IG Kristen Bell | #puremichigan and the #mittenkittens


#puremichigan and the #mittenkittens

12 ก.ค. 62 - 01:06:53
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@ali_kirsten71 Over vaccinated
@tera_james Where exactly in MI did you guys stay? Looks beautiful. I'm trying to plan something for Labor Day weekend and haven't a clue where to go!
@queendeandrea456 All of youall are beatiful
@mel.chubb ❤️
@lisam.johnson So sweet🌸
@monse2600 You were in Michigan! I live there😍
@katpulsee ❤️ Born and Raised. 😉
@days_of_violet We live in Milford. I was born and raised in Michigan. We love it here.
@justynakozbial Hello from Bloomfield Hills,MI it’s beautiful
@pretty_girl.miya 4🙌❤️😢❤️👏😂
@pretty_girl.miya Cigxg\\$&$*rxx to uszfgdzdgxgdxgdx
@lghotra7189 In my home state😮😍
@rustilyn pretty sure I'll never leave Michigan ♡ #bornandraised
@tiffanyblue4me Aww one of my sons was born there :)
@themagiccoat Beautiful ❤️
@radiantlyrebe Are those all her little girls?? 😃
@nichole.smiley I live in michigan! I love all the seasons.
@monan71 🥰🥰🥰🥰
@ansleigh.grace.designs I’d so love to make you & your littles some awesome matching tees!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@atollstam Yyaaayyy Michigan!!!
@thedeviousjew I love that you love Michigan!!!!!! It's where I was born and gave birth to my son's! So many amazing things this great state has to offer❤️
@hermanusjames_asal_ambon 👍
@teamnosilence ❤️❤️
@thevegetationstation We road trip to the U.P. every summer. Love the drive along 35/Lake Michigan...its beautiful!