IG Kristen Bell | First stills of #FROZEN2 and introducing @evanrachelwood as #Queeniduna and @sterlingkbrown as #GeneralMattias! I'm so excited for you to see this film!!!


First stills of #FROZEN2 and introducing @evanrachelwood as #Queeniduna and @sterlingkbrown as #GeneralMattias!

I'm so excited for you to see this film!!!

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@kumul_morobe Gonna force my 11 years old daughter to go and watch #frozen 2 with me.. She grew past the first movie but mama never left.... 😂😂😂💕💕💕💕
@megan_m15 @maevelarrabee 😍😍😍
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@bellasoccers12 I KNOW this will get lost in the comments but I just needed to tell you to keep doing you and be yourself. I admire you a lot. Keep changing the world Kristen! I’m so proud of you! You mean the world to us! I’ll be crying in my living room and then I put “ Veronica Mars” or “ the good place”. And it’s like I never shed a tear at all. Thank you. May god bring happiness and peace to your family.
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@hangryvegan My not-quite-two year old has fallen into the Disney Frozen abyss where everything is Frozen. Needless to say, this household is on the edge of our seat waiting for it. PS your voice is amazing, Kristen. ⛄️🌨❄️
@ahah_its_leah I honestly never knew you were Anna 😂😂😭😍😍😍😍can't wait to see frozen 2
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@sarahjurlacher @mrsreinowski sterling! In frozen!
@youve_got_kail @erinfaren92 Evan Rachel wood!!
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@dani_dattellas @katedattellas
@jordanbodie_ @masonbodie_ THERE IS GONNA BE A FROZEN 2
@bigsexy81987 Please tell me when in November!!! I’m due Nov. 12 and I want to see before baby number 3 arrives!!! And that’s if she waits until then or maybe she’ll come later... I don’t know but I want to see this!! And in the theater!!
@beckafleck CAN. NOT. WAIT!!! Date night for me and my little lady 😍
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@ulianarusch В России его ждут не меньше)))) мы тоже вас любим😄😄😄
@tomj440 2 months more of excruciating PAIN!!😃 Waiting....for Frozen2. But it's sooo gunna be worth it! 💚💙🍫⛄❄ @jaidy.bos @princesskeilee @kaylie_loves_life
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@seamusomurray Hey Ms Bell I was lucky enough to talk to your husband last week and wanted to tell you I can’t wait for the field trip day for Frozen 2!! So stoked and that I watched all of season 1 last night this morning of The Good Place and omg 😳 when what happens happened , lol my brain had to reboot!! 🤣 Top job I cannot wait till this afternoon to start season 2 u and Dax kick ass!! We love you all around here have a great day tel your husband to keep up the rhyming stand up lol