IG Kristen Bell | 🍁❄🍂❄ November 22!!!


🍁❄🍂❄ November 22!!!

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@ty.v.fl I am more excited about this than my kids are. I might even go alone the night it comes out. I don’t need any interruptions
@mariahcoffer @fr3shj
@jennyanthony4 @taylorleanna_
@howruchilsi @happybeingsimple
@shilogroover So so so excited for this!!!!!! My family is Counting down the days!!
@marylesmulligan Ummmm what else would you do to celebrate EG’s birthday and your anniversary??? @kendallpkennedy
@andrea.ramirez_7 @jgramirez_84 we need tickets ☝🏼
@grass_braga So excited!!!
@dll_mobile @karen_goes_places @disneystudios @instawargo @disneysprings @wftv9 @abc7la @sagaftra @cmudrama @joshgad
@m.nikan64 @fateheshmati
@megsully016 @seymoura16 let’s plan to go
@shazia88s @ayeshah.hassan you were right lol
@krom_bomb @kourtneymatter @switeylopes @frannymcb @cskrom @ckbienemann we going over thanksgiving?!
@sarahsrkh @maudmrr bientôt 😆🤩
@lblizz1 @kristenanniebell I'm thinking of taking my 3 year old to see it. Is it suitable for a kid his age?? ♡♡
@1rene.gugl1 Nice 😍
@harrypotter._.101 One day before my birthday 🎂 ❤️
@ashacado.art I love this poster purely because it makes Olaf look bigger than Sven.
@angelia.vass I’m Dead... @lindsay_neil__ #frozen 😼
@teema_.ahmad @justinlong You Are Just Jealous That Kristeina Bell Is Going To First You To Watch Frozen 2 That Is Why You Told Her Nobody Is Going To Watch Frozen 2 And Infact Many Peeps Are Going To Watch It You Are Just Jealous For Example Now If You Are A Director Or A Voice Actor Of A Movie If Many People Told You "Stop Trying Nobody Is Going To Watch This"You Will Feel Bad And You Said Nobody Is Going To Watch It Maybe Is Only You That Is Not Going To Watch It But I Know Many People Are Going To Watch It So Just Face It
@pellamac I literally just went to watch the movie and I wanna go again. I cried and I laughed and my heart pounded hard. Bravo! It’s beeeeeautiful!♥️
@armiaredza 👋👋👋👋👋🎊
@tk_rockett White washed 2