IG Nicole Kidman | Happiness is a sleepy puppy 💕


Happiness is a sleepy puppy 💕

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@kelskirk I put in an application for this lovely puppy 💓
@teo_molte_94 Hh
@teo_molte_94 H
@itsokoriginals Omg! My heart melted!!🐶✌️❤️
@macci.art Beautiful post!!!👍
@fbrockveld can't wait my NDA. I will not.
@spain_carlos Happiness is a sleepy puppy and a beautiful lady holding him !
@fatmakaratas.t 👍👍
@markovicsawa 💞💞💞💞💞💞
@juveriyarockzz 💖💖
@monypuntoebasta 😍❤️😍❤️👍👍👍
@hamedpartoafkan @nicolekidman PIR NASHO LANAATI PLEASE😑
@sausalitochef What about happiness is being with your children. Why do you never spend time with your first two. I don’t understand how a mother could do that. Regardless your marriage didn’t work out or the fact you didn’t bear them yourself. Their your children. You include your current husband and those two daughters, but your first two. Wrong on so many levels.
@aravazquezz ❤️
@econica so true @sheloves2sew
@nudgewellness Seeet
@sodapopsonia Random question... die hard practical magic fan here... whens the last time you saw Sandy? 😍
@luixa_xl Canijo💚
@aleksey__kuznetcov 😍
@ednamottaaisha Linda❤️❤️
@masonhoward62 😄🍒😅 not a baby
@purplechezz964 Hiw cute 😃💜
@pippapbennett You just can’t share such a cuteness!!! I want that puppy too! 🐶😻
@elizabethobrien3993 @nicolekidman 😱 what an adorable 🐕💝💝💝💯. Did you take it home? They are much better than people