IG Dwayne Johnson | And smokin’ still ain’t allowed in school. #HobbsAndShaw #Venice @hhgarcia41 📸


And smokin’ still ain’t allowed in school.
#HobbsAndShaw #Venice
@hhgarcia41 📸

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@puppy_lover_gms You need to talk to the young people about all this vape, juul, and all the new fancy ways they have found to start smoking everything from tobacco, to pot, to dabs, to anything they can inject in these things. They think its kool, its accessories to being kool. But it's dangerous, and its availability is such a simple thing. They are bringing them to school , we are seeing them in middle and HS levels. Please speak out about the dangers of this too popular device.
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@elizabeth_detrich When I think I can't do a spin class, too tired, too lazy, too whatever - I'll think of this post and get my 52 y.o. butt in gear! Thanks for the motivation, the afterglow makes it all worth it. Well that and a bourbon as a treat.
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@quemasito16 Mr. The Rock, Do you give me permisson to use this photo as a wallpaper?
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