IG Nicole Kidman | Thank you #TIFF19 for having us ❤️


Thank you #TIFF19 for having us ❤️

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@annbritt9386 Света..недавно вышел новый#закон,сейчас всем гражданам СНГ полагается компенсация страховых вычетов от 35000р., мне 41000р. выплатили, я вот недавно новость прочла,там рассказано как получить, погляди мой проифль, я там оставила источник на новость
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@bootytastesogood You guys look like a family lol
@therealsimonna You’re such a queen 🙌🏽 @nicolekidman
@1rene.gugl1 Amazing photo 👏😍
@deardarlena Hey @nicolekidman - as an avid fan of yours, I'd love to see you pledge to campaign for the global #climatestrike which would be held on September 20. Join us and 100s of other Australian businesses by taking the pledge: www.notbusinessasusual.com.au 🤩
@prkavenue #justiceforkotku
@seashells_cr I was at the premier Sunday 😊 You were/are brilliant and beautiful as always. I can't wait for ppl to see this film. Recently finished Season 2 of Big Little Lies. You were amazing in it ❤❤as were all the ladies
@joaoclerton_ Beautiful
@m.alahverdi245 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@mehrschonewiedie He is so funny, she has Gute Dress!❤️
@estelarnova My husband and I had our first date tonight after 3+years. We love each other but he is a military man and I understand I'm second priority, well let me tell you that we don't have to words to let you know how deep touching stimulating beyond amazing ! You all took us to a depth of our souls that had not been reached, it broke me (in a good way) spiritually mentally emotionally, there is a reason for everything, even for the things in life that break us and make us live when our heart and spirit can be dead, but in the big picture there is also a reason bigger than ourselves there is a timing for perfection that is beyond our understanding.... I can go on and on about the difference it has made in our lives... enough about me! Congratulations to all actors writers producers make-up artists EVERYONE! what an honor all you that have created brought to life and engraved in our souls This MASTERPIECE #goldfinchmovie
@404dino Your legs???
@koos.manshanden Beautyfull Picture By A Evening So Nice
@sirarmani84 Just saw the film earlier. It was nothing short of Exceptional.
@el.kolpakova Thank you for your role! excellent!👏🏻
@markovicsawa 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
@yutaka_nagura かつて、境には壁がなかった 移民は、越えて行った 大統領は国に、建て物の値段を言った ホームレスは、失業した デモクラッツは、人々に言った
@ok22021992 Loved the Goldfinch so much ❤️
@juveriyarockzz 💖
@ciaocmc Wonderful movie! more easily understood if you read the book, but the movie followed the book.💖
@carlosluz56 Beatiuful de Guarujá sp brazil
@louiseallisonhague ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@aleksey__kuznetcov 💫