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  • The joy I feel when I think about what we have in store for the #KCA this weekend.
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  • Awesome time shooting a cover story with @vulkanmag and @artgphoto here in sunny LA. Stay tuned 😁!!
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  • Ryan Reynolds is Canadian? What! #ThisIsMADE #Canada
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  • Evolving Vegan Episode 4: AVIV @evolvingvegan

    Owner Tal Caspi and I sit down & chat about Mediterranean cuisine and how I can still get my shawarma fix - vegan style! I also feed him the most delicious carrot so. There’s that 😂 #Evolving #Vegan
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  • Thanks to all my fans following me on this incredible journey so far. Here’s some of the artwork you talented peeps have created so far.
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  • New #Aladdin poster! Hope everyone is getting as excited as I am after watching the film last night 😉
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  • Still pinch myself sometimes at the idea of playing this iconic character. His journey in this film is only something I could have dreamed of playing with. This trailer is only a sliver of the adventures you’ll see this May. Get ready for a whole new world. #Aladdin
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  • So incredibly proud to be a part of this story with so many talented Canadian artists and young blood! Congratulations to @rickytollman on his first feature as a writer/director although you’d never know watching it that this was his first. Everyone on this project was a pro and I miss you peeps already. Can’t wait for the world to see this film! Much love and thanks for having us #SXSW. #RunThisTown
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  • World Premiere of Run This Town at #SXSW . Let’s do this thang.
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  • Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful, talented, generous, & nurturing women in my life!!! This amazing woman right here and my father taught me the value of respecting & appreciating women and as I grew up, some of my closest friends have been strong, independent females who I love and appreciate more than I could put into words. So to all the incredible women in my life including this #1 mom & woman - thank you and I love you! #internationalwomensday
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  • They should have really used me to promote that festival everyone’s talking about.
    On a serious note though: @grandvelascabos is all the feels.
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  • Been a long time since I’ve had time to relax on a beach. And this view is incredible! Even saw some 🐳 come up for air
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  • GOOD MORNING ☀️ Currently being caught tying my hair @grandvelascabos #grandvelasloscabos #myvelasexperience
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  • @vanityfair after party was lit! #VFOscars #Aladdin
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  • Had a great time celebrating Hollywood’s biggest night with @vanityfair . Thank you for the ride @genesisworldwide! #ad
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  • Had a great time toasting the cast of Bohemian Rhapsody with @vanityfair and @genesisworldwide Congrats to the cast & crew!
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  • Cooking up some vegan noodles for ya'll today on @homeandfamilytv! 10:00am PST on Hallmark Channel. @evolvingvegan
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  • Happy Valentine’s Day 💕 here’s what I’ll be doing today - holding heavy things & trying really hard to look smoldering 😂. But seriously. Thank you to all the fans who have come on board so early during this journey to support. Love & appreciate you all! 📷: @snhfoto
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  • Too many incredible cast & crew to include in this one photo but I’m so excited to continue this journey with all of you superstars! Get ready for #Reprisal.
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  • Stop yelling @willsmith, I’m trying to watch the #GRAMMYS! #Aladdin
    @disneyaladdin @DisneyStudios @naomigscott
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  • Reminiscing about the one year anniversary of @evolvingvegan
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  • Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.
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  • The Hateful Ninth. Captured on the EV tour in NYC. 📷: @guacarowley
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  • When I rock that Valentino, ain’t no tellin’ me no. #InStyleWBGlobes 📷: @gettyentertainment @instylemagazine
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  • Envision where you want to be this next year & don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t get there. To 2019 🥂
    📷: the talented @lukefontana
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  • This is what it looks like when Genie tells #Aladdin what he wants for Christmas! Thanks @entertainmentweekly for the exclusive pics and interview!
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  • Who would have thought... a street rat on the cover of @entertainmentweekly! #Aladdin comes out May 2019. Till then - here’s a little sneak peek my homies. Issue hits newsstands Friday!
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  • Me: It’s been so long, I missed you.
    Toronto: I know! It’s winter now.
    Me: Oh...
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  • Yes darling... Styled by: the beautiful @ashleypweston HMU: the talented @remba_
    Thank you @prada & #gqmoty2018
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  • Japan. ありがとう 🇯🇵
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  • 1 year ago #tbt
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