IG Kristen Bell | Best time at the @airbnb in temecula! #temuscany forever!!!! @misslauramoses @mlpadman @jessrowland31 @erikajaye @charcurtis @hiryanhansen @amyhansen31 @daxshepard @mollser


Best time at the @airbnb in temecula!
#temuscany forever!!!!
@misslauramoses @mlpadman @jessrowland31 @erikajaye @charcurtis @hiryanhansen @amyhansen31 @daxshepard @mollser

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@mrspalatucky Temecula represent! @ilovetemecula
@amberndon My daughter and I discovered Veronica Mars and have done extreme binge watching of the show. I can’t believe I missed out on it when I was younger but I’m so glad my daughter and I can bond over it. Currently season 2 episode 11. #teamlogan
@lstreet1604 Great picture ❤️
@ch.eryl8693 Kids in rainbow. I love rainbow...love kids 👏❤️
@queenla_tesha Oh my home!
@j.r.heartbreak Temecula?! That’s where I live 🤯
@candacerein @lotsoflittle
@taksista69 ❤️
@sarah_laliberte @jacquelyncronk
@fantails24 I love how you hide the kids faces. You shouldn't have to do that but in this day and age people don't understand privacy matters.
@brischultz81 Wow! You were in my hometown!!! I fell in love with you guys after seeing the amazing Toto video you and Dax did...love that song (hard as hell to karaoke though😬😂). I have followed you guys ever since and you are both such an inspiration of what relationships are really like...thanks for being honest and open about the struggles! It keeps this mom of 5 spanning 9mo to 18yo going! And boo to all you negative trolls out there...only could stand to read a couple comments but your negativity and opinions are unwelcome!!!
@dogsandcarstuff @electrickittycorns
@dogsandcarstuff @kristenanniebell I live in Temecula! Well, Winchester, but close! Wish my gf and I had run into you guys! ❤️😁👍
@muhamedisejni ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️so beautiful love❤️❤️
@ppcmfund Woman and families need to stick together and Spread the awareness of this global Preventable pregnancy Induced heart failure. No healthy girl needs to die from PPCM bc there’s a cure. The medical community has zero awareness! Also the death rate is as high as cancer but nobody’s aware of this?!?! HOW?!?! California has the highest death rate in the nation. I am the one% survivor in Los Angeles to spread the awareness. Educate yourself and others. We need a voice because one conversation can save lives globally. The cure is the “NT-Pro BNP” thanks for your voice and support 💪♥️ Lindsay
@melaniemontana78 And you didn’t stop by and say hi?!??
@mrs_halley Do you always hide your kids faces? If so, I LOVE that. The more I keep driving into your account, the more I love you as a person and not just an actress.
@katelyn_woolcott Hey @kristenanniebell my sister and I are on a HUNT for this white tank. Where did you get it? Thought we should just come to the source! Thank you!
@bizhansariaslani 👃💕💗💋
@scorpion236d It’s pretty goddamn chickenshit to cover up the kids faces, Jesus Christ