IG Kristen Bell | Starks in the streets, wildlings in the sheets. My ride or die #dadbeast. @daxshepard #temuscany


Starks in the streets, wildlings in the sheets.
My ride or die #dadbeast.

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@1eightywellbeing best couple ever
@msjenbarnhart @kristenanniebell I’m fairly certain that my husband is having an affair with your husband. Each night, he stays up late in bed, listening to Armchair Expert through his headphones. When he complains about being tired the next day, I simply respond “Did you and Dax stay up too late?” 😂😂
@rosievelaofficial Love Dax too. Such Talent you both have.
@kiraavery @tommystef I love them
@mita0279 💐💐💐💐
@wheresclare2 @tsitsil
@langi_laa @lisal.hansen this caption has got me 😂💀💀💀💀💀
@helloxsteph I thought he was Mrbeast when I first looked
@leajroaa I 💖 you guys 😍😍
@malloryw24 @kristenanniebell you guys always look so happy together and make such a sweet couple, any advice on how to keep the spark? My and my bf have been together 7yrs and I feel like an old married couple(not married bit have 4 yr old)
@2_keke 🌴🌴
@megan_stepien @legacystar
@laurenalisabeth Hi, i know very well that you probably won’t read this but here it goes. I’m a queer woman in Bristol Tennessee. I just need seed money to start a low waste general store. Please help make my dream come true.
@am.webb @maiceywebb_
@staceymercer70 Tell your husband call tattoo
@hroche881 Both of you are so cute 🙌🤗😘
@halfbreed_wolflove ✨💞💗'💞💜✨
@jlynetteg #weakhearted 🔥❤️
@christibiscuit @the_amanda_show_89 you and Dax Shepherd have matching tattoos!
@shadowmoon.moonshadow Dax is really out here posing for photos like this but blocking people when they say he looks like the lead singer of nickelback? 🤦🏽‍♀️
@thestudiobylmp_beth I’m so bummed I didn’t know you guys were out here! Please come back and we can share a glass o wine! #loveallyoudo #armchairy #elsaatparties
@acantharayne.oakmoon OMG, Dax's tattoo is real... I assumed it was only on there for The Ranch. It's awesome!
@lbw317317 Seriously, Haters always be hating!!! Why can't you just be happy for people, rather than attack them just for being human??? Seriously, if this is a toxic relationship... please define healthy!!! If you can not, maybe (just maybe) your relationships are "toxic." As my grandma used to say, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all." Dax and Kristen, you guys are the best and I find your open and honestness truly refreshing!!! And to quote my fellow DJ Lady Sovereign, "Love Me or Hate Me, it's Still an Obsession"... ❤❤❤