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  • Friday = weekly roundup. Let me know whatcha been watchin this week! ✌🏽
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  • Open your heart to the world this week & see what light shines your way! Let’s be friends Billy. Let’s be friends. #MondayMotivation
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  • Time for the weekend! Which means... weekly roundup. Have a good one everyone! #FridayFeeling
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  • Ethan Hart. Reprisal. Coming soon to Hulu.
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  • Cause I miss New York 🍎
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  • What a week! As always thanks for all the love and support 🙏🏽 Have an awesome weekend!
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  • Hanging out without Abu hasn’t been the same...
    Have a great holiday to you guys celebrating!
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  • #Aladdin is @willsmith’s biggest movie, coincidently it’s mine too! 😉 Still can’t believe this awesome journey. Here’s a look back at our world tour.
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  • You talkin to me? Wear your favorite pair of sunglasses today and walk with swag! #NationalSunglassesDay
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  • Guy: You really have to stop eating the Turkish delights on set.
    Me: ...but they’re vegan though...
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  • That ‘summer has officially started’ feeling. Hope you all had an amazing weekend, keep smiling this week!
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  • Strong selfie game since day 1! #NationalSelfieDay
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  • There’s no place like home! Ending our #Aladdin press tour in Toronto was beyond special & so happy to have brought the film to my home town and old high school! #TheSix was unreal, you really made me feel special. Thank you Toronto 🇨🇦 📹 @stirlingbrandon
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  • Smiling because #Aladdin is the number 1 movie in the UK for the 4th weekend in a row! Thanks so much for all your support 🙏🏾 Can’t tell you how much it means to us & all artists of color! And yes. We know it looks like we’re getting married 😂
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  • Pops. I know I’ve surprised you quite a bit growing up. I was very traditionally unconventional - I moved away from home young, went to theatre school, worked at a restaurant while pursuing my dreams - all things that made you nervous. Thank you for your sacrifices, for showing me what the meaning of being a ‘man’ is. That it has nothing to do with gender. It’s about supporting and lifting up those you love. Thank you for trusting & believing in me. Love you bro 🤪
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  • Grazie millie @zegnaofficial for inviting me to an incredible show last night in Milano. @Alessandrosartoriofficial you are a genius & a bright light! #UsetheExisting #ZegnaSS20 #ZegnaXXX
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  • Getting to work with our incredible puppeteers & VFX department to create Abu and Magic Carpet was one of the coolest creative experiences I’ve had so far. Who’s seeing #Aladdin this weekend?
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  • Under the Tuscan sun in Florence for @givenchyofficial ‘s #GivenchySS20 Men’s show. Congratulations to @clarewaightkeller for an incredible Men’s launch! #GivenchyxPitti
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  • Have an amazing week everyone!! Don’t forget to buy your copy of @_manabouttownuk photographed 📷 by the one & only @alexilubomirski. Link in bio.
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  • @willsmith always keeping us grounded. Throwback to Will’s last day on #Aladdin. Working with all these superstars (inside & out) will be something to cherish forever. Thank you for continuing to go out & supporting this film weekend after weekend 🙏🏽
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  • Just a royal reminder that #Aladdin is still out in theaters. We have pets in our film 2. Just saying 😉
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  • The face you make when people tell you they haven’t seen #Aladdin yet.

    @hemispheresmag 📷 @bradtorchia
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  • Hope you’re not all BTS’d out cause we’ve got some cool #Aladdin things coming!
    Also winner of contest announced on Twitter!
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  • Nothing like a sunny day in California! @hm_man #hmman #sponsor
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  • 1 Million!!!
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  • BTS during One Jump. There were so many sequences to accomplish during this number. At one point @guyritchie decided I’d be doing the camera work as well 😁 #Aladdin
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  • My weekend outfit from now on. Would you rock Prince Ali or #Aladdin fit?
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  • Are you going to see #Aladdin this weekend? Post a photo of your ticket to Twitter or Instagram with #Mena and #Aladdin and I could be sending you a signed poster and personalized video message!
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  • Let’s recap shall we?
    Paris • London • Berlin • Amman • Mexico City • Los Angeles • Toronto
    What a ride!! Go see #Aladdin this weekend, you won’t regret it! 🙏🏽
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  • THANK YOU to all the magazines who gave me the opportunity to shoot covers this #Aladdin tour. To all the editors, stylists, photographers, crew, and of course my team @remba_ @whatinthesamrubyhill - thank you! This has been a blast!
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  • POWER COUPLE!! And I’m not talking about #Aladdin & Jasmine this time. These ladies 💕
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