IG Jessica Chastain | Not to give too much away, but when it comes to @itmovieofficial here’s the tea ☕️


Not to give too much away, but when it comes to @itmovieofficial here’s the tea ☕️

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@mendeznico74 My Mommy You Are My Family And I Will Not Let You Never Cry You Are A Woman Of Gold And Beautiful woman warrior, tireless fighter and I admire because despite your fears you face fate as a beast
@lizzieac Hey.. hopefully some day we will meet.. AT’s mom
@mendeznico74 My mommy you are the best in the world and I will never let you cry for bad people and less for love I am going to give you a lot of love because you are valuable and you are my family and I will always be together with you on your beautiful feet and you are more beautiful than Angelina Jolie and the boxer and actress gina carano you are much better and those beautiful eyes of you I will not let you cry ever and I love you very much your only child
@fumble34 I here by declare that the President has a very small penis!
@humza6161 I've seen the first chapter of It can't wait for chapter two
@humza6161 You being in this movie might make it even better
@gokcee_61 Полинка, я тоже сначала не хотела в это верить, но сейчас видимо такое время что зарбатывают на всем, попробовала получилось, вчера 68895рyб перевели на карту, если интересно смотри у меня на стрничке.
@beauty_basic_instinct 😘😘😘
@mendeznico74 my mommy you are my real family and I will not let you ever suffer you are my own life and I will be on your beautiful and beautiful feet
@mendeznico74 My mommy, I want to tell you happy children's day, we all have a child inside and the truth is that when adults make children they are children and true children are adults because they do not make wars and do not want to contaminate and love animals and this is a reflection and you are my family that I will take care of you forever and with all my respect
@scranticitiy spill the tea sis
@razon._.vip This is a good picture but I don’t know if it is because of good lighting or place… maybe composition 😉👍
@mendeznico74 My mommy you are my family and I will never let them hurt you you are the best and I will be on your beautiful feet
@wanglaoye1997 👀
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@geon_woo_kim_ 인터스털라 잘 봤어요
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@logan_teather Its gonna be lit!
@_robbybissell_ i am SO happy you have instagram
@ka_zmuda How professional 😂👌💪❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
@chxstainiac I can’t believe how fast the time has gone? I swear it was like yesterday that you were announced as Adult Bev and we all lost our minds 💛 so so proud of you
@eduardo_gzss1516 @jessicachastain Verry good