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@endure_life I needed this right now ❤️ thank you
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@kellymurphy_wellness Preach it 😍👌
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@koachkc @brittneecarlton THIS. It’s why you’re a nurse and I’m a gymnastics coach...And Bell here is obvibombs low key telling us that we’re her new best friends💯
@muhammad.rifki.17 i'm sorry. can you forgive me
@wise.women Awe. ❤️
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@sharkgirl07 So don't threaten children because you are insecure with your own choices?
@badbillymedia WOW @kristenanniebell Imagine a world where individuals were so positive, empathetic and open minded like you! #strongamazingwomen #inspired
@yazmatazz13 Just listened to you on the first episode of Armchair Expert. 👏🏽👏🏽 Thank you for being so real. I had to laugh at the argument about Michaels because it sounds like the kind of fights we have in our home. Thanks for sharing your struggles and putting out the message that marriage takes work and that you have to put the work in! You are amazing!
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@_earth_angel_357 You should take your own advice...
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