to Fortress Hohensalzburg above the cemetery.
@morganleighday @hunteratunc I legit thought this was you and then was immediately jealous you had become bfs with rebel.
@fdicllt Je kiffe ton style. C'est dingue comme tout te va bien
@morganleighday @hunteratunc I legit thought this was you and then was immediately jealous you had become bfs with rebel.
@ks17534 @molls11doyle its in our destiny
@chelseamango Love that tour!! Is so fun!
@mamagxxx Loved this tour 😍 went with my daughter 2 years ago and made her singalong 😜
@kaitlyn.jordan07 Omg I love the sound of music!!🎶🎵👂
@teri6950 I friggen love you .You ARE MY THERAPIST. LOL💋💪💆
@ginooldybutgoldy Enjoy our beautiful Austria. Cool to have you here
@misszombiecake You're in Salzburg? You're about ten hours away from me??? If you get in a car now you can make it in time for lunch and a castle tour. ;)
@bigmommykane We love you! From Fair Haven NJ
@dmitrey287 💜💜💜
@an_g_gel 🔥🔥🔥
@marcialopes1414 Awesome!!!! So tell me... Did you sing to see If the hills are live with the sounnd of music ? @rebelwilson
@katiemdellie @coynestagram we are definitely going at some stage!
@ssandvig3 No way!! Im going there in a phew weeks time with my school should’ve came later 🤣 so I could’ve met u!!! 😂
@jo.c.2000 Visited Salzburg the same day! It’s beautiful.
@valeriebieling @victoria.bieling WAS?????? MAAAAA 😭😭😭
@love_certified Amazing! Be sure to come check out our page 💖