IG Kristen Bell | @hiryanhansen at his finest. #puremichigan


@hiryanhansen at his finest.

12 ก.ค. 62 - 01:42:19
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@kelainalynn Be careful there dude!
@speakno My kids have watched this 100 times. 🤪
@wendy.whit33 Love a man that we can laugh at! That makes us laugh!
@nikkizornow I feel like this started off with “hey hold my beer”
@swisherhandsgen5 Where in the #puremichigan are you guys? Gotta love the mitten. 🧤
@paladi.zsoka 👍👍👍😊😊😊
@kduganyochim It’s nice he tested the ground before the leap.
@tonemode North Shore or gh?
@nbailey0621 Omg the water is still so high!!
@cassglow This looks like a place I go camping near Manistee!
@ms.cookieprincess Awesome& Hilarious.
@tina.morey.94 I live in West Michigan Kristen. Its g
@tina.morey.94 It's great at Lake Michigan 😇💕😇💕😁🌹
@lisaaline1971 Welcome home!
@wonderswimwear 😂😂😂😂
@therealweastcoast Merica
@___itsnique 😂😩
@stephsandman I appreciate the zest for life you two have and display.
@k_fisch.23 I’m from Michigan
@jodilouxoxo Lmao uhhhh....Merica! 🤣🤣🤣
@nicandkell Flawless 😂😂
@latsis91 Where is this place it looks so nice?
@donnafreymuth 😢