IG Kristen Bell | Weather by Michigan. Spindrift by Spindrift. @spindriftfresh #puremichigan


Weather by Michigan.
Spindrift by Spindrift.


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@mbusuito @matt_zu - Michigan is so cool!!!!!
@ticbyrd Okay, can we talk about your skin?! I see all your posts and marvel at your wit, kindness, generosity...and your glowing, beautiful SKIN!! What’s your secret?? (Love, Terri from Alabama)
@lillycanfly @tokyo_natty the gold shell necklace loveee
@lulibren Vos criticabas mi collar panameño @jeminacamp
@kioni_sophia I love this necklace😍 @kristenanniebell where is it from ???
@reswein #puremichigan is the best!!! :)
@jess_one_more Looooove
@cliftonfrederick Nice shells around your neck.
@fernando.escobedo2 Interesting
@alicorn444 That necklace though..... where is it from?! 🔥
@wfl1950 We need MORE seasons of VERONICA MARS......Thank You, kindly
@a.mtl @mtlsandy this is the necklace!
@schul12 🤤
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@erica_ekg Thanks for repping Michigan 😊
@s.vftkristen that necklace - kristen is now a vsco girl, try change my mind 😂
@flipfonetia I need those sun glasses🙋‍♀️👋
@elo1984t She looks like Diane Kruger on that one!!
@clearpuff vsco gal
@genevievevandegrift @fashionistaover40 😍😍😍
@ihearthippo Necklace by??
@katiedinschel my favorite vsco girl
@caseyfranson Such beauty inside & out❗❗
@imjenniferlynn From binge watching Veronica Mars, and the good place, and overhearing a very familiar voice on the never ending repeat of Frozen. You have by far become one of my favorite actors! And diggin the necklace! @kristenanniebell