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  • Okay. This made my day. My week. My year. If only we could all go back to a time where we didn’t even understand differences. We only knew and felt what made us the same. Love. Joy. Freedom. Credit: @2_puggles_anda_baby
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  • What’s that over there… the weekend! Have a good one ✌🏾
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  • First official look at Ethan Hart in @reprisalonhulu. Banished Brawlers. 3RPs. Mystery. Suspense. All of it coming your way in December. #Reprisal
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  • My team told me absolutely no shirtless gym selfies but. Once in a while is okay....right? HAPPY LABOR DAY YOU HOOLIGANS!
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  • Hey hey — let’s spice it up! It’s Friday and my last weekly roundup for a while. Have a silly, happy, positive weekend ✌🏽
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  • It’s here! Who’s having a @disneyaladdin night tonight? #Aladdin out on Digital now.
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  • Here’s my inside view of #D23!
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  • For real, the world would be a worse place without dogs. #InternationalDogDay
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  • Had such a fun time celebrating the history of #Aladdin with all the fans at #D23 yesterday!
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  • It’s weekly update time! This week coming at ya BACKSTAGE from #D23
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  • Never stop learning! Even if it’s learning to juggle!
    @naomigscott #Aladdin
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  • It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it 😉 Check out @evolvingvegan for the awesome food I've eaten in the name of work 😂
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  • Excited for you all to meet Ethan Hart soon enough. #ReprisalOnHulu #bts
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  • Money Heist 🤯 Have a fun weekend guys ✌🏽
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  • Way back when we were filming #Aladdin, Nay and I took some time out to talk about our experiences. It was such a massive movie for both of us, sometimes we just had to take a step back to soak it all in. Stay tuned for more of these! @naomigscott
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  • It's all about taking that first step. Follow my vegan journey over @evolvingvegan.
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  • You know what time it is! Have an awesome weekend everyone ✌🏽
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  • I’m trying to read more books because. Well. Books. Currently on ‘The Universe has your Back: Turn Fear into Faith’ Let me know what ya’ll are currently reading!
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  • That summer time feeling 😎 Sending you all positive vibes today
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  • I think I need to start changing it up! 😂
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  • Let’s get ready to... weekly update! Still shooting #Reprisal — and got to show some folks the first episode recently which was very cool. Hugely looking forward to D23 later this month and showing you guys some of the cool extras on the #Aladdin Blu-ray!
    Drop a comment below telling me what movies you’re seeing and loving in theaters right now!
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  • Got that #FridayFeeling so bad I could dance through doorways with my #Reprisal buddies. Just like this. Ps. Catch @reprisalonhulu December 6!
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  • Someone remind me why I left again 🇮🇹 #tbt
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  • ICYMI, all episodes of #Reprisal will be released on December 6 on @hulu! International release tba. This is going to be a fun one.
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  • Don’t think I haven’t noticed all your LOVE! I freakin’ adore you guys & gals. Thank you for helping us spread the story of #Aladdin around the globe! Keep shining bright🌟
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  • Lots of people laughed when I told them #Aladdin would hit a Billy 6 months ago. But those who mock you are often too busy laughing to see your light. Just manifest what you want & work your ass off. Can’t control anything but your own mind, body & spirit. ‬
    We’re officially the most ethnically diverse cast to ever lead a film to the billion dollar club. Pretty. Freakin. Cool. 🙏🏽 everyone who went on this magic carpet ride with us. #AladdinFansUnite #OurStoriesMatter @disneyaladdin
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  • Alright time for some deep BTS. And trust me. This one was deep. About 18 feet deep. Fun fact: my mom was on set for about 5 minutes until she saw what I was doing that day and had to leave she was so scared 😂 one of the coolest sequences I’ve ever filmed for sure. Catch #Aladdin on Digital 8/27 and Blu-ray 9/10. @disneyaladdin
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  • Staying focused on the set of #Reprisal. What are you focused on achieving this week? #MondayMotivation
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  • Friday = weekly roundup. Let me know whatcha been watchin this week! ✌🏽
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  • Open your heart to the world this week & see what light shines your way! Let’s be friends Billy. Let’s be friends. #MondayMotivation
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  • Time for the weekend! Which means... weekly roundup. Have a good one everyone! #FridayFeeling
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