IG Kristen Bell | Starks in the streets, wildlings in the sheets. My ride or die #dadbeast. @daxshepard #temuscany


Starks in the streets, wildlings in the sheets.
My ride or die #dadbeast.

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@krys2dakiss This is gonna get lost in the comments but... I keep rewatching the interview of yours talking about your toxic trait and it’s really helping me deal with a relationship I asked the universe for and basically fucked that all up because of my toxic trait... At least now I know in the future what to do better, as I need to be a better partner to whoever my chosen person will be in the future. So very helpful ♥️
@blottermonkey Amazing pic of you guys together.... just bc she's my celeb crush if anyone asked (LOL) doesn't mean I don't think you guys look perfect together and I'm so happy for you guys!
@melsavic_ Couple goals even though I’m single
@arebollar2 Lol love it! And how do you keep your skin so flawless @kristenanniebell . I’m 38 and feel like my skin is betraying me haha.
@sillyhope @edithjaehne as we talked about tonight, you need to follow @kristenanniebell and @daxshepard 🥰
@somariah I ♥️ ♥️ you guys!!!
@sexandthecityitalia 💕
@skyhighfour20 Such a cute power couple!! Love you both ❤️🤘😘😍
@bethspyro @trevspy look you and Dax have matching tats
@caio_lambert.z 🤠
@clarisseisawesome @cougarific
@erikkadanielle @diplo ?¿
@itsmrshawn We have hot sauce bottles at home that are called fuck you.... 😂😂😂 Man U are my favorite
@glaciergurl603 Nice tat
@1967cpc ❤️
@withlovealexx @kallzone_7 the caption lmao.
@dr_hunter_s_thompson You guys look like white trash bags on low tide.
@austenmedia ❤️❤️❤️💃🌱
@rafaelhenrique.andradedantas Love for movies
@1eightywellbeing best couple ever
@msjenbarnhart @kristenanniebell I’m fairly certain that my husband is having an affair with your husband. Each night, he stays up late in bed, listening to Armchair Expert through his headphones. When he complains about being tired the next day, I simply respond “Did you and Dax stay up too late?” 😂😂
@rosievelaofficial Love Dax too. Such Talent you both have.
@kiraavery @tommystef I love them