IG Kristen Bell | 🍁❄🍂❄ November 22!!!


🍁❄🍂❄ November 22!!!

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@sasirekha_03 @smriti.shreya7
@capecodchick @morganhhowes @madisonhowes_ can we please go over thanksgiving?
@estmeetswst I Omazed this...!❤️💝😍
@erinmariiiiie So so excited♥️♥️♥️
@salmonwoman19 I love everything you do! My brother Eric is obsessed with frozen! He’s been in the hospital up here in Alaska for over a week now and had surgery Tuesday almost a week ago. Was wondering if he could get a shout out from you? He watches anything frozen on YouTube when he’s home from school. It would make his day and help him feel so much better from a shout out from Anna from the movie if possible?
@chapmansarashafer @camogirl_1987 I can't wait
@wickedshanelle I can’t wait to see your movie, I’m actually watching the first one this morning, it doesn’t get old. Even if my boys say they are too old for Frozen ( 9 & 13 y/o), I’m a fan! #frozen #frozen2iscoming #bigkidatheart #nevertoooldforfrozen
@taylittle_ @coley_45 we NEED to be here for this. Taking Ry.
@madilands14 @bean170
@littlone23 @tpiatz when are we going?!?!
@rohanjerath ❤️❤️😍
@kierstegrammm @arcticwhite_ss plz take me 2 see this
@darbykelleher @brittaanykelleher sister date to see this please
@darbykelleher @js434012 I’m crying omg
@lsimmons623 I am a grown 30 year old woman with three daughters. And I may or may not be more excited than they are. 🙈🙈🙈🤷🏻‍♀️
@gabby.kwon @jnnfrkm_ are U interested???
@sincerelycecile @juliana_bibawy @anastasia_bibawy we have to get our tickets!!!!!!!!!!
@lauraherminia2 Tia are you taking elise !! @celestialdrops
@hlm89 Comes out on my 30th birthday!! 😍