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  • The first time I watched our #Aladdin was in the city where we made it. Thanks London you were awesome. You guys can catch @disneyaladdin in cinemas now!
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  • I cannot begin to describe how much I love this woman. Her honesty, heart & talent is unparalleled. She is one of the most beautiful women I know inside & out. She is going to be such a positive icon for little girls everywhere & if there’s one reason to go see @disneyaladdin it’s her. @naomigscott I wouldn’t rather be on this journey with anyone else. #MySultan
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  • @disneyaladdin World Premiere night! #Aladdin
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  • This was a moment to remember on the set of #Aladdin. Got the incredible Oxford Maqam band to play the legendary Egyptian musician/actor Abdel Halim. ‎كانت فى لحظة و أنا بصور علاء الدين افتكرت فيها الفنان الأسطورة عبد الحليم حافظ المطرب و الممثل المصري فطلبت من الفرقة الموسيقية ان تعزف أغنية لة
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  • Egypt 🇪🇬 this one’s for you! #Aladdin
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  • #OneJumpAhead for people of color!! On May 24, help us show the world that visibly diverse people deserve our stories to be told. Our. Stories. Matter. #Aladdin
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  • Behind the Scenes of @disneyaladdin. Take a look at how #GameOfThrones production designer, the brilliant, Gemma Jackson, built our city of Agrabah!
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  • The fans in Mexico were out of this world! Muchas gracias Mexico City! #Aladdin
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  • Canada. Egypt. America. India. England. Netherlands. Tunisia. Iran. Germany. Turkey. #Aladdin represents us all. May 24, 2019.
    Thank you to all my amazing, talented fans so far!
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  • To the great People of Jordan and the Royal Family - your generosity and beauty will forever be remembered by all of us in #Aladdin. Shokran 🙏🏽 Kol sana wintoo taya2bean.
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  • It’s not what’s on the outside. #Aladdin hits cinemas next week!
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  • Berlin, thank you for a wonderful gala screening last night 🙏🏽 #Aladdin
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  • It was good to be back in the place where it all started. Thank you London, your energy was amazing! #Aladdin
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  • I am so incredibly blessed to be sharing this experience w/ this amazing group of human beings. London 🇬🇧- thank you. You left me #Speechless.
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  • Paris, vous étiez si charmant, merci! First (purple) carpet of the #Aladdin tour. Next stop. London.
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  • Thank you NEW YORK, you were a blast. Europe, Here. We. Come. #Aladdin #OneJumpAhead
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  • The only way to end an interview. @willsmith, am I right? #Aladdin hits cinemas May 24, 2019.
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  • Who you truly are is more than good enough. Come discover yourself. 3 weeks today. May 24, 2019.
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  • This one has a special place in my heart. I was born in North Africa but everyone always referred to it as the Middle East - it confused me as a kid. But now I know more than ever that we’re all in this together. The goal is equality. Period. Here’s to the pursuit of EQUALITY! Thank you:
    Photographer: Doug Inglish @douginglish
    Styling: Mark McMahon @marksmcmahon
    Grooming: Rachel Burney @remba_
    Writer: Matthew Priest @mrpeaker
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  • REPRISAL is official official. @hulu up-fronts were a success & I love this fam! #huluhaslivesports
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  • PSA: Don’t forget to change your oil. Rotate your tires. Align your steering. Go watch #Aladdin. You won’t regret it ;) Huge shoutout to @alexilubomirski who’s one of the coolest people I’ve met during long lead press & a fellow #EvolvingVegan. Thank you @_manabouttownuk.
    Photography - @alexilubomirski
    Fashion - @dogreene
    Interview - @hermione_sylvester
    Grooming - @remba_
    Lighting Director - @kaicemnarin7
    Digital Tech - @diegobendezu
    Photography Assistants - @ericschneiderphotography, Adam Matjiasevic, Alex Morgan
    Fashion Assistant - Ladonna Whittingham
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  • It’s tiiime! Tickets are on sale NOW for Disney’s #Aladdin! Link in bio.
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  • When you & the mrs. are late for that Endgame screening you bought 6 months ago.
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  • Can I tell you a secret? Get ready for summer baby. @hm_man #hmman #sponsor
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  • Another day another magazine cover! Hope you’re not getting bored of my face yet. Thanks @here.mag for the cool shoot.
    📸 @chantalaanderson
    Stylist: @jennyricker
    Groomer: @remba_
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  • If you can’t inherit a throne - make one. Thanks @vulkanmag and 📸 Arthur Galvão (@artgphoto) for this incredible shoot. Teaming up with @remba_ and @ashleypweston made it even more special. 🙏🏽
    See more pics on my Facebook: facebook.com/officialMenaMassoud & Twitter: @MenaMassoud.
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  • I told them my best friend is Romanian so they gave me allll the covers! Loved this shoot with @cosmopolitanromania and the all-star team. Special shoutout to: 📸 @mitchellmccormack who slayed this shoot!
    Thx team!

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  • ABC: Always. Be. Calculating. #Aladdin
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  • Day 3. Support Your Local Girl Gang. @girlgangthelabel
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  • Day 2: The sun out here reminds me of home! Thank you @hm_man for makin’ this happen. #HMFestival #HMXME #ad
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  • Chella, it’s my first time baby. Let’s do this.
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