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  • That #FridayFeeling, go out and dance a little this weekend. It’ll make you feel better I promise!
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  • Had a blast celebrating these artists’ incredible years. Honored to be a part of a generation that I think will truly make a positive difference in Hollywood. @beaniefeldstein, @jharreljerome and @camilamorrone @kaitlyndever it was an absolute pleasure hearing about your journeys so far. Keep making our generation proud. @scaddotedu #SAVFF
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  • It’s always bitter-sweet wrapping a project: so much hard work from everyone involved without necessarily knowing the result. It’s a weird business. We’re supposed to be creative beings but we work in a business that is so results-oriented. Social media numbers, box office projections, viewership, analysis, analysis, analysis. Those two things don’t even seem to make sense together - art and math - but that’s how it is. And a little scary because as an artist you’re almost always unsure of what happens next. So all I can say is, I loved the artists I got to work with on this project and I know we all put our hearts and souls into it. We can’t control anything else. What comes next is unknown but you may be Reprisal-ed 😉
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  • Game face @reprisalonhulu @raptors. And btw @hulu has live sports so not sure what else one needs.
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  • I’m making personalized videos to say thank you to anyone who donates more than $100 for an artist in need to @edafoundation. Only until the end of the month! To donate now, link in bio!
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  • Got to sit down and chat with one of my favorite photographers & vegans on the planet @alexilubomirski. Swipe up on my story for the full vid! #ForLoveOf
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  • Just waiting here for the weekend like...
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  • Inside my @gqmiddleeast cover shoot. This one really meant a lot to me 🙏🏾 #GQAwards
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  • What an amazing 24 hrs! Before I moved to Los Angeles I would collect @gq magazines & dream of being on the cover one day. Needless to say, being on this issue & winning an award @gqmiddleeast MOTY Awards last night was pretty special. Not to mention I had the honor of meeting some really kick ass North African & Middle Eastern Men who are changing the world. Thank you to @clarewaightkeller @givenchyofficial for hooking it up super last minute & of course to @gq @gqmiddleeast - I am honored & humbled. Here’s a look at last night in Abu Dhabi!
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  • Comic Con you were awesome! #NYCC19 #Reprisal
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  • Ethan Hart, keeping it cool. Who's coming to #NYCC19 this weekend? See you at the #Reprisal panel.
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  • Strap in people, this is going to be one hell of a ride. First look @reprisalonhulu trailer is here. Binge watch all episodes on Dec 6. #Reprisal
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  • Still have no idea how Houdini did it. Here’s my cover shoot with @kingkonggarcon.
    On newsstands Oct 11.
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  • Happy birthday @willsmith. Keep shining your light bright everywhere you go this year. Miss you man 🎂
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  • Congratulations to @nisrin_erradi on her @edafoundation International Artist in Motion Award for her performance in ADAM. She and the other women behind this incredible North African story were sensational. Just the beginning! #GFF19
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  • Last night at #GFF19 was amazing. Got to present the inaugural @edafoundation award which will be a staple at the festival moving forward. Filled me with even more pride to be North African!
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  • Made it back to one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Cairo! It’s been too long...
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  • As an Egyptian-Canadian growing up I never really saw people who looked like me on the big screen. Everywhere I turned I was being told that what I loved was just a hobby, just a dream, nothing I could actually achieve. Today more than ever I understand the importance of representation and the impact of telling stories that portray the truth. And the truth is diversity. We all deserve to be given an equal chance. We all deserve to see ourselves on screen. The @edafoundation is here to support & aid ALL diverse artists in achieving their dreams. We may not be able to control how we are treated by those around us but we can certainly stand together & support those who face the same challenges as us. United we are stronger. United we can strive for equality. For more information or to donate now, link in bio!
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  • Okay. This made my day. My week. My year. If only we could all go back to a time where we didn’t even understand differences. We only knew and felt what made us the same. Love. Joy. Freedom. Credit: @2_puggles_anda_baby
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  • What’s that over there… the weekend! Have a good one ✌🏾
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  • First official look at Ethan Hart in @reprisalonhulu. Banished Brawlers. 3RPs. Mystery. Suspense. All of it coming your way in December. #Reprisal
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  • My team told me absolutely no shirtless gym selfies but. Once in a while is okay....right? HAPPY LABOR DAY YOU HOOLIGANS!
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  • Hey hey — let’s spice it up! It’s Friday and my last weekly roundup for a while. Have a silly, happy, positive weekend ✌🏽
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  • It’s here! Who’s having a @disneyaladdin night tonight? #Aladdin out on Digital now.
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  • Here’s my inside view of #D23!
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  • For real, the world would be a worse place without dogs. #InternationalDogDay
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  • Had such a fun time celebrating the history of #Aladdin with all the fans at #D23 yesterday!
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  • It’s weekly update time! This week coming at ya BACKSTAGE from #D23
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  • Never stop learning! Even if it’s learning to juggle!
    @naomigscott #Aladdin
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  • It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it 😉 Check out @evolvingvegan for the awesome food I've eaten in the name of work 😂
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  • Excited for you all to meet Ethan Hart soon enough. #ReprisalOnHulu #bts
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