IG Kristen Bell | #dadbeast flexin for that camera ❤ @daxshepard #puremichigan


#dadbeast flexin for that camera ❤

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@sara.e.davenport0 I thought he was giving the kids a warning - 1 .... 2 .... 3 .... five minute beach time out.
@mandymla @alipickle - Crosby!
@roseytitus Is that a tin?
@granne56 I don’t usually comment on your posts-good grief you get tons of comments! but I have to say I watched Dax on an interview with Ryan Secrest and I was so pleased when he corrected himself after saying one years old . He said one year old. I was so pleased to hear that as a grammar nut!
@feelinmary.mb I knew that was a Michigan beach.
@janicebruksch ❤️👏
@qjoellen Do you two always have so much fun together!? So lucky! I want that!!🤗
@ruthbutlersmith 🤣🤣🤣you two are hilarious
@betsyballinger Where in Michigan are you ??
@iamrenewahlqvist @daxshepard u r a superstar❤️🙏
@dincollingo I love you guys
@iamrenewahlqvist @daxshepard u r a superstar❤️🙏
@totrish Someone call a veterinarian....cause these pythons are sick!! Right out of my husband’s mouth when he is totally being a dad!
@nancemichellee You're a natural paparazzi 😂😂
@ashleylewis617 He is so hot 😍
@patty16babs 😂😂😂
@missilekolka Omg ❤️ him
@207mollys Lookin’ good!! 🔥 (We quote Dax all the time - “somebody call a vet, because these puppies are sick”🐾)
@julcsikocsis 😘
@mzzzhawkins Love that your in Michigan #puremichigan
@triplethefun @kristenanniebell and @daxshepard Did you take cheese puffs with you to the dunes? You know, those things that look like fingers? 🧡
@drj4483 😂😂😂😂
@_ianthomas_ Nothing like the Huntington Woods pool
@ryanwykoff5 Keep that skoal baby!