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@celiababou 🙏🏼❤️
@artsu_amelia I believe this and practice it everyday❤️, though I have been abused and beaten by men my whole life, I know not all men or people are this way and won't let it make me cruel or unfair towards other men or people because of it. Though I'm having a hard time I know that things will get better if I work towards it and am kind and understanding on my way to better times.🙏
@immrsrdh @ccangieann I’m trying this. Just because they hurt me and make me feel bad doesn’t mean I should treat them that way 💕
@mamii.savage__ 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
@nosyflower98 Thank you for sharing☺️
@colleenboehme @archivearchive this is what I was talking about
@yoga_with_kassandra Yes beautiful!
@si_copn @kristenanniebell way to love lady Bell
@iloveallmykidsthemost 100% needed this today. Teacher, parent, foster, wife, survivor... giving back keeps me grounded.
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@stephiewakefield Truth🙌💕
@kelseyleigh_lovespidey Amen
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@endure_life I needed this right now ❤️ thank you
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@kellymurphy_wellness Preach it 😍👌
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@koachkc @brittneecarlton THIS. It’s why you’re a nurse and I’m a gymnastics coach...And Bell here is obvibombs low key telling us that we’re her new best friends💯
@muhammad.rifki.17 i'm sorry. can you forgive me
@wise.women Awe. ❤️
@yoginihennabodyart Amen🙏🏼🌸🎯
@sharkgirl07 So don't threaten children because you are insecure with your own choices?
@badbillymedia WOW @kristenanniebell Imagine a world where individuals were so positive, empathetic and open minded like you! #strongamazingwomen #inspired